Are Small Wrists Attractive? (We asked men and women)

There is a lot of information about the attractiveness of the human face, body size, voice, and even smell. However, what about the hand and wrists’ attractiveness? Today I will explain if small wrists are attractive and if so, what can you do to improve your appearance.

In general, guys with bigger wrists look more attractive, compared to guys with small wrists. Smaller wrists are an indicator of the person being fragile and weak, whereas bigger wrists indicate strength. On the other hand, women who have a small wrist are more attractive than women who have bigger wrists.

I will also present you with some data from a small survey I did on some of the most popular online forums about the wrist’s size and attractiveness.

Are Skinny Wrists Attractive In Women?

People always were and always will be assessing others’ attractiveness based on their looks.

In general, the small wrists are more attractive to men because they indicate that the women are more feminine and delicate. Women who are more feminine have feminine faces, as well as feminine voices and smaller body frames.

Studies have shown that men prefer more feminine females when rating for a short-term relationship and when they have a partner.

In other words, guys prefer women who are soft. Having smaller wrists and hand size indicates feminine features.

However, keep in mind that wrist size is not something that guys look at (at least not in the beginning). The most attractive body parts that men find in women are the eyes, breasts, mouth, and butt. Small wrists are not a deal-breaker.

Small Wrists Meas Lower Body Fat

Women with smaller wrists are more attractive to men because there is a correlation between body fat percentage and wrist circumference. Most sinny girls also gonna have skinny hands, legs, arms, and wrists.

On the other hand, women who have large wrist circumference also happen to have a higher fat percentage (that also includes guys).

In fact, a study from the Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism has shown that wrist circumference is a predictor of obesity in children and adolescents.

Another study from the AHA Journals has shown that wrist circumference is a clinical marker of insulin resistance in overweight and obese children and adolescents (source).

Are Small Wrists Unattractive?

One thing you need to understand is that having a 6 inch wrist or smaller is correlated with a lower body fat percentage and body frame size.

Taller people who have a smaller wrist are considered as having a small body frame. These folks have usually a lower fat percentage, which is an attractive feature.

On the other hand, shorter people who have a bigger wrists circumference are considered as having a large body frame. These are usually the endomorphs with a significantly higher body fat percentage. In most cases, a higher body fat percentage is not attractive.

Are Small Wrists Attractive In Men?

How important is the hand and wrist appearance when it comes to man attractiveness? Soon you will find out.

According to the studies on the most attractive body parts in men, hands and wrists were on top of the list. Most women look at a man’s hands because it says a lot about him. Small wrists in men are unattractive because they indicate weakness and a lack of strength.

On the other hand, guys who have strong forearms and wrists appear to be stronger and more powerful. These are the guys who usually do some sports like boxing, rock climbing, fighting, or grappling.

Also, bigger wrists are the result of years of lifting weights as well as having the right nutrition and hormonal balance.

Is It Bad For Guys To Have A Small Wrists?

In general, it is not bad for guys to have a small wrist. Having a small body frame has its advantages and disadvantages. Most people who have a smaller body frame do so because of the smaller wrist, height, or both.

However, some people may feel insecure when comparing their wrist circumference with their peers. Wrist size is terminated by the genetic makeup, bone density, and physical activity that had been done during childhood and adolescence.

For example, if the person was involved in any combat sports throughout their adolescence, most likely they will have an impressive wrist.

On the other hand, if the person was not physically active and spends most of the days behind the computer screen, his wrists will likely be small.

Why Are Small Wrists Unattractive?

For guys, the most attractive body parts that women find in men are big pecs, wide shoulders, muscular forearms, and six-pack abs. Having a smaller wrist is not that big of a deal.

However, keep in mind that women look at every detail.

I know at least a dozen of women who said that the first thing they look at in men is their hands. Apart from cleanliness, women like guys with bigger hands and wrists because it relates to masculinity.

Unfortunately, you cannot change your genes. You can, however, work on your bone density by training harder.

How Attractive Are Small Wrists For Women?

One thing you need to understand is that people do not care about something unless you bring this to their attention.

A few days back I spend my afternoon scrolling social media forums (as well as walking and asking women on the street) about what they think about wrist size in men.

Before I will show the results, please keep in mind that almost women told me that men’s wrists size is something that they never thought about before.

(This means that they don’t really notice it unless you open your month).

Here are the results.

  • 33% of women told me they do not care about the guy’s wrists size.
  • Over 67% of females told me that they prefer guys with bigger forearms, arms, and wrists. The main reason for choosing guys with stronger wrists was that it indicates their strength and provides a sense of security.


Some girls told me that small wrists are unattractive because they look like someone has a hand of a small boy, rather than a masculine man. I had a conversation with my wife about wrist size and attractiveness. She told me seeing a guy with small wrists is unattractive because it shows his weakness.

I won’t be covering here the details on how to get bigger wrists. I’ve already covered that in my article “how to increase wrist size“, which I recommend you read.


As you can see, most women do not pay attention to the size of the wrist. However, they do pay attention to the hand’s cleanliness and body frame. Bigger guys who look lean and masculine will be more attractive, whereas skinny guys with small wrists will be less attractive.

Michal Sieroslawski

Michal is an exercise physiologist (MSc), nutrition coach, Ashtanga teacher, and fitness blogger. He shares his successes and failures to help busy men and women squash down 20, 50, or even 100 pounds of fat without leaving their home.

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