Using Peloton In The Small Apartment (Explained)

I ride my Peloton bike in a 500 square feet small apartment. In this article, I want to share with you all the things that you need to consider before getting a peloton bike or tread.

Overall, you can use a peloton in a small apartment because the bike doesn’t take much space. However, the bike does make noise around 40 to 50dB, which is equivalent to normal conversation. Also, using the Peloton bike in a small space will require regular cleaning to avoid a bad smell.

However, this recommendation will be completely different for the peloton treadmill because of the weight and noise (more on that in a second).

How To Fit Peloton In Small Apartment

Peloton bike can be fitted into a small space as long as you organize your surroundings and make sure there is enough room to comfortably get on and off the bike.

Also keep in mind that the size of your apartment will matter, too. Peloton bike in a studio apartment will be much harder to use because there is very little space available in general.

Studio apartments usually have one larger room that includes a kitchen, bedroom, and living area. If that’s the case, I would not recommend getting a peloton bike.

Here are some tips for setting up the peloton bike in a small space.

#1 Put your peloton in the living room

The best place to put the Peloton bike in a small apartment is in the living room because it has more space, compared to the bedroom, or hallway. The living room also allows having more freedom to do other classes like yoga or pilates that need access to an exercise mat.

Should I put my peloton in my bedroom? As a whole, you can put a peloton bike in the bedroom, as long as you have enough space and you won’t trouble your spouse. Peloton bikes can make a noise and be a small distraction for your significant other, especially when done early in the morning or late at night.

What about the neighbors? In general, your neighbors shouldn’t hear your peloton bike because this machine isn’t that noisy. Cycling on the peloton bike makes a noise comparable to the regular conversation or house refrigerators, which is around 40 to 50 dB. That’s 20 dB less than a vacuum cleaner or shower noise.

In other words, the peloton bikes aren’t loud but they’re not quiet either.

Here you can see a list of how loud is peloton bike, compared to other everyday sounds.

Average soundsDecibels levels
Breathing 10 dB
Watch ticking20 dB
Whispering30 dB
Peloton bike40 – 50 dB
Quiet conversation at home50 dB
Conversation in a noisy restaurant60 dB
 Vacuum cleaner70 dB
Coughing70 dB
Shower71 dB
Food blender80 dB
Diesel truck (50 ft away)84 dB
Live rock music 108 – 114 dB
Jet take-off150
Peloton bike noise vs other sounds

As you can see, you can definitively hear if someone is riding on the bike. However, this should not feel uncomfortable or noisy. In fact, Peloton bike is quieter than coughing or food blender.

What if my peloton makes terrible noise? Overall, the peloton bike is supposed to make some noise because certain parts like wheels or pedals will be more lauder than others. However, if the bike sounds differently than the one you’ve seen in the showroom, just report that to the customer service.

#2 Decorate peloton room

Peloton room is the place where you will ride your bike on a daily or weekly basis. By the way, it doesn’t have to be the whole room.

You can organize around 16 square feet of space before the bike gets delivered. I find that the best way to save more space is to set up your bike is side by side with the wall, or in the corner.

Apart from fitting the peloton in your room, organize space for essential accessories like dumbbells and exercise mats. You can also mount a peloton shelf for easy access to cycling shoes and towels.

Please remember that you should keep the peloton plugged in because this will allow the bike to download any software updates and class library. So you can either place the bike near the closest electrical outlet or use an extension cord.

#3 Make space for the bike

I recommend having extra space for the peloton bike because it will allow you to rotate the screen and use it for other classes like strength, Bootcamp, or cardio. So to get the most of your workouts try to rearrange your living room apartment that can fit the bike.

How much space do you need for a Peloton? Overall, the peloton bike dimensions are four feet by two feet and that’s how much space the company recommends to make. However, from my experience, you also need to take into account the dimensions of the mat, as well as leave some extra room to access the bike.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of the peloton rides like climbs or intervals require you to change the positions from seated to out of the saddle. When you’re out of the saddle the body naturally tries to bounce side to side to generate more power output.

