List of New Peloton Scenic Runs and Walks

peloton Scenic Runs for Treadmill
Peloton Scenic Runs and Walks

Peloton Scenic Runs refers to treadmill workouts featuring virtual routes in beautiful, diverse locations, providing an immersive outdoor running experience indoors. Peloton Scenic Runs list includes guided and unguided options, covering destinations like national parks, cities, beaches, and natural landscapes from around the world.

You won’t find Peloton scenic runs on the app because these specific classes are available only for Peloton’s treadmill hardware, which is not supported by the app’s platform. The main benefit of Peloton tread scenic runs is the engaging and varied running experience they offer, combining physical exercise with visual exploration, enhancing motivation and workout enjoyment. Other features similar to scenic runs on the Peloton treadmill include scenic rides, walks, and scenic hikes, which also use virtual routes and landscapes to create a unique and engaging exercise experience.

What is the Peloton Scenic Run?

Peloton Scenic Runs, part of the Peloton Scenic Classes series, offer treadmill users a virtual outdoor experience. Unlike regular Peloton treadmill workouts, Peloton Scenic Runs are done without instructions, intervals, or sprints; instead, they focus on enjoying the scenery. Introduced during Peloton Homecoming 2021, they come in three types: guided, distance-based, and time-based.

In Peloton guided scenic runs, an instructor accompanies you on-screen, providing motivation and curated playlists, but there are no speed-related tasks like in regular runs. Distance-based runs adjust video playback speed based on your pace, similar to Technogym Live, where the scenery matches your running speed, speeding up as you run faster. Time-based runs are set for a specific duration without responsive video.

What are the Peloton Guided Scenic Runs?

Peloton guided scenic runs are a feature of Peloton Tread, offering 11 immersive running workouts in stunning locations like Iceland, Puerto Rico, and Scotland. Unlike traditional Peloton classes, these runs feature instructors like Becs Gentry, Adrian Williams, and Denis Morton, who provide company rather than coaching, allowing you to focus on enjoying the scenery.

These Peloton tread scenic runs are exclusive to Peloton tread members and require an active subscription. They are an ideal choice for those seeking a visually engaging running experience without the structured training of typical Peloton classes.

What are the Peloton Time-based Scenic Runs?

Peloton Time-based Scenic Runs refer to a unique, instructor-free running feature on the Peloton Tread. These runs feature 79 different runs set in picturesque locations like San Diego, Melbourne Park, and Dubai Creek. Ranging from 10 to 60 minutes, they allow users to run through stunning sceneries at their own pace, accompanied by music from the Peloton radio playlist.

Unlike distance-based scenic runs, the video in Peloton time-based scenic runs is not responsive to your speed. This format is part of the relaunch of Peloton’s scenic classes, offering a diverse and engaging way to enjoy treadmill runs. When wondering how Peloton films these scenic runs, they used tracking shots, bird’s-eye view shots, and over-the-shoulder shots.

What are the Peloton Distance-based Scenic Runs?

Peloton Distance-based Scenic Runs are scenic run series alongside guided and time-based options. Unique to the distance-based format is the responsive video feature: the playback speed of the scenic video adjusts to match your running pace.

These runs challenge you to complete a set distance, like 5K or 10K, offering a dynamic and motivating experience. Peloton Distance-based Scenic Runs aren’t accessible on the Peloton App; they are exclusive to the Peloton Tread due to the technology needed for responsive video. However, they offer a fantastic way to virtually explore various locations while striving to achieve distance goals.

What are Peloton Scenic Walks?

Peloton scenic walks are essentially the same as scenic runs, but they’re ideal for those days when you want a workout that’s more than a walk but less intense than a run.

How Many Workouts Are on the Peloton Scenic Runs List?

There are 108 Peloton scenic run and walk options. The following list outlines the Peloton Scenic Runs List based on their type.

