Peloton Outdoor Running and Walking Review

Peloton Outdoor Running
Peloton Outdoor Walking and Running

Peloton Outdoor offers audio-based outdoor workouts on the Peloton App, accessible with all four Peloton memberships: Free, App One, App +, and All Access. These workouts, ranging from running to walking sessions, feature instructors guiding you with motivational music and talk, and they don’t require Peloton bike or tread equipment. Notable features include GPS Tracking and Outdoor Metrics, allowing users to track their performance with details like calories burned and distance covered, even though accuracy may vary without additional heart rate monitors like an Apple Watch.

Peloton Outdoor offers a variety of workout types beyond just outdoor running, catering to different fitness preferences and goals. These include Warm Up/Cool Down Runs and Walks, Music Runs and Walks, Theme Runs and Walks, Interval Runs, Walk + Run sessions, Endurance Runs, Power Walks, Speed Runs, and Podcasts for a diverse and engaging fitness experience.

Today, I’m peeling back the curtain to show you how I use Peloton’s outdoor walking and running program. I’ll also discuss if you can use Peloton outdoor cycling and running without a phone, how to integrate these classes into your weekly workout plan, and the feasibility of using Peloton outdoor runs with an Apple Watch, without needing a phone.

What is Peloton Outdoor?

Peloton Outdoor is a series of audio-guided outdoor classes available on the Peloton app, encompassing 12 categories including running, walking, cycling, and walk-run combinations. These classes range in duration from short 10-minute warm-ups to intensive 60-minute endurance sessions, all without the need for Peloton equipment. Instructors like Olivia Amato, Becs Gentry, and Matt Wilpers guide users through various workouts, providing motivation and expert tips to enhance the outdoor exercise experience.

The purpose of Peloton Outdoor is to bring the structured, high-energy workout experience of Peloton to open-air environments, making cardio more accessible and varied. These classes offer live metrics and elevated music, catering to a wide range of fitness levels and preferences.

choosing the class type on peloton outdoor

What is Peloton Outdoor Running?

Peloton Outdoor Running refers to over 400 audio-guided running workouts, with various types including Warm Up/Cool Down Run, Music Run, Theme Run, Intervals Run, Endurance Run, and Speed Run. Unlike running on the treadmill, these classes don’t allow for controlled speed or incline, and all instructions are audio-based, with workouts measured in seconds and minutes.

These Peloton outdoor runs are excellent for developing the habit of running outside, as they provide a diverse range of paces and themes, but they are less effective for maintaining a specific pace or heart rate. Peloton Outdoor Running is ideal for those looking to vary their running routine and enjoy the freedom of outdoor exercise, with guidance from experienced instructors.

The most popular Peloton Outdoor Runs for cyclists are endurance and speed runs, as they help build stamina and improve fast-twitch muscle response, complementing cycling training. For beginners, the top picks are theme and music runs, offering an engaging and less intimidating introduction to running with enjoyable themes and motivating music.

outdoor running peloton
Running track for a long-distance run

What is Peloton Outdoor Walking?

Peloton Outdoor Walking consists of over 300 audio-guided walking workouts with various types, including Warm Up/Cool Down Walk, Music Walk, Theme Walk, Walk + Run, and Power Walk. You can expect the average duration of these workouts to be around 20 minutes, providing a range of 15 to 30 minutes to accommodate various schedules and fitness levels.

Peloton Outdoor Walking is ideal for those seeking structured walking exercises with guidance and motivation from Peloton’s expert instructors, although you need to have your phone with you to access outdoor walks, even with an Apple Watch. The best Peloton outdoor walking classes are the Power Walks and Walk + Run sessions, led by instructors like Olivia Amato and Jess King, offering a mix of intensity and motivation.

What is Peloton Outdoor Cycling?

Peloton outdoor cycling, also known as outdoor bike rides, refers to the concept of taking your indoor cycling experience outdoors, but it has not been officially released yet. You can hop on your regular road bike and enjoy bike classes while pedaling through real outdoor settings, kind of like outdoor runs and walks, but on a bike. Peloton bike outdoor ride is a cool way to switch up your workout routine and get some fresh air.

When wondering if you can do a Peloton class while on an outdoor ride, the answer is yes. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to interpret and adjust the resistance levels mentioned in Peloton classes to match your outdoor bike.