The last thing you want is to hit the wall with your elbows because you left not enough space for the bike.

#4 Use peloton bike mat

Overall, the peloton bike doesn’t need to be on the mat because it has stabilizers underneath the basis of the front and back. However, a bike mat can protect the floor from scratches from the peloton shoes and overall use. The cycling shoes have delta cleats on the bottom, which can damage the floor panels.

Does the peloton damage the floor? Overall, the peloton doesn’t damage the floor because it has four stabilizers that are covered with a rubber coating that protects the wooden floor. However, after months of using the bike, the rubber coating can put pressure on the wooden floors and scratch the floor surface.

I also recommend getting a bike mat if you have a carpeted floor to protect the carpet from sweat, especially if you sweat a lot after long-distance rides.

TIP: If you’re renting the apartment, ask your landlord for permission.

This only applies to people who rent the apartment. I live in a small rental apartment and I had to ask my landlord before getting the peloton bike because most of the floors are wooden and I didn’t want to cause any problems.

If that’s the case, consider getting the peloton bike mat to protect the floor.

#5 Use bike wheels to move peloton around

What I love about my bike is it doesn’t need to be mounted to the floor and it can be easily moved around, in case you change your mind.

In general, the peloton has wheels in the front legs just like any other spin bike so it’s easy to move. You can either lift the back and pull the bike on the wheels, or you can press on the handlebars until you lift the back of the bike so you can push the bike.

Here’s how to move the peloton bike:

  • Unplug all cables – Always start moving the bike from disconnecting the bike from any electircal outlets.
  • Detach screen – You could move the bike with the screen on. However, if you choose to move the bike upstairs or remove from the apartment I recommend detaching the whole screen.
  • Stand in front of the bike – Grab the bike by the handlebars and press down to lift the back of the bike. You can place your foot on the front leg to prevent from sliding forward.
  • Balance the weightTilt the bike so the whole weight is balanced on the wheels.

I think I changed my peloton station at least three times to make sure I get it right.

Here is a quick demo of how to safely move the spin bike.

As you can see, it’s not very hard to move a bike from room to room. You only need is to balance the weight between front and back when holding the bars.

NOTE: The total weight of the Peloton bike is 135 lbs (61 kg). That includes the frame 125 lbs and the screen 10 lbs.

#6 Clean the peloton bike daily to avoid the smell

Spinning on the bike in a small space means a lot of sweating and requires daily cleaning. Sweat not only accumulates on the skin and creates body odor, but also sprays on the carpet and surrounding furniture. This can make your apartment smell like a gym bag, especially if you train every day.

Does Peloton make your room smell? As a whole, the peloton does make your room smell because sweating causes odorous compounds to spread across the whole room and if not cleaned and disinfected they start to smell. Using disinfecting products helps to kill bad smelling bacteria.

How do I stop my peloton room from smelling? The easiest way to stop your peloton room from smelling is to use the bike in the open space and clean it meticulously on daily basis. Also, wash your sweaty gym clothes immediately after the exercise to prevent bad odor.

I have to admit that sometimes I forget to take care of my gym clothes and let them hang for days. This always creates a weird smell in my apartment.

How do you cover the peloton in the living room? The easiest way to cover your bike is to use protective blankets. This will not only hide the bike so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb but also prevent dust accumulation.

Wanna learn more? Check out my article where I compare “peloton-bike-vs-treadmill” to help you make the right decision.

Peloton Treadmill In Small Space

As a whole, you can have a peloton tread in the apartment, as long as you live on the bottom floor. The peloton treadmill is heavier, more difficult to move around, and makes significantly more noise, comparing to the bike or bike plus.

Is the peloton treadmill loud? In short, the peloton treadmill is twice as loud as the peloton bike. On average, it makes 80 – 90 dB without even running or walking on it. The slower pace makes around 80 dB, where running at 6 mph makes 90 dB. That is more than a food blender or hairdryer.

