Peloton Outdoor Running For Beginners

Peloton is known for its indoor cycling and running classes that usually require a stationary bike or a treadmill. However, in the Peloton app, you can also find a series of outdoor workouts. What is peloton outdoor running?

As a whole, peloton running is a collection of over 200 running classes available in the peloton app in the audio format that varies between 20 to 60 minutes. Classes are designed for everyone who wants to get started with running, improve performance or train for a marathon.

In this article, I will provide you comprehensive Peloton outdoor running review and help you decide which are the best classes to choose from.

Peloton Outdoor Running Workouts

I think that running is one of the most rewarding cardio exercises because it not only improves your overall fitness but also develops mental toughness and self-efficacy. However, it’s incredibly hard to get started.

It requires discipline and constant motivation, which have to be built over time.

So whenever you’re a runner or you want to add some extra cardio component to your existing strength routine, there are hundreds of peloton outdoor running workouts available in the peloton app.

Here is the full list of peloton outdoor running workouts.

WalkingSpeed Run
Intervals RunTheme

Each class can be further filtered by its difficulty level and duration. This means you can always find a workout that suits your needs, whenever you’re looking for a long-distance challenge or recovery walk after a peloton cycling workout.

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Best Peloton Outdoor Running Classes

How are the outdoor Peloton runs? As a whole, the outdoor peloton runs are one of the most popular running classes. The classes have a gentle but motivating soundtrack accompanied by instructors engaging guidelines. This makes it more fun and helps to stay focused throughout the run.

How does peloton outdoor run work? In general, the peloton outdoor run works by listening to the guided instructions from the peloton trainers in the audio format while running or walking outdoors. Each class provides clear guidelines on what to do and when to increase the intensity level.

Every class starts with a warm welcome from the instructor and goes through all the details about what is coming. The classes vary not only in length but also in difficulty level and type of running.

This means you can choose the classes from a totally beginner-friendly level, all the way to tempo runs, HIIT, and marathon training. What I like about this program is that instructors walk you through every step of the way, explain the next phases, and describe who you will feel within each part of the class.

Plus you get constantly coached about your posture, running technique, and safety measures. So not only do you get a heads up about what’s going to happen, but you also learn the correct way to run.

In addition to see the list below, please read carefully about the recommendations about each of the classes and who is it suitable for.

#1 Marathon Race Prep

There is a big difference between interval runs and long-distance running. Sprints and HIIT are all about going all out for short time, followed by recovery.

However, long-distance is tough because it requires not only good muscle endurance but also mental clarity and motivation. This means long-distance running requires a completely different set of skills. The worst part is to get started.

What is a marathon race prep peloton? Marathon race prep is a series of classes that helps you train for a running event like a marathon, or if you just want to practice long-distance running. Throughout the class not only do you get clear instructions on your pace, but also constant reminders about your form.

Why is a marathon race prep peloton good? This class is good for you because it helps you to stay concentrated on the run and keeps your mind on the road, instead of thinking about quitting. It helps you to develop the physical and mental skills required to continue to run, even when you feel you don’t want to.

I like this class because, during the longer runs, I find that my motivation to push myself decline. However, when I listen to the guided class, it helps me to continue and stay focused, despite feeling muscle fatigue.

#2 Interval Runs

Peloton outdoor running classes also include interval runs. I like doing this class first thing in the morning because it helps me to get ready for the day ahead, especially if I only have 20-30 minutes.

Not only do I get a good sweat, but it also gives me more energy, makes me more productive, and helps to deal with the problems better.

What is peloton outdoor intervals run? As a whole, the peloton outdoor interval run is a series of 20 to 45 minutes classes that usually comes with a 1:1 or 2:1 work to recovery ratio. The short duration allows to maximize the effort level and increase the heart rate with a minimum time.

Why is peloton outdoor intervals run class good? The peloton outdoors intervals is good because it has several variations of intensity. This means it can be done by all levels of fitness, regardless if you’re a beginner or skilled runner. Harder classes have typically less recovery time, where easier sessions have more recovery.

Also, studies have shown that doing sprint intervals 3 times a week is enough to significantly improve 3,000-m run time in as short as 2 weeks (Koral, et al. 2018). This means if your goal is to run 5K or even a 10K with a better time, adding a peloton outdoor interval run can help.

Plus, I think this class is perfect if you want to blow off the steam and you don’t have much time for it. My favorite class is 20-minute Intervals with Matty because of the soundtrack and the encouragement he gives.

I also find that 20-minute classes with Robin are highly inspirational and encouraging to run.

#3 Tempo Run

Peloton outdoor running intervals can help you improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. However, the outdoor tempo run is something that will elevate your performance to the next level.

What is a peloton outdoor tempo run? As a whole, the peloton outdoor tempo run is a class where intensity reaches the anaerobic threshold, and the clearance rate of the lactate from the muscle still exceeds the production. This class is perfect for everyone who wants to either run faster or longer.

Why is a peloton outdoor tempo good? In general, the peloton outdoor tempo run is good because it helps to run at a higher intensity, without accumulation of too much blood lactate. The class consists of 5 minutes tempo intervals that elevates your heart rate, followed by a 1-minute recovery.

This workout is about finding the sweet spot where you can run at maximum effort, without the burning sensation in your lungs or muscles.

If the intensity goes too high, the production of lactate and other by-products in the muscle exceeds the clearance, which leads to immediate muscle fatigue (Figueira, et al. 2008).

I like to do this type of session at least once every two weeks not only to challenge myself, and also to compare my results from my previous run. It is a great assessment tool to track my progress and increase my intrinsic motivation.

