Peloton Scenic Rides List and Features

Peloton Bike Scenic Rides and Workouts
Peloton Scenic Rides and List

Peloton Scenic Rides is a feature on the Peloton Bike and Bike+, offering virtual rides through diverse global destinations such as Bangkok, Sydney, Andalusia, and more. It’s a freestyle, do-your-own-thing kind of workout, very different from your typical Peloton on-demand or live classes.

The Peloton scenic rides list includes over 100 workouts, which are categorized as Time-based, Distance-based, or Guided, and all of them require an active Peloton subscription. The best Peloton scenic rides are distance-based, with playback speed varying based on your power output. The faster you cycle, the faster the content moves along, providing a more immersive experience.

The Peloton’s Scenic Experience isn’t just about the rides – you’ve got runs, walks, and rows too, accessible on the Peloton bike, tread, or rower. I’ve been using Peloton’s new scenic rides for over two years, but what truly piqued my interest was learning how Peloton films these scenic rides, discovering how to find them on the platform, and understanding how to change the music during these rides.

What is the Peloton Scenic Ride?

Peloton Scenic Ride refers to a pre-recorded workout filmed in exotic locations like Europe, Australia, Asia, and the United States available in three formats; guides, timed-based, and distance-based. The first version, introduced in 2018, had just a few workouts, but the video quality was a bit pixelated and didn’t adjust the speed of your pedaling. The 2021 update, however, made a huge leap with HD videos, three types of rides, and over 100 workouts, although these new scenic rides are no longer available for Peloton app users.

The purpose of the Peloton cycle scenic ride feature is to mix up your workouts, and provide a fun and engaging mental escape. It’s perfect for those times when you just want to ride without listening to Peloton instructors and explore global locations from your home. It offers a refreshing change from regular Peloton cycling classes. The Peloton scenic ride, as effective for burning calories as a traditional ride, doesn’t come with a fixed difficulty level or intensity like what you’d find in Peloton’s live and on-demand workouts.

What’s my experience with Peloton Scenic Rides?

My experience using Peloton Scenic Rides has been a bit mixed. On one hand, I really like the variety and the opportunity to explore new places, which is somewhat similar to what I’ve seen with iFit scenic rides. When I first tried Peloton’s scenic rides, it felt like I was biking outdoors in some of the most stunning natural and urban settings.

However, there’s a flip side to it. While the scenery is captivating, sometimes it can distract me from the actual workout. I prefer the Peloton guided scenic rides with instructors because they feel more like a documentary and less like a traditional road biking experience. Interestingly, the best Peloton scenic rides for me are the distance-based ones. They adjust playback speed based on my cadence and resistance, a feature I’ve seen in other companies like iFit and Technogym for a while but is new to Peloton. It adds a fun challenge to my rides.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Peloton Scenic Rides?

Using Peloton scenic rides has several advantages and some drawbacks from my personal experience.

Scenic Rides on Peloton Bike
Peloton Scenic Rides and List


  • Multitasking: Peloton scenic rides with their low difficulty levels are great for multitasking. You can use a Peloton bike desk to work, read, or attend virtual meetings while cycling.
  • Entertainment: These rides provide an enjoyable distraction during exercise, enhancing your mood and making workouts feel more fun and engaging, similar to watching Netflix or listening to music.
  • Alternative to Recovery Rides: They can serve as an alternative to traditional recovery rides, allowing you to unwind and disconnect while still getting some low-impact exercise.


  • Lack of Instruction: Unlike Peloton’s regular classes, scenic rides lack guidance on intensity, cadence, and resistance. This can be a drawback if you prefer structured workouts.
  • Limited Metrics: You won’t have access to detailed metrics and performance tracking during scenic rides, which might be a downside if you like to monitor your progress closely.

How Does the Peloton Bike Scenic Ride Work?

The Peloton Bike Scenic Rides work just like your typical workout on a stationary bike or elliptical in an LA Fitness or Equinox gym that features high-end equipment with a screen and scenery mode. Peloton scenic ride is similar to what you’d find on Technogym Live, but the key difference is that Peloton doesn’t automatically tweak the landscape, resistance, speed, and incline to match your running pace, unlike Technogym Live and Life Fitness Interactive Terrains, which do offer this feature.

