What Is The Word Record Bench Press? (1,401 lb)

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The current bench press record is held by powerlifter Jimmy Kolb, who lifted an astonishing 635.4 kilograms during the 2023 IPA Tri-Star Bash competition. This lift is recognized as the heaviest ever achieved in a sanctioned competition and is considered an all-time world record. Kolb surpassed his own previous world records of 612.5 kg (1,350 pounds) set on February 4 at the IPA Hillbilly Havoc, and 598.7 kg (1,320 pounds) from the 2022 IPA State Championships. The lift was performed in the 140-plus-kilogram weight class, with Kolb weighing in at 147.8 kilograms (326 pounds).

Kolb utilized a bench press shirt, specialized equipment that assists in getting the weight off the chest while also providing resistance as the barbell is lowered. This historic achievement solidifies Kolb’s status as a trailblazing pioneer in the sport of powerlifting.

When asked about what was the world record bench press in 2021, Tiny Meeker set the 2021 bench press record by pressing 510 kg (1,125 lb) on November 20. This article explores the details behind Jimmy Kolb’s world record in bench press, delves into Jimmy Kolb’s workout routine, and covers other world records in a variety of categories.

What’s the highest bench press ever recorded?

The highest bench press ever recorded is 1,401 pounds, performed by powerlifter Jimmy Kolb. This record-breaking lift was set at the 2023 IPA Tri Star Bash and is also recognized as the Guinness World Record. Jimmy Kolb competed in the “Unlimited” equipment category and was in the 140+ weight class.

The second-place lifter at this event was Trey Ingle, who lifted 170 kilograms (approximately 374.8 pounds) in the Raw 110 weight class. The third-place lifter was Brayden Christman, with a bench press of 112.5 kilograms (approximately 248 pounds) in the Raw 82.5 weight class.

Jimmy Kolb’s world record bench press surpasses previous records, such as the 510 kg (1,125 lb) press by Tiny Meeker in 2021 and the 503.5 kg (1,110 lb) press by Will Barotti in 2020. These bench press records often involve the use of specialized bench shirts, which assist the lifter. The record was set in a regulated environment, ensuring the legitimacy of the achievement. Note that these records are distinct from “raw” bench press records, where no assisting gear is used.

Where did Jimmy Kolb set his world record for bench press?

Jimmy Kolb set his world record for bench press at the 2023 IPA Tri-Star Bash in Elizabethton, TN. IPA stands for International Powerlifting Association, an organization that hosts powerlifting competitions. To participate in these competitions and have the opportunity to set or break IPA world records, you must be a member of the IPA.

What is Jimmy Kolb’s world-record bench press workout plan?

Jimmy Kolb’s world-record bench press workout plan emphasizes building a strong back and triceps as foundational elements for achieving massive bench press numbers. According to Kolb, your back is what’s in contact with the bench pad and what you’re pushing from, underscoring the importance of back strength. He advocates for training the back like a bodybuilder, hitting it from multiple angles using different movements, including shrugs and various types of rows. For triceps, he recommends free-weight movements like dead-stop floor extensions and heavy dumbbell extensions.

Kolb’s workout approach involves high volume, initially with three back days per week, averaging about 100 sets of back exercises. Each back day is different, and he separates them into “back thickness” and “back width” days. His training has evolved to incorporate “dead stop” movements, where momentum is eliminated and only muscular contraction is used to move the weight, both for back and triceps exercises.

Regarding recovery, he uses techniques like scraping, massage guns, and cupping to manage muscle soreness and pain. Additionally, Kolb is considering incorporating mobility work and stretching into his routine, recognizing that a lack of mobility could be contributing to muscle tightness and discomfort. He also consults with professionals to explore new recovery strategies, including the use of magnesium oils for direct muscle hydration. This video explains Jimmy Kolb’s world-record bench press workout routine.

What is Jimmy Kolb’s weekly bench press workout routine?

This table shows Jimmy Kolb’s bench press workout plan.

