Do I Need Dumbbell Rack For Peloton Weights? (Explained)

I fully embraced working out from home with a peloton, but to get the best results I needed several different dumbbells and a place to stack them. In this article, I will clarify if you need a peloton dumbbell rack.

As a whole, you should get a peloton dumbbell rack, especially if you’re using more than one pair of weights. Weight racks help to keep the place organized and provide storage for your gym equipment. It also keeps the weights out of the side from kids and pets.

NOTE: Keep in mind that I won’t cover here how to choose the weights for peloton workouts. I’ve already covered that in my “choosing peloton dumbbells” article, which I recommend you read.

Dumbbell Rack For Peloton Weights

In short, the peloton dumbbell rack is a weight platform where you place your weights when not in use. It makes it easy to keep all your dumbbells in one place, organized by size from the heaviest one on the bottom, to the lightest one on the top.

Is it worth having dumbbells at home? As a whole, it is worth having dumbbells at home because it allows you to do strength training at home and helps to optimize your workouts. Also, with having a different set of weights you can adjust the resistance based on each individual exercise.

I also find it is time-efficient to use dumbbells for my strength training, instead of just the bodyweight exercises. With extra weight, you can always push a little bit harder, or do the same volume with higher intensity.


I personally change my free weights frequently throughout the peloton strength or Bootcamp class. This means I can go through even 4 pairs of dumbbells in just a single 20-minute workout.

I’m serious.

It took my peloton strength classes to the next level.

Changing the weights allows me to add more (or less) resistance to each exercise based on:

  • Strength level – I can easily pick up heavier weight for goblet squats, thrusters, swings, or single arm rows.
  • Superset – Most of the bootcamp and strength classes require to do supersets where you do one exercise after another, back to back. More weights means more variety.
  • Energy level – I can also adjust each exercise based on how I feel on that day.

In other words, it gives me the opportunity to push myself more (which I do quite often) within the class, even if the class is for “beginners”.

Do I Need a Peloton Dumbbell Rack?

As a whole, you need a peloton dumbbell rack only if you are using more than a few pairs of dumbbells. Peloton weight rack allows you to store a variety of weights all in one place and helps to get quick access to the weights you will use.

Also, it keeps the place organized, especially if you train in a small space.

My home gym has 150 square feet. It’s a small space where I need to fit in my Peloton bike, dumbbells, kettlebells, and yoga mats.

How do I choose a dumbbell rack? In general, three are different types of dumbbell racks that range from two tiered horizontal rack system (like in the commercial gyms) to an A-frame that store weights vertically. Choosing the peloton dumbbell rack will depend on the type of weight you use.

  • Vertical A-frame – This type of dumbbell rack will fit most of the peloton weights in a nice way that saves you a lot of space. It also looks professional, however, on this type of weight rack you cannot store heavier weights or kettlebells.

See the example of the vertical rack.

  • Horizontal – Horizontal dumbbell rack allows you to store all weight in one level. This is good if you have heavier weights and you don’t want to bend down each time to grab them.

I use horizontal rack and keep it against wall instead of in the middle of the room. I use a lot of heavier weights (40 to 80 lbs) so I find it convenient to having them available around 30 inches off the floor.

See the example of horizontal dumbbell rack.

Is a Dumbbell Rack Necessary?

In short, a peloton dumbbell rack is necessary because it helps to have a permanent place to store your weights and protect your floors. It also makes it easy to keep track of your weights, as well as can be used as support for doing certain exercises.

For example, I always like to hold to the weight rack when I do a single-arm row. In fact, that’s the only exercise you can do on the peloton to target the back muscles with a dumbbell (there are no cables like in Tonal).

And a lot of peloton instructors use this exercise.

However, if you are on the floor and only supported by kneeling down, it may be difficult to maintain the correct form and use a heavier weight.

See the picture below.

Here, you can see Matty doing single-arm row being on his knees. This is OK.

However, if you plan to use a peloton for months to come, I recommend getting something that will provide you with better back support like a bench or even a dumbbell rack.

How Much Does a Full Dumbbell Rack Cost?

On average, you can get a decent new dumbbell rack for $50-100 on Amazon or Wallmart. Some weight racks have extra space for other gym equipment like medicine balls and bands.Alternatively, places like craigslist, facebook marketplace or eBay may have cheaper options.

In short, dumbbell racks for peloton weights aren’t expensive and they can help you get your home-gym in order. They are usually made form high-quality materials like metal steel with long durability.


Using pelootn bike and working out from home gives you a lot of freedom, but to really benefit from home-gym you need more than just one set of dumbbells.

I highly recommend getting dumbbell rack to make keep your workout room organized, clean and, safe.

Michal Sieroslawski

Michal is an exercise physiologist (MSc), nutrition coach, Ashtanga teacher, and fitness blogger. He shares his successes and failures to help busy men and women squash down 20, 50, or even 100 pounds of fat without leaving their home.

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