The Peloton scenic rides auto resistance feature and auto-incline are only available on the Bike+, not on the Peloton original bike.

Within your Peloton bike interface, you’ll find a “Scenic Rides” section where you can select various landscapes from around the world, including beaches, vibrant cities, and natural settings. These scenarios are grouped into three main categories: “Guided,” “Distance,” and “Time.” As you work out, you can track your performance in real-time with parameters like duration and distance displayed on the screen.

If you’re ready to start your workout, you simply choose your preferred Peloton Scenic ride destination.

This table shows the main differences between all three types of scenic rides on Peloton.

Peloton scenic rideDescription
GuidedNo instructors in the ride
Distance to choose 5K and 10K
Includes progress bar that displays the distance you have left
Content speed depends on your cadence (the faster you cycle, the faster the content moves along).
Time-basedNo instructors in the ride
Time to choose between 10 to 60 minutes
Includes leaderboard and all performance metrics
Distance-basedNo instructors in the ride
Distance to choose 5K and 10K
Includes a progress bar that displays the distance you have left
Content speed depends on your cadence (the faster you cycle, the faster the content moves along).
New Peloton scenic rides

What is the Peloton Guided Scenic Ride?

The Peloton Guided Scenic Ride, also known as the Peloton Travelogues ride, is a unique experience that combines scenic visuals with instructor-led guidance. There are a total of 7 classes, each lasting 20 to 30 minutes and led by 6 Peloton instructors, including Emma Lovewell, Adrian Williams, Becs Gentry, and more. The best Peloton Guided Scenic Ride is the 30-minute Iceland Ride with Ben Alldis because it combines breathtaking Icelandic landscapes with Ben’s motivational coaching style.

Unlike Peloton distance-based scenic rides, the guided version includes a leaderboard and full performance metrics, allowing you to track your progress and compete with others. These rides are less about intense workout demands and more about enjoying a virtual ride through beautiful landscapes while receiving motivational and informative input from Peloton’s experienced instructors.

What is the Peloton Distance-based Scenic Ride?

The Peloton Distance-based Scenic Ride refers to an immersive cycling workout with pre-recorded videos set in picturesque locations such as Savannah, Oregon, and Iceland, where you can choose to complete either a 5K or 10K distance. The Peloton Distance-Based Scenic Rides list includes 13 workouts, which are not accessible without a subscription. The best Peloton Distance-based scenic ride is the 10K Big Sur Ride because it combines stunning visuals of the picturesque California coastline with a challenging yet enjoyable distance.

Unlike other scenic ride formats, these rides do not feature instructors or their commentary, allowing for a more solitary and visually focused workout. On the flip side, Peloton’s Distance-based Scenic Rides come with a cool bonus – Peloton Radio, a music feature that pumps up your ride with awesome playlists from artists like Zion y Lennox, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lizzo. That means you can play your own music on Peloton distance-based scenic rides.

What is the Peloton Time-based Scenic Ride?

The Peloton Time-Based Scenic Ride is another cool feature that gives you 80 rides to pick from, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. You can enjoy rides like the 15-minute Red Canyon Ride, the 30-minute French Pyrenees Ride, or the 60-minute Panama Ride, all without an instructor’s guidance. You’ll get to explore places like the Italian Alps, Tuscany, or Vermont. Plus, these rides come with a leaderboard and all the performance stats, just like regular Peloton classes.

My favorite Peloton Time-based Scenic Ride is the 60-minute Patagonia Ride because it’s the longest one available, which is not only visually stimulating but also physically rewarding. The Peloton Time-based Scenic Ride is not available on the app, but you can easily access them from your bike or bike+, under the ‘Scenic Rides’ tab.

How Many Workouts Are on the Peloton Scenic Rides List?

The Peloton Scenic Rides list currently offers 100 different types of rides, with durations ranging from 10 to 60 minutes for guided and time-based rides, and distances from 5k to 10k for distance-based rides. Below, you’ll find the Peloton Scenic Rides List categorized by guided, distance-based, and time-based options.

List of Peloton’s Guided Scenic Rides

Here’s the Peloton Scenic Rides list for guided scenic rides.