List of Peloton’s Guided Scenic Runs

  1. Adrian Williams – 20 min Savannah Run
  2. Ben Alldis & Jess Sims – 20 min Iceland Hike
  3. Denis Morton – 20 min Monterey Peninsula Run
  4. Emma Lovewell & Becs Gentry – 20 min Oregon Hike
  5. Mariana Fernandez – 20 min Puerto Rico Run
  6. Matt Wilpers – 20 min Hawaii Run
  7. Selena Samuela – 20 min New Mexico Run
  8. Becs Gentry – 30 min Oregon Run
  9. Jess Sims – 30 min Reykjavik Run
  10. Susie Chan – 30 min Scotland Ardverikie Estate Run
  11. Susie Chan & Jon Hosking – 30 min Scotland Glencoe Hike

List of Peloton’s 10-minute Time-Based Scenic Runs

The following list shows twenty-five 10-minute time-based Peloton Scenic Runs.

  1. 10 min Andorra Mountains Run
  2. 10 min Antelope Island State Park Run
  3. 10 min Arezzo Run
  4. 10 min Aspire Park Run
  5. 10 min Bali Beach Run
  6. 10 min Benjakitti Park Run
  7. 10 min Crete Lake Run
  8. 10 min Crete Run
  9. 10 min Dolomites Run
  10. 10 min Lake Como at Dusk Run
  11. 10 min Manama Bahrain Run
  12. 10 min Melbourne at Night Run
  13. 10 min New York City Run
  14. 10 min Newport Beach Run
  15. 10 min Oxygen Park Run
  16. 10 min Route 66 Run
  17. 10 min San Diego Run
  18. 10 min Santa Barbara Boardwalk Run
  19. 10 min Santa Cruz Run
  20. 10 min St. Louis at Sunset Run
  21. 10 min Sydney Sunrise Run
  22. 10 min Tempe Run
  23. 10 min Valencia Run
  24. 10 min Vienna Run
  25. 10 min Vienna Street Art Run

List of Peloton’s 15-minute Time-Based Scenic Runs

Below, you’ll find information about nine 15-minute time-based Peloton Scenic Runs.

  1. 15 min Cable Beach Run
  2. 15 min Castile-La Mancha Run
  3. 15 min Corsica Run
  4. 15 min Faro at Twilight Run
  5. 15 min French Alpine Lake Run
  6. 15 min Kansas City Run
  7. 15 min Melbourne Park Run
  8. 15 min San Clemente Run
  9. 15 min Santa Monica Beach Run

List of Peloton’s 20-minute Time-Based Scenic Runs

Here, you’ll find details on fifteen 20-minute time-based Peloton Scenic Runs.

  1. 20 min Adelaide Run
  2. 20 min Avenue of Giants Run
  3. 20 min Chicago Run
  4. 20 min Darwin Run
  5. 20 min Eifel National Park Run
  6. 20 min Gilman Tunnels Run
  7. 20 min Gold Coast Run
  8. 20 min Lake Andalusia Run
  9. 20 min Marina Bay Run
  10. 20 min Oregon Wasco County Run
  11. 20 min Reykjavik Run
  12. 20 min Sagres Forest Run
  13. 20 min Steamboat Run
  14. 20 min Swiss Alps Run
  15. 20 min Towns of the Algarve Run

List of Peloton’s 30-minute Time-Based Scenic Runs

Here is the following list of 17 Peloton scenic runs, all with a duration of 30 minutes.

  1. 30 min Andalusia Run
  2. 30 min Chiang Mai Run
  3. 30 min Dubai Creek Run
  4. 30 min Golden Gate Bridge Run
  5. 30 min Iceland Run
  6. 30 min Joshua Tree Run
  7. 30 min Macau Run
  8. 30 min Oregon Columbia River Gorge Run
  9. 30 min Paris Run
  10. 30 min Perth Run
  11. 30 min Sagres Run
  12. 30 min Seville Run
  13. 30 min Singapore Run
  14. 30 min Taiwan Taroko National Park Run
  15. 30 min Veluwe National Park Run
  16. 30 min Vincentine Coast Run
  17. 30 min Zion National Park Run

List of Peloton’s 45-minute Time-Based Scenic Runs

Check out the following list, which includes five Peloton scenic runs, all of them 45 minutes in length.