What is Peloton Podcast?

The Peloton Podcast, also known as the “Fitness Flipped,” is a series in Peloton’s outdoor walking classes is a unique program featuring a combination of walking workouts co-led by instructors like Jess, Selena, Kirsten, Marcel, Rebecca, Becs, Matt, and Tunde. Each session, lasting between 30 to 45 minutes, focuses on different themes such as Community, Rest, Endurance, Body Image, Competition, Comparison, Habits, and Self-Expression. These classes offer an engaging and reflective walking experience, blending physical activity with discussions on various wellness and personal development topics.

peloton fitness flipped

How does Peloton Outdoor Running work?

Peloton Outdoor Running operates through audio-guided instructions from Peloton trainers, suitable for running or walking outdoors, with each class offering clear guidance on intensity and technique. The workouts range from 20 to 60 minutes, varying in difficulty from beginner-friendly to advanced marathon training. Instructors guide you through each phase, focusing on posture, technique, and safety, making it more than just a running app; it’s like having an outdoor running coach.

Unlike typical running apps, Peloton Outdoor Running doesn’t track metrics like miles, and pace, or provide GPS routes. It doesn’t have options to create new routes or choose routes based on members’ recommendations (similar to typical running apps like MapMyRun). Instead, it’s designed to make freestyle runs more enjoyable and informative, catering to everyone from beginners to marathon trainees. It also provides you with detailed data analytics about your performance.

How does Peloton Outdoor Marathon Training work?

Peloton Outdoor Marathon Training is designed for both first-time and intermediate marathoners. It combines guided audio-only outdoor running classes with strength classes and can be adapted to different skill levels and goals. The program includes various class types like tempo runs, race prep runs, strength classes, recovery runs, and long run warm-ups, led by instructors such as Robin, Becs, Matt, and Rebecca.

Additionally, it features a 10-minute warmup run for each weekly long run, providing race-specific tips and motivation, making it a comprehensive training regimen for marathon preparation. If you’re not quite ready for Outdoor Marathon Training, you can start with Peloton’s Outdoor 5K, which is essentially the 5K Tread program adapted for outdoor running without a treadmill.

peloton outdoor 5k program
Choosing my favorite Peloton 5k outdoor run class

What are the benefits of using Peloton for outdoor running?

The benefits of using Peloton for outdoor running are listed below.

  • Simplifies Outdoor Runs: Peloton Outdoor Running has helped me with my runs outside. I used to get bored and tired after just 15-20 minutes, especially on repetitive routes, and my muscles would feel tight, making me want to quit. But with Peloton’s program, the engaging instructors and motivating soundtrack make the experience more enjoyable and less tedious, keeping me going for longer distances.
  • Helps with Motivation: Peloton outdoor runs keep me accountable for staying active. I schedule these classes weekly, aligning them with my Peloton strength, yoga, and bootcamp sessions, treating them as part of my regular workout routine. Before I used to run randomly, only when I felt like it, but now, following the instructors’ guidelines, I approach my outdoor runs with the same commitment as a gym or cardio session.
  • Provides Education: I enjoy listening to Peloton podcasts during my outdoor runs, especially the ‘Fitness Flipped’ series introduced in March 2022. These 30-minute episodes feature Peloton instructors discussing various health, fitness, and performance topics. Episodes like “Competition” with Rebecca and Tunde offer insights into mindset preparation for races, while “Stress” covers tactics for dealing with stress and the benefits of exercise. It’s educational and motivating, though currently, there are only 10 episodes available.

Listening to Peloton audio classes during my morning walks keeps me engaged and sets a positive tone for my day. Walking in the early hours energizes me, reduces stress, and enhances my focus, making my entire day better with just a 30-45 minute brisk walk. However, walking alone can become tedious, so incorporating Peloton outdoor audio and tread classes into my routine keeps the walks interesting and enjoyable.

peloton outdoor running workout plan

What are the drawbacks of using Peloton for outdoor running?

One drawback of using Peloton for outdoor running is that you can’t download classes for offline use; they require internet access, and while preloading saves data, streaming without Wi-Fi isn’t possible. Additionally, the accuracy of Peloton Outdoor’s metrics, especially calorie count, is questionable.