  1. Adrian Williams – 20 min Savannah Ride
  2. Jon Hosking – 20 min Scotland Kinloch Hourn Ride
  3. Mariana Fernandez – 20 min Puerto Rico Ride
  4. Ben Alldis – 30 min Iceland Ride
  5. Denis Morton – 30 min Big Sur Ride
  6. Emma Lovewell – 30 min Oregon Ride
  7. Matt Wilpers – 30 min Hawaii Ride

List of Peloton’s 10-minute Time-Based Scenic Rides

Below, you’ll find the Peloton Scenic Rides list for 10-minute time-based scenic rides.

  1. 10 min Abu Dhabi Ride
  2. 10 min Algarve Ride
  3. 10 min Antelope Island State Park Ride
  4. 10 min Bangkok at Night Ride
  5. 10 min Coron Ride
  6. 10 min Corsica Ride
  7. 10 min Eifel National Park Ride
  8. 10 min Grant Park Chicago Ride
  9. 10 min Melbourne at Night Ride
  10. 10 min New York City Ride
  11. 10 min Newport Beach Ride
  12. 10 min Perth Skyline Ride
  13. 10 min Playa Pacifica Park Ride
  14. 10 min Reykjavik Ride
  15. 10 min San Juanico Bridge Ride
  16. 10 min Seville Ride
  17. 10 min Singapore Ride
  18. 10 min Sydney Sunrise Ride
  19. 10 min Tempe Ride
  20. 10 min Veluwe National Park Ride
  21. 10 min Vermont Ride

List of Peloton’s 15-minute Time-Based Scenic Rides

Here’s the Peloton Scenic Rides compilation for 15-minute time-based scenic rides.

  1. 15 min Andalusia Hills Ride
  2. 15 min Avenue of Giants Ride
  3. 15 min Crete Ride 15 min Great Falls Ride
  4. 15 min Iceland Peninsula Ride
  5. 15 min Khao Sam Roi Yot Ntl. Park Ride
  6. 15 min Murcia Ride
  7. 15 min Oregon Columbia River Gorge Ride
  8. 15 min Red Canyon Ride
  9. 15 min Royal Park Rajapruek Ride
  10. 15 min Santa Cruz Ride
  11. 15 min Santa Monica Beach Ride
  12. 15 min Snow Canyon Ride
  13. 15 min St. Louis Route 66 Ride
  14. 15 min Valencia Ride
  15. 15 min Vincentine Coast Ride
  16. 15 min Yellowstone Ride
  17. 15 min Zion National Park Ride

List of Peloton’s 20-minute Time-Based Scenic Rides

Below, you’ll find a list of 15 Peloton Scenic Rides, each lasting 20 minutes and categorized as time-based scenic rides.

  1. 20 min Adelaide Ride
  2. 20 min Andalusia Ride
  3. 20 min Andorra Mountains Ride
  4. 20 min Avignon Ride
  5. 20 min Dolomites Ride
  6. 20 min Escalante Utah Ride
  7. 20 min Iceland Ride
  8. 20 min Italian Alps Ride
  9. 20 min Lewis and Clark Ride
  10. 20 min Marina Green Park Ride
  11. 20 min Oregon Mount Hood Ride
  12. 20 min Provence Ride
  13. 20 min Spokane Ride
  14. 20 min Tuscany Ride
  15. 20 min Valencia Ride

List of Peloton’s 30-minute Time-Based Scenic Rides

The list below displays 12 Peloton Scenic Rides, all of them 30 minutes in duration and falling under the category of time-based scenic rides.

  1. 30 min Andalusia Mountains Ride
  2. 30 min Antelope Park Ride
  3. 30 min Brisbane Ride
  4. 30 min Castile-La Mancha Ride
  5. 30 min Cuyahoga Valley Ride
  6. 30 min French Pyrenees Ride
  7. 30 min Gilman Tunnels Ride
  8. 30 min Joshua Tree Ride
  9. 30 min Lago Di Garda Ride
  10. 30 min Medoc Ride
  11. 30 min Midi-Pyrénées Ride
  12. 30 min Serra De Monchique Algarve Ride

List of Peloton’s 45-minute Time-Based Scenic Rides

Check out the list that follows for 7 Peloton Scenic Rides, each one being a 45-minute time-based scenic ride.

