What Is The World Record For The Bench Press For Females? (294.8 kg)

bench press world record women

The current world record for the bench press for females is held by Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller, who lifted 294 kg (649 pounds) equipped in 2023. The previous record was held by Sam Calhoun, who lifted 287.5 kg (633.83 lb) equipped in 2021, and before that, the record was held by Jennifer Thompson, who lifted 285.5 kg (629.42 lb) equipped in 2020.

Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller is a 43-year-old powerlifter from Niagara Falls, New York. She is a mother of two, a customs broker, and a dedicated athlete who has achieved impressive lifts in the sport of powerlifting. With a strong work ethic and determination, Rae-Ann has become a respected figure in the powerlifting community, aiming to break bench press word records and leave a legacy of strength.

If you’re asking about the raw (unequipped) bench press record for females, the current world record is held by April Mathis, with a lift of 457 lbs. The previous record was also set by April Mathis and was 440 lbs. Before her, the record was held by Becca Swanson, with a lift of 413 lbs. This article examines the specifics of Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller’s bench press world record, provides insight into her training regimen, and reviews other world records in the female bench press across various categories.

What is the highest bench press ever recorded by a woman?

The highest bench press ever recorded by a woman is 294.8 kg, achieved by Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller in a competition held on February 4, 2023, in Ohio, USA, during the “Bench for Wolfe II” event. This was in the “Pro Open” division and the “Unlimited” equipment category, where she weighed in at 107.9 kg. Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller has consistently set new benchmarks in the bench press category, with previous records including a lift of 285.7 kg in September 2022 and 272.1 kg in July 2022.

She has participated in various competitions under different federations, showcasing her prowess in both “Single” and “Multi” equipment categories. Her records have been set in a variety of weight classes and equipment types, including “Unlimited” and “Single” categories. Over the years, Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller has established herself as a dominant force in women’s powerlifting, particularly in the bench press discipline.

Her closest competitor is Katrina Bielomyza, who also has a remarkable bench press record of 294 kg, set in May 2023. Both athletes have consistently dominated their respective categories, with Rae-Ann Miller excelling in the “Unlimited” equipment class and Katrina Bielomyza showing prowess in both the “Unlimited” and “Multi” classes. In recent competitions, Katrina Bielomyza took first place in the Hellbent Barbell Meet in May 2023, while Rae-Ann Miller dominated the Bench for Wolfe II event in February of the same year.

Katrina’s performance has also been consistent, with a notable win in the Winter’s Wrath competition in December 2022, where she totaled 782.4 kg across different lifts. Rae-Ann Miller, however, has a longer history of setting and breaking records, making her a force to be reckoned with in the powerlifting community. While both athletes have comparable bench press records, Rae-Ann Miller holds the slight edge in terms of historical performance and consistency.

What is Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller’s world-record bench press workout plan?

Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller’s world-record bench press workout plan is a combination of strength training, specialized exercises, and strategic programming. Her plan focuses on progressively increasing her bench press weight while also targeting specific muscle groups involved in the lift.

Her training includes a mix of heavy compound lifts, such as bench press variations, along with accessory exercises like tricep extensions, chest flyes, and shoulder presses. The plan incorporates both high-intensity days for pushing her limits and lower-intensity days for recovery and technique work.

To ensure progress and prevent plateau, Rae-Ann utilizes periodization techniques, adjusting the volume and intensity of her workouts periodically. She also incorporates variations in grip width, barbell speed, and range of motion to continually challenge her muscles and improve her bench press form.

Additionally, she pays close attention to her nutrition and recovery, ensuring she fuels her body with adequate nutrients and allows for enough rest and sleep to support muscle growth and repair.

What is Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller’s world-record bench press weekly workout plan?

This table shows Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller’s world-record bench press 7-day workout plan.

Day 1Heavy Bench Press DayBench Press: 4×2-3 at 90% 1RM
Close Grip Bench Press: 3×5
Tricep Extensions: 3×10
High-protein meals and adequate hydrationDeep tissue massage or foam rolling
Day 2Recovery and TechniqueLight Bench Press: 3×8-10 at 60% 1RM
Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 3×10
Planks: 3x60s
Balanced meals with lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbsStretching and 8 hours of sleep
Day 3Accessory WorkChest Flyes: 3×10
Lat Pulldowns: 3×10
Face Pulls: 3×15
Focus on nutrient-dense foodsActive recovery like walking or swimming
Day 4Mid-Intensity Bench PressBench Press: 3×5-6 at 75% 1RM
Overhead Press: 3×8
Skull Crushers: 3×10
Adequate protein and carbohydrate intakeIce bath or contrast shower
Day 5Active RecoveryLight Cardio: 20-30 mins
Stretching: Full-body
Hydration and light, balanced mealsYoga or meditation for mental recovery
Day 6Variation Bench PressPaused Bench Press: 3×4 at 80% 1RM
Incline Bench Press: 3×6
Tricep Pushdowns: 3×12
High-protein meals and pre-workout carbsFoam rolling and stretching
Day 7Rest and NutritionComplete Rest: No physical trainingBalanced meals focusing on recoveryMinimum 8 hours of sleep and mental relaxation

What is the Word Record Bench Press for Women by Weight?

The term world record bench press by weight refers to the highest amount of weight that has been lifted in the bench press exercise, according to established world records, within a specific weight class. These records are often maintained and verified by professional organizations and must adhere to specific rules and regulations to be considered official.

The following are the highest bench press world records for women by weight.

  • In the 48 kg weight class, 48 kg weight class: Wendy Chan holds the record with a bench press of 136 kg on October 24, 2020, in Brisbane.
  • Elizabeth Craven set the record in the 53 kg weight class with a 157 kg bench press on October 12, 2018, in Virginia Beach.
  • In the 72 kg weight class, the bench press standard is 125 kg.
  • Yan-Fei Zhao holds the 84KG weight class record with a 203KG bench press achieved on October 24, 2020, in Sydney.
  • In the 100+ kg weight class, the bench press standard is 145 kg.

These records serve as benchmarks for athletes in their respective weight classes and are subject to change as new records are set.

What is the Word Record Bench Press for Women by Age?

The world record for bench press varies by age and category for women, and these records exist in both pounds and kilograms. For the youth 10 to 11 age group, the world record for a single lift is 55.1 pounds (25 kg), held by Carter Ford from the USA. In the teen 12 to 13 category, both the American and world records for a single lift and full power are 126.8 pounds (57.5 kg), held by M. Cavallaris from the USA. In the teen 14 to 15 age group, the world record for a single lift is 181.9 pounds (82.5 kg), set by N. Rinderer from the USA. Meanwhile, the full power bench press record in this age group is 170 pounds (77.1 kg), held by N. Birchak, also from the USA.

What is the Word Record Bench Press for Men?

Jimmy Kolb set the all-time world record for bench press by lifting 635.4 kilograms (1,400 pounds) during the 2023 IPA Tri-Star Bash competition, competing in the 140-plus-kilogram weight class and weighing in at 147.8 kilograms (326 pounds).