Here you can see how loud is peloton tread, compared with other sounds.

Average soundsDecibels levels
Peloton bike40 – 50 dB
Air conditioner70 dB
Hairdryer78 dB
City traffic85 dB
Peloton treadmill80 – 90 dB
Lawnmower85 – 90 dB
Tractor100 dB
Headphones at maximum volume105 dB
Chainsaw120 dB
Peloton tread noise vs other sounds

Should peloton make noise? Overall, peloton tread should make some noise. The noise comes from three different sources. Running on the treadmill, moving parts on the machine, and vibrations transferred to the floor and walls. The footwork is the least noisy.

However, if you notice that your peloton tread is making much more noise than the one in the showroom, please report that to the online support.

Is a treadmill too loud for an apartment? As a whole, the peloton treadmill is too loud for an apartment because it will make a lot of noise and can disturb your family members, as well as downstairs neighbors. However, you can use some soundproof materials to minimize the noise.

How To Soundproof a Peloton Tread?

Overall, you can soundproof the peloton tread in the apartment by placing the rubber vibration-reducing treadmill mat under the machine. You can also use anti-vibration pads under the peloton stabilizing feet that will shock absorb the impact and protect the floor.

Do peloton treadmills damage apartment floors? After a while, the peloton treadmills do damage the floor in the apartment because of the vibration and impact from running. Placing a rubber mat provides a vital layer of protection for the tiles or wooden floor because they absorb the impact.

A good example of an effective soundproof vibration-reducing system you can see on some of the cruise ships. All treadmills in the cruise ship gyms stand on the special high-density rubber mats that absorb the impact and help to reduce noise in the cabins below.

However, even with a rubber mat, there is always gonna be some level of vibration and noise.

How To Move The Peloton Tread?

Overall, the peloton treadmill is movable because it does have wheels in the front, but you need to incline the treadmill to engage the wheels and be able to move it around. However, the machine weighs 455 lbs, so you should get some help.

Is Peloton tread foldable? In short, the peloton tread isn’t foldable so it’s harder to move. However, most folding treadmills have lower quality construction and lower durability that is needed to run at higher speeds or longer distances.

Here is how you can move the peloton tread.

  • Uplug the cables – Always rememebr to unplug your treadmill from the power outlet.
  • Set the incline – Start from setting up your peloton tread on incline to engage the front wheels.
  • Get help – Moving the peloton tread is a two-man job because this machine weighs more than 400 lbs.
  • Use service dolly – Alternatively you can use a service dolly to help you lift the treadmill and move it around.

However, I recommend not to move the treadmill around once you find the right spot. Make sure you have enough space right off the gate because this is a heavy machine and without extra help, it can be tough.

How much space do you need for peloton tread in the apartment?

For the peloton tread, you will need around 15 square feet of space in the apartment. For the peloton tread plus, you should look at 20 to 25 square feet.

Here are the dimensions, overall footprint, and space requirements for both treadmills.

Peloton Tread Peloton Tread Plus
Length68 in72.5 in
Width33 in32.5 in
Height62 in72.5 in
Space needed15 square feet20 square feet
How much space for peloton tread

Where to Put Peloton Tread In a Small Apartment?

The best way to save space in a small apartment is to place the treadmill parallel to the wall or in the corner.

Can you have peloton tread upstairs? In general, it is safe to have peloton tread upstairs because all of the modern homes have enough capacity to support the treadmill, even with people running on them. Peloton tread weighs 455lbs including the deck and touchscreen monitor.

Overall, the peloton treadmill can go on the carpet, as long as you use a protective mat. This not only helps with noise reduction but also protects the carpet fibers from collecting sweat, dust, and dirt. Plus, it makes it easier to clean under the treadmill.


As you can see, there is a big difference between having a peloton bike and tread in the apartment. Peloton tread is heavier and harder to move around.

Also, you can definitively hear someone running on the treadmill in the apartment block, especially if the room is just above you. The peloton bike is much easier because not only it weighs less, but also makes significantly less noise.

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