  1. 45 min Andalusia National Park Cabo De Gata Ride
  2. 45 min Costa Rica Ride
  3. 45 min Côte d’Or Vineyards Ride
  4. 45 min Iceland Peninsula Ride
  5. 45 min Joshua Tree National Park Ride
  6. 45 min Patagonia Torres del Paine Ride
  7. 45 min South Island New Zealand Ride

List of Peloton’s 60-minute Time-Based Scenic Rides

In the list below, you’ll see 8 Peloton Scenic Rides, all of them being 60-minute time-based scenic rides.

  1. 60 min Andalusia Ride
  2. 60 min Banff National Park Ride
  3. 60 min Normandy Ride
  4. 60 min Oregon Painted Hills Ride
  5. 60 min Panama Ride
  6. 60 min Patagonia Ride
  7. 60 min Taiwan Taroko Gorge Ride
  8. 60 min Wyndham Australian Outback Ride

List of Peloton’s Distance-Based Scenic Rides with a 5k Distance

This list provides details on 7 distance-based Peloton Scenic Rides, each with a distance of 5k.

  1. 5K Iceland Ride
  2. 5K Monterey Peninsula Ride
  3. 5K Oregon Mount Hood Ride
  4. 5K Oregon Wasco County Ride
  5. 5K Pūpūkea Forest Ride
  6. 5K Reykjavik Ride
  7. 5K Savannah Wetlands Ride

List of Peloton’s Distance-Based Scenic Rides with a 10k Distance

This list offers information about 6 Peloton Scenic Rides, all falling into the distance-based category with a 10k distance.

  1. 10K Aguirre Spring Ride
  2. 10K Big Sur Ride
  3. 10K Georgia Longleaf Pines Ride
  4. 10K Iceland Ride
  5. 10K Oregon Painted Hills Ride
  6. 10K Pūpūkea Forest Ride

How many different locations are featured in Peloton Scenic Classes?

Peloton’s scenic classes feature a diverse range of locations, with over 40 different places. Some of the most common locations include Italy, France, Spain, California, and Australia. This table shows some of the most popular locations where the Peloton scenic rides are filmed.

CountryPeloton scenic ride locations
PortugalAlgarve (Serra De Monchique, Vicentine Coast)
ThailandBangkok (Night Ride)
Khiri Khan
Chiang Mai 
Melbourne (Night Ride)
The French Pyrenees
Iceland Peninsula
Castile-La Mancha
Dolomites (Pale Mountains)
Italian Alps
Lake Garda
CaliforniaNewport Beach
San Diego
Santa Monica Beach
San Francisco
UtahSnow Canyon
Antelope Island State Park
Red Canyon
Zion National Park
Antelope Park
Peloton scenic rides location list

Apart from the list above, the peloton scenic rides also include locations like Wyoming, Panama, Costa Rica, Taiwan, New Zealand, and even Abu Dhabi.

What are the Best Peloton Scenic Rides Locations?

The best Peloton scenic rides in the distance-based category are the 10K Big Sur Ride and the 10K Aguirre Spring Ride because they give you amazing visuals and landscapes to enjoy while you ride. When it comes to the time-based category, the night rides in Bangkok and Melbourne stand out as the best Peloton scenic rides. They not only feature high-quality 4K camera footage but also immerse you in the bustling streets, making you feel like you’re right there with every pedal.

How are the Peloton Scenic Rides Filmed?

Peloton films scenic rides using a blend of cinematic drone shots and car camera shots, which capture the rider from various angles and distances. The specifics of how does Peloton film scenic rides can vary depending on the type of scenic ride being produced.

How long are the Peloton Scenic Rides?

Peloton guided scenic rides typically range from 20 to 30 minutes, while time-based rides can vary from 10 to 60 minutes in duration. Distance-based scenic rides are categorized by distance, with options for 5 and 10 kilometers. The following table shows the duration of Peloton scenic rides.

Peloton scenic ridesDuration
Guided20 min (2 classes)
30 min (5 classes)
Time-based10 min (21 classes)
15 min (17 classes)
20 min (14 classes)
30 min (12 classes)
45 min (7 classes)
60 min (7 classes)
Peloton scenic ride duration

How difficult are the Peloton Scenic Rides?