  1. 45 min Abu Dhabi Run
  2. 45 min Canadian Rockies Run
  3. 45 min Khao Sam Roi Yot Beach Run
  4. 45 min Panama Run
  5. 45 min Patagonia Run

List of Peloton’s 60-minute Time-Based Scenic Runs

Check out these 8 Peloton scenic runs, all 60 minutes in length.

  1. 60 min Australian Outback Run
  2. 60 min Costa Rica Run
  3. 60 min Iceland Run
  4. 60 min New Zealand North Island Run
  5. 60 min Normandy Run
  6. 60 min Oregon Mount Hood Run
  7. 60 min South Island New Zealand Run
  8. 60 min Torres del Paine Run

List of Peloton’s Distance-Based Scenic Runs with a 5k Distance

Here, you’ll find details on eight 5k distance-based Peloton scenic runs.

  1. 5K Reykjavik Run
  2. 5K Oregon Mount Hood Run
  3. 5K Oregon Columbia River Gorge Run
  4. 5K Monterey Peninsula Run
  5. 5K Kualoa Ranch Run
  6. 5K Iceland Run
  7. 5K Georgia Coastal Creeks Run
  8. 5K Big Sur Run

List of Peloton’s Distance-Based Scenic Runs with a 10k Distance

Check out these four Peloton scenic runs, each falling under the distance-based category and spanning a 10k route.

  1. 10K Oregon Painted Hills Run
  2. 10K Kualoa Ranch Run
  3. 10K Iceland Run
  4. 10K Aguirre Spring Run

List of Peloton’s Distance-Based Scenic Runs with a 1-Mile Distance

This list outlines six 1-mile distance-based Peloton scenic runs.

  1. 1-Mile Kualoa Ranch Run
  2. 1-Mile Iceland Run
  3. 1-Mile Hampton Island Preserve Run
  4. 1-Mile Ghost Ranch Run
  5. 1-Mile Columbia River Gorge Run
  6. 1-Mile Big Sur Run

What are the Best Peloton Scenic Runs?

The best Peloton Scenic Run for time-based runs include iconic spots like the 10-minute New York City Run, the 15-minute Faro at Twilight Run, and the 20-minute Swiss Alps Run because they offer varied and visually stunning landscapes that keep the run engaging and motivating. From guided, the best Peloton Scenic Runs are the 20 min Monterey Peninsula Run with Denis Morton and the 20 min New Mexico Run with Selena Samuela.

How long are the Peloton Scenic Rides?

Peloton Scenic Runs vary in duration from 10 to 60 minutes, offering a range of options to fit your workout preferences. If you’re looking for the shortest run to squeeze into your day, try the 10-minute Vienna Run, while the 10K Aguirre Spring Run is a scenic adventure for those seeking a longer challenge.

How difficult are the Peloton Scenic Runs?

Peloton scenic runs are generally at the same difficulty level, although the distance-based scenic rides, which include options like 1 mile (1.61 kilometers), 5K (3.11 miles), and 10K (6.21 miles), are considered slightly more challenging.

What other Peloton features are similar to Scenic Runs?

Other Peloton features similar to Scenic Runs include Peloton Scenic Rides, Peloton Just Run, and Peloton Outdoor Run, all of which offer engaging outdoor experiences and various scenic routes for your workouts.

What is the difference between Peloton Scenic Runs and Scenic Rides?

Peloton Scenic Runs and Scenic Rides differ primarily in their exercise format: Scenic Runs are designed for use on the Peloton Tread, while Peloton scenic rides are for the Peloton Bike, centered on cycling.

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