The app’s calorie calculations don’t account for individual factors like weight, age, gender, pace, or activity level, often resulting in generalized and unreliable numbers. For more precise tracking of calories and fitness progress, using a reliable heart rate monitor or a body composition tracker like InBody or Garmin is recommended.

What are the Best Peloton Outdoor Classes?

The following list shows the 5 best Peloton Outdoor Classes. So far, I tried over 70 Peloton outdoor workouts, here are the top picks.

  • Peloton Marathon Race Prep
  • Peloton Interval Runs
  • Peloton Tempo Run
  • Peloton Outdoor Walking
  • Peloton Road to 5K

1. Peloton Marathon Race Prep

The Peloton Race Prep class series is great for training for marathons, triathlons, or just long-distance running. I appreciate how it not only guides pace and form but also keeps me focused and mentally engaged, especially when my motivation dips during longer runs. It’s different from interval training like sprints and HIIT; long-distance running demands both muscle endurance and mental stamina. These classes help me start and maintain my runs, pushing through muscle fatigue and keeping me mentally clear and motivated.

2. Peloton Interval Runs

Peloton Outdoor Interval Runs, ranging from 20 to 45 minutes, feature a work-to-recovery ratio of either 1:1 or 2:1, making them efficient for maximizing effort and elevating heart rate quickly. I love these classes for a morning boost, as they not only energize me but also increase my productivity and help me tackle problems effectively in just 20-30 minutes. They cater to all fitness levels with varying intensities, and as Dr. Jerome Koral from Saint-Étienne suggests, sprint intervals can notably improve run times within weeks. My favorite is the 20-minute Interval run with Matty for its great soundtrack and motivation, and I find Robin’s classes particularly challenging and inspirational.

3. Peloton Tempo Run

I find Peloton Outdoor Tempo Runs effective because they balance intensity and lactate clearance, helping me run faster and longer without excessive fatigue. These classes typically include 5-minute tempo intervals to elevate my heart rate, followed by 1-minute recoveries, which are great for maintaining high intensity without overwhelming muscle fatigue. I love doing these sessions every two weeks as a way to challenge myself and track my progress, making them a key part of elevating my running performance. It’s about hitting that sweet spot of maximum effort without overdoing it, and I find it a great assessment tool for my progress and a boost to my motivation.

4. Peloton Outdoor Walking

Peloton Outdoor Walking offers over 300 classes lasting 20 to 45 minutes each, perfect for active recovery or as a main workout. I find these classes especially beneficial for beginners as they ease you into running, and building muscle strength and endurance. They’re versatile, fitting easily into any schedule, whether during a lunch break or as a post-workout cool-down. Even experienced runners can benefit from these classes on rest days. I enjoy spicing up these walks by adding speed and arm work, turning a regular walk into an invigorating 20-minute session. Studies suggest that regular walking can improve cardiovascular health and reduce BMI, making these classes a valuable part of my fitness routine.

5. Peloton Road to 5K

I like Peloton’s Road to 5K program because it’s a structured, 6-week plan that eases beginners into running. Starting with simple workouts, it gradually increases in difficulty, incorporating walking, running, and even bootcamp sessions. It’s a great step-by-step guide for those new to running, focusing on progressive overload to build strength, improve flexibility, and enhance endurance. I find its methodical progression effective for fitness improvement and calorie burning, making it a practical choice for anyone looking to start running and potentially lose weight.

running outside with peloton
My outdoor runs with the Peloton app

How to use Peloton Outdoor Running

The following list shows instructions on how to use Peloton Outdoor Running to fit your schedule and fitness goals.

  1. Filter by Difficulty and Duration: Each class allows filtering based on difficulty level and duration to match your current fitness needs.
  2. Long-Distance or Recovery: Find the right workout, whether you’re up for a challenging long-distance run or a gentle recovery walk post-cycling.
  3. Endurance and Recovery Classes: For light runs, choose endurance or recovery classes, which offer slower-paced runs covering longer distances, up to 60 minutes.
  4. Intervals and Speed for Shorter Workouts: When time is limited, opt for Interval and Speed workouts, which are shorter but more intense, including HIIT and Tabata-style runs.
  5. Walking and Podcast for Leisurely Days: On days when you have more time but aren’t in the mood for running, select Walking and Podcast options for a more relaxed pace.