The difficulty level of Peloton Scenic Rides is relatively easy, as they don’t provide specific guidance on intensity, cadence, or resistance. This allows you to choose your workout intensity based on your preference and energy levels. It’s worth noting that in guided scenic rides, instructors like Matt, Ben, and Morton may mention resistance, but it’s not consistently maintained throughout the entire class.

Which is the hardest Peloton Scenic Ride?

The hardest Peloton Scenic Ride is the 60-minute Patagonia Ride from the time-based category.

Who are the Best Peloton Scenic Rides Instructors?

The best Peloton Scenic Rides Instructors are Emma Lovewell and Ben Alldis because of their engaging and motivating style, which enhances the scenic ride experience. In total, six Peloton instructors participate in guided scenic rides:

  1. Emma Lovewell
  2. Becs Gentry
  3. Adrian Williams
  4. Ben Alldis
  5. Denis Morton
  6. Matt Wilpers

How to Find Scenic Rides on Peloton Bike?

The following list shows how to find Scenic Rides on a Peloton Bike.

  1. Start by navigating to the ‘More Rides’ section on your Peloton Bike.
  2. Once there, look for the Scenic Rides option, which you’ll find at the center of the screen.
  3. Select ‘View Routes’ to browse and choose from the available scenic routes.
  4. You can then pick the Scenic Ride that interests you and start your virtual journey.
  5. Enjoy your scenic ride experience on your Peloton Bike.

How to find Scenic Rides on the Peloton App?

To find Scenic Rides on the Peloton App, you’ll need an all-access membership, as they are not available with a digital membership. Unfortunately, scenic rides for app users were discontinued after the 2021 homecoming event due to changes in the ride interface and the inclusion of features exclusive to all-access members, like leaderboards and metrics with a power bar.

How to Pause Peloton Scenic Ride?

You cannot pause a Peloton Scenic Ride; pausing is not available for Scenic rides.

Are Peloton scenic rides free?

Yes, Peloton Scenic Rides are free, but only available as part of the Peloton subscription and not offered separately.

Can you do Peloton Scenic Rides without a subscription?

No, you cannot access Peloton Scenic Rides without a Peloton subscription. These rides require a subscription, and only the “just ride” option and a handful of pre-selected classes are available on Peloton without a membership.

How to Change Music on Peloton Scenic Rides?

To change the music on Peloton Scenic Rides, you can now enjoy the new Peloton Radio feature. It offers curated Spotify music playlists to enhance your scenic ride experience. Simply tap “More” on your home screen to access it and choose from various genres based on your mood to set the perfect musical backdrop for your ride.

Can you do Peloton scenic rides with your own music?

No, you can’t use your music during Peloton Scenic Rides; you can only choose from the curated playlists available on Peloton Radio for music accompaniment.

What other Peloton features are similar to Scenic Rides?

Similar Peloton features to Scenic Rides include Peloton Scenic Runs, Scenic Walks, Scenic Rows, and the option to Just Ride, each offering immersive experiences in their respective categories.

What is the difference between Peloton Scenic Rides and Scenic Runs?

The difference between Peloton Scenic Rides and Scenic Runs lies in the equipment and scenery: Scenic Rides are on the Peloton bike, showcasing various global cycling routes, while Peloton Scenic Runs are on the Peloton Tread, featuring diverse running landscapes.

What is the difference between Peloton Scenic Rides and Scenic Walks?

Peloton Scenic Rides and Scenic Walks differ primarily in their intensity and pace. Scenic Rides are cycling workouts on various virtual routes, whereas Peloton Scenic Walks are more leisurely, allowing users to virtually walk through different scenic locations on the Peloton Tread.

What is the difference between Peloton Cycling Classes and Scenic Rides?

While Peloton Scenic Rides count as regular classes, their primary difference lies in their structure. Peloton cycling classes are instructor-led, structured workouts that offer badges, milestones, and the Peloton century T-shirt for completing over 100 rides. In contrast, Peloton Scenic Rides provides a freestyle experience with no milestones, badges, or T-shirts.

Will Peloton be adding more Scenic Rides in 2024?

Yes, the Peloton is adding more scenic rides regularly. Since the 2021 homecoming event, there have been only a dozen classes and now you have around 100 new videos from several different locations.

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