Do You Need Dumbbell Rack For Peloton Weights?

I fully embraced home-gym workouts with a peloton bike. However, to get the best results I needed to get more different kinds of weights and a dumbbell rack to store them.

As a whole, you do need a dumbbell rack for the peloton because it allows you to store a large variety of free weights that you use for strength and Bootcamp classes in one organized place. This saves a lot of space and allows for easy access.

Dumbbell Rack For Peloton Weights

Using a dumbbell rack for peloton weights is a great way to rerack your weights, keep your dumbbells off the floor, maximize your space, and save time on the transition from one exercise to another.

What does rerack your weights mean? In short, reracking your weights means placing the weight back on the dumbbell rack once you’ve done the exercise. It’s a simple gym etiquette habit that keeps your workout area organized, clean, and, most importantly, safe.

My home gym is relatively small because I only have 180 square feet of space that I need to place my Peloton bike, different types of weights, and a pull-up bar. My weight rack stores 8 pairs of dumbbells that range from 15 to 70 lbs, which is enough for most of the exercises.

Is it worth having a dumbbell rack at home? In short, it is worth having a dumbbell rack at home, especially when you’re using heavier weights. Fast access makes it easy to customize your peloton classes, as well as helps to track your weights. It also keeps the dumbbells away from pets or kids.

Plus, it keeps all my gym tools (dumbbells, kettlebells, bands) in one place and saves lots of space.

However, I think that the biggest benefit of having a dumbbell rack is that I could get a set of much heavier dumbbells for my workouts.

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Are Dumbbells Necessary For a Home Gym?

In general, extra dumbbells are necessary for your peloton home gym because they allow you to train with higher intensity. Adding more resistance to your workouts leads to better strength training adaptations, higher lean body mass, and more calories burned.

I knew that when I moved to train at home I will need at least some basic equipment that can mimic the actual gym. I don’t think there is a point in me training at home with just a handful of weights.

In one peloton workout that takes 20 to 30 minutes, I can easily use 4 to 5 different dumbbells.

I’m serious.

This way I can modify every exercise to match my current energy and strength levels.

You can learn more about choosing the “peloton dumbbells” in my article here.

For example, if I’m doing a strength class with Adrian where he does 4-5 leg-oriented exercises back to back, I can use different weights for goblet squats, different for side lunges, and different for deadlifts.

This helps you to keep the workouts not only more effective but and more fun and challenging.

Plus, the transition between the exercises is easy because my dumbbell rack is around 40 inches off the floor, so I don’t have to bend over to reach my weights directly from the floor.

That’s why I got my dumbbell rack.

Also, keep in mind that having weights lying around on the floor is a safety hazard. It doesn’t take long to trip and fall, especially when you are out of breath and looking at the peloton screen.

Does The Peloton Have a Weight Rack?

As a whole, the peloton does sell dumbbells that range from 5 to 30 lbs, but they don’t have a separate weight rack for their dumbbells. It only has an attachment on the bike that allows holding one pair of light dumbbells that you use for the rides.

No problem.

What can I use to store dumbbells? As a whole, to store your dumbbells you can use a storage bench or some type of unit, as well as a padded floor platform, or dumbbell rack. You can also use standing shelf units that can fit all types of weights, yoga mats, and gym kit tools.

How to choose a dumbbell rack for a peloton? Choosing the peloton dumbbell rack will depend on what type of equipment you have. If you have more free weights than bands and mats, I recommend getting a regular weight rack. If you use more yoga mats and blocks, I recommend getting a storage shelf.

People who don’t use heavier weights don’t need a dumbbell rack. It’s ok to have some type of shelf and mounted hooks for the mats and bands.

Here you can see the example of minimal storage used for the peloton.

I like this setup.

  • Looks clean and tidy
  • You have space for yoga and all floor exercises
  • You have few weights that are always handy

However, I can tell that the person doesn’t use a lot of free weights.

For people who use more variety of dumbbells for their strength classes, I highly recommend getting a good dumbbell rack.

Here is the example of having a peloton in a small space together with a dumbbell stand.

This looks clean, organized, and ready to workout.

Which Dumbbell Rack To Choose For Peloton Weights?

As a whole, there are mainly two types of dumbbell racks – vertical A-frame and horizontal double or triple-decker.

Vertical dumbbell rack

This type of weight rack is perfect for small spaces. All you need is a corner 15 inches long and 15 inches wide. All of the weights are matching in size and are stacked in a nice vertical position.

This is great for garage gyms, small PT studios, and even home gym rooms. However, I don’t use this type of weight rack because you cannot place heavier weights, kettlebells, or medicine balls.

Also, it’s not that easy to rerack your weights because the handles are positioned on the side.

Horizontal dumbbell rack

A horizontal rack is the best dumbbell rack for peloton weights because it gives you easy access to the dumbbells right in front of you.

The horizontal dumbbell rack is also the most popular in commercial gyms because it can stick more weights and it also has space for kettlebells. It usually has 2 or 3 levels.

However, it does require a little extra space. I like to place mine next to the wall so it’s not as that compressed.

Here is an example of the horizontal dumbbell rack.

Of course, this is the commercial rack from Rogue Fitness, but you can get something similar in a smaller version on Amazon or Walmart.

Here you have a few more examples.

How Much Does a Dumbbell Rack Cost?

Overall, the price of a weight rack will depend if you’re including the free weights or not. The price for a dumbbell rack without weights ranges from $50 to $150. The price for a weight rack package with free weights can range from $300 to over $1000.

The weight rack in itself isn’t expensive. The weights are the most pricey. Alternatively, you can find something less expensive in the Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

How Much Does a Dumbbell Rack Weigh?

In general, the dumbbell rack (without the weights) can weigh from 30 to 50lbs. I recommend getting a heavier rack because it will give you better support and last for longer.

I use a peloton dumbbell stand as a way to support and maintain my neutral spine position for specific exercises like a single-arm row.

In peloton strength, there are a lot of classes that cover the full body. However, if you wanna split the hair, there is not much variety for your back. Most of the instructors use row movements while kneeling on the floor.

This is great exercise, however, if you don’t adopt the correct posture where you maintain a stable shoulder and keep tension on the latissimus dorsi, you’re not gonna get the muscle to contract to its full range of motion.

Take a look at the picture below.

Here you can see Matty Maggiacomo doing a single-arm row directly from the floor. As you can see, he is pulling the dumbbell up through the traps and upper back, not through the lats.

That’s because his torso is in a vertical position.

Not only that.

In this kneeling position, he cannot activate his glutes and stabilize his hips. This makes his upper body unstable and open to all sorts of compensation where he doesn’t fully engage the targeted muscle.

To do this movement correctly, you need to be standing and leaning on something stable (like a dumbbell rack) or kneeling on the bench where you can maintain a neutral spine position.

Here is an example of how to do this exercise using a dumbbell rack.

That’s what I use my dumbbell rack for, apart from storing the weights.


Peloton bike is a great cardio tool. However, if you’re more serious about your strength and ready to fully transition from the local gym to your home gym, I highly recommend not only getting more free weights but also organizing your space and getting a dumbbell rack.

The type of weight rack will depend on what type of classes you mainly do and what weights you use. In general, I always prefer to add more resistance to my workouts.

It pays back in spades.

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Michal is an exercise physiologist (MSc) and a veteran endurance athlete. He loves to experiment and share his successes and failures to help busy men and women who want to lose weight.

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