#4 Outdoor Walking

One of the peloton outdoor running programs includes walking classes. Those classes are mainly targeted at beginners, however, even skilled runners can benefit from power walk for the rest day.

What is peloton outdoor walking? As a whole, peloton outdoor walking is a series of over 60 classes. The classes last between 20 to 45 minutes and incorporate speed, hills, and even running. It can be used as an active recovery or your main workout of the day.

Why peloton outdoor walking is good? This class is good especially for beginners because it helps to get started with running, build up muscle strength and endurance, and prepare the body for the more advanced sessions. It can also be done throughout the day, outside of your daily training program.

This means this class can easily fit into your daily schedule, whenever that’s on your lunch break, at the downtown mall, or as a recovery session after your main workout.

Studies have shown that daily 1-2 mile walking can significantly reduce BMI, improve cardiovascular health and help to improve longevity (Zhao, et al. 2015). Listening to your favorite tunes, adding speed and arm work can transform your regular walk into the most invigorating 20-minute of your day.

#5 Road to 5K

Road to 5K you can find the ready-made peloton programs. This is not a single class, however, it has the components of outdoor running, which I recommend you have a look at.

What is a peloton outdoor Couch to 5k? This is the peloton version of the outdoor couch to 5k program that helps beginners get started with running. It consists of a 6-weeks strength and running program, where you progressively increase the volume, duration, and intensity.

Why peloton road to 5k is good? In general, the peloton road to 5k is good because it provides a step-by-step guide for beginners who want to get moving and start running. It has slow and methodological progressions that not only help to improve fitness but also burn calories and lose weight.

Can you lose weight doing peloton Road to 5K? As a whole, you can lose weight doing peloton road to 5k because it has a variety of different classes that are designed to build strength, improve flexibility and muscle endurance. The program works by implementing principles of progressive overload where you add more intensity over the time of 6-weeks.

I like this program because it’s already organized with classes in the hierarchy that starts from the easiest workouts and slowly over time it builds up the difficulty. It includes classes like walking running, and even boot camp sessions.

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Peloton Outdoor Running Plan

If you’re just getting started with outdoor running, here you can see the example of an outdoor running plan that implements progressive overload. The program starts slowly and with each week there is slight progress in either the duration or the intensity.

1HIIT Run 20-minute
Full-Body Strength Class 20-minute
Power Walk 30-minute
2Interval 20-minute
Full-Body Strength Class 30-minute
Power Walk 30-minute
3HIIT Run 30-minute
Full Body Bootcamp Class 30-minute
Walk + Run 30-minute
4HIIT Run 45-minute
Upper Body Bootcamp Class 30-minute
Lower Body Bootcamp Class 30-minute
Progressive Run 30-min
5HIIT Run 45-minute
Upper Body Bootcamp Class 30-minute
Lower Body Bootcamp Class 30-minute
Progressive Run 45-min
Power Walk 30-minute
Peloton Outdoor Running Plan

As you can see, each week you either want to increase the total volume of your workouts, duration of the classes, the intensity of the classes, or the difficulty level. For the best results, just pick one.

For example, between weeks 2 and 4 just focus on adding more time. Don’t ramp up on all variables. This will lead to too much effort and can slow the results.

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Peloton Outdoor vs Running

The difference between peloton outdoor and running is that running classes require the use of a treadmill. The instructions include things like increasing the treadmill speed or adding the incline, which cannot be done accurately outside.

On the other hand, the peloton outdoor program is in audio format and it can be done either indoor or outdoor. This class has the instructions following an RPE one to ten scale. For example, the trainer may ask to run faster for the 30-second bout to reach 7 out of 10 intensity.

This makes it more individualized and suited for outdoor running because every person has different levels of fitness. That being said, you still can do peloton tread workouts outside.

If you need motivation for your running or find it boring to run, then keep reading. What I like about the peloton is the easy access from the phone via the Peloton digital app which means you can run outside with a peloton.

Can you do peloton runs outside? As a whole, you can do peloton runs outside, as long as you have your phone with you to stream the app. Tread classes can be modified and be taken outside because the majority of the instructions are verbal. Plus, the peloton has a separate outdoor class category specifically designed for outdoor runs.

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Peloton Outdoor Running Without Phone

As of now, it is not possible to use the peloton app without any mobile phone. You need to carry a mobile device all the time together with you to be able to stream the class from the Peloton digital app. The peloton app for the apple watch doesn’t allow to stream the class from the watch.

That being said, you can use the Peloton outdoor running on an apple watch to be able to read your metrics like calories burned or heart rate, but you still need to have a phone close by.

If you don’t have an apple watch, but you still want to read your heart rate while doing peloton outdoor running class, then you need to get a heart rate monitor. Those can be easily connected to the phone and get an accurate reading.

I use a Garmin GPS watch that perfectly reads all the metrics I need for all of my peloton outdoor runs. It also has an app with the history of my previous runs so it makes it easy to compare.

Is Peloton Outdoor Accurate?

As a whole, peloton outdoor isn’t the most accurate and you shouldn’t rely on the numbers of calories that the app shows. The number of calories burned during the run will depend on several factors like total body weight, lean body weight, age, gender, pace, and overall activity level.

This means you can have the same outdoor workout run and the calories will show the same for two completely different people. The best way to track your calories is with a decent heart rate monitor or body composition tracker like InBody or Garmin.

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Peloton outdoor running workouts are an excellent way to add some spice to your existing routine. But is also suitable for anyone who is looking to start running and needs some methodological and safe way to design a progression, without getting injured or burned out.

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