How to use Peloton Outdoor Running Without a Phone

Currently, it is not possible to use Peloton Outdoor Running without a mobile phone, as the Peloton app requires a mobile device to stream classes, and the Apple Watch app does not support class streaming.

What is the process for using a Peloton outdoor run with an Apple Watch without a phone?

To use Peloton Outdoor Running with an Apple Watch, you still need a phone nearby to track metrics and provide the full experience. The Apple Watch can display metrics like calories burned and heart rate during your run, but it cannot stream classes independently. For heart rate monitoring without an Apple Watch, a compatible heart rate monitor connected to your phone can provide accurate readings for all Peloton outdoor activities. I use a Garmin GPS watch that perfectly reads all the metrics I need for all of my Peloton outdoor runs. It also has an app with the history of my previous runs so it makes it easy to compare.

peloton outdoor run apple watch
Peloton app outdoor running

Can you download Peloton outdoor running classes?

No, currently, Peloton does not offer the option to download outdoor running classes.

How to Find Peloton Outdoor Running

Here’s a list detailing how to find Peloton Outdoor Running.

how to find peloton outdoor
  1. Ensure Mobile Access: Use a smartphone with the Peloton app installed.
  2. Membership Requirement: Have an All-Access or Peloton Digital membership.
  3. Open the Peloton App: Locate and open the Peloton app on your mobile device.
  4. Log In: Use your existing login credentials for your Peloton bike or tread.
  5. Navigate to Classes: Select the “Classes” tab located in the top left corner of the app.
  6. Find Outdoor Audio: Scroll down to and select the “Outdoor Audio” option.
  7. Apply Filters: Choose and apply filters for workout type, instructor, distance, music, etc., to tailor your search.
  8. Select Your Run: Browse through the options and select the outdoor running class that best fits your needs.

What is the Peloton Outdoor Running Workout Plan?

The Peloton Outdoor Running Workout Plan is a structured program designed to gradually introduce and progress running into your weekly fitness routine, whether you’re a beginner or looking to diversify your regular workouts. It begins with a gentle start and incrementally increases in duration and intensity each week, allowing for steady progress and adaptation.

1HIIT Run 20-minute
Full-Body Strength Class 20-minute
Power Walk 30-minute
2Interval 20-minute
Full-Body Strength Class 30-minute
Power Walk 30-minute
3HIIT Run 30-minute
Full Body Bootcamp Class 30-minute
Walk + Run 30-minute
4HIIT Run 45-minute
Upper Body Bootcamp Class 30-minute
Lower Body Bootcamp Class 30-minute
Progressive Run 30-min
5HIIT Run 45-minute
Upper Body Bootcamp Class 30-minute
Lower Body Bootcamp Class 30-minute
Progressive Run 45-min
Power Walk 30-minute
Peloton Outdoor Running workout plan

The left column corresponds to the number of weeks. The right column corresponds to workouts per week To implement progressive overload, each week you should focus on increasing one out of three things.

  1. Increase the total number of your workouts (training volume).
  2. Increase the duration of the classes (choose longer classes).
  3. Increase the intensity (difficulty level) of the class.

For the best results, just pick one. Do not increase all three every week. For example, between weeks 2 and 4 just focus on adding more time. Don’t ramp up on all variables. This will lead to too much effort and can slow the results.

What are similar workouts to Peloton outdoor running?

The most similar Peloton workouts to outdoor running are the tread runs offered by Peloton. These runs are designed for use on the Peloton Tread or can be adapted for outdoor running if you have your phone with you to access the app.

What is the difference between Peloton Outdoor Runs vs Tread Runs?

The key difference between Peloton Outdoor Runs and Tread Runs is that Tread Runs require a treadmill and involve specific instructions for adjusting speed and incline, which isn’t feasible outdoors. In contrast, Peloton Outdoor Runs are audio-based and adaptable for both indoor and outdoor settings, using a Relative Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale from one to ten for intensity guidance, making them more flexible and suitable for varying fitness levels.

Can you do Peloton tread runs outside?

Yes, you can do Peloton tread runs outside with your phone to stream the app for guidance and instruction.

In my opinion, running is a highly rewarding cardio exercise that boosts overall fitness and mental resilience. Starting can be tough, requiring discipline and motivation, but Peloton’s outdoor running workouts offer a methodical and safe way to progress and add variety to your routine, whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting.

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