Day 1Back ThicknessT-Bar Rows (4×10)
Dead Stop Barbell Rows (4×8)
Shrugs (4×10)
Face Pulls (3×12)
Day 2Bench Press and Tricep StrengthBench Press (5×5)
Dead Stop Floor Extensions (4×5)
Heavy Dumbbell Extensions (4×8)
Day 3Rest and RecoveryFoam rolling
Heat/Cold therapy
Day 4Back WidthPull-Ups (4×8)
Lat Pulldowns (4×10)
Seated Cable Rows (4×10)
Day 5Bench Press AccessoriesFloor Presses (4×6)
JM Press (4×8)
Push Downs (4×10)
Day 6Rest and RecoveryMassage gun therapy
Heat/Cold therapy
Day 7Mobility and Light WorkLight Dumbbell Rows (3×12)
Light Dumbbell Bench Press (3×12)
Shoulder Rotations (3×10)
Wrist Curls (3×15)
Stretching and mobility work

How much does Jimmy Kolb bench press during his weekly workout?

Jimmy Kolb includes a range of bench press exercises in his weekly workout routine. The exact weights he uses can vary, but one of the exercises he performs is a bench press with 225 pounds (min.) for as many reps as possible (AMRAP). This is part of a broader regimen designed to build strength, particularly focusing on back and tricep strength.

What’s the highest bench press raw ever recorded?

The highest raw bench press ever recorded is 355 kilograms (783 pounds), achieved by Julius Maddox. This record-breaking lift took place without the use of a bench shirt or any supportive equipment, making it a true test of raw strength.

Maddox’s accomplishment surpassed previous records set by renowned powerlifters such as Eric Spoto and Kirill Sarychev. Maddox’s feat solidified his position as the current holder of the highest raw bench press in powerlifting history. His remarkable achievement represents the pinnacle of raw bench press strength and has cemented his place in the annals of powerlifting history.

When did Julius Maddox set the bench press world record?

Julius Maddox set the bench press world record on May 10, 2022, when he pressed 796 pounds in his gym. This surpassed the current world record and solidified his status as the strongest bench presser in the world. Julius Maddox, born on May 13, 1987, is a powerlifter, athlete, family man, and world record holder for the raw bench press.

What is the Word Record Bench Press for Women?

The world record bench press for females is 294 kg (649 pounds). This record is held by Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller, who broke the previous record of 633.83 lbs (272.52 kgs) set by Sam Calhoun in 2021. Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller’s incredible feat of strength surpasses the previous record by 5.5 lbs.

The women’s bench press record has been held by different athletes over the years, showcasing the continuous progression and strength of female powerlifters. While it is possible for future athletes to surpass Rae-Ann’s record, her achievement stands as the current pinnacle of women’s bench press in the sport’s history.

What is the Word Record Bench Press by Age?

World Record bench press by age refers to the highest amount of weight that has been lifted in the bench press exercise within specific age categories. These records are often categorized as either “Single Lift” or “Full Power,” with the former focusing only on the bench press and the latter including other powerlifting exercises like the squat and deadlift.

For teens aged 12 to 13, the world record for a single lift in the 114-pound weight class is 63 kg (138.9 lbs), set by Fleming, J from the USA. In the same age and weight class for full power, the world record is also 63 kg (138.9 lbs), held by the same individual.

What is the world record for bench press for a 14-year-old?

The current world record for bench press for a 14-year-old is 184 kg (405 lbs), set by Morgan Nicholls. This lift surpasses his previous records and achievements in international competitions in his weight class. While specific world records for 14-year-olds may vary depending on different powerlifting organizations and weight categories, Morgan’s accomplishment is certainly an outstanding achievement within his age group.

How does the world record compare to a 500-pound bench press?

The world record bench press of 1,401 pounds set by Jimmy Kolb far surpasses a 500-pound bench press. Kolb’s record is nearly three times the weight of a 500-pound lift, demonstrating exceptional strength and power. While achieving a bench press 500 pounds is a significant milestone for many lifters, it is still far from the level of the world record.