7 Safer Ways To Keep Your Peloton In The Garage

This year I fully embraced home workouts and decided to transform my garage into a home gym. In this article, I will explain if you can put your peloton in the garage, and if so, what are the best practices.

As a whole, you can keep your peloton in the garage, as long as it’s secured, you have the right air temperature, air humidity, and ventilation. Also, you need to ensure there is a solid internet connection because both bike and tread require good wifi access.

How To Keep Peloton In Garage

For people who live in a place with a low ceiling or limited space at home (like me), putting their bike in the garage may be the best option.

Keeping the peloton in the garage or basement can be beneficial, especially if you like to have an isolated workout space and you don’t want to keep the peloton permanently in your living room.

Garage gym is also perfect for all other workouts besides peloton like weight lifting, rowing, and even boxing.

However, there are several things to remember before you decide to move your bike like space available, weather conditions, safety, and security (more on that later).

Yes, the peloton can stay in the garage

It’s ok to place the peloton in the garage as a part of your home gym setup.

For me, training in the garage ensures I have enough space for more complex workouts, I have no distractions, and I can free up some space at home. (Keeping wife happy…)

Is the safe?

The peloton is safe in the garage, as long as you ensure the right air temperature that won’t damage the screen.

You also want to remember about the security measures like sturdy garage locks, covering windows, or even disabling the garage door opener if needed.

My experience from keeping a Peloton bike in the garage

Here are the 6 lessons I’ve learned from moving my peloton bike into the garage gym.

1. Check your garage WiFi signal

I think that many people forget that both peloton bikes and tread need access to the internet. This means you have to ensure you have decent WiFi coverage in your garage before even deciding you want to transform it into the home gym.

Unreliable WiFi can happen for a number of reasons:

Your router is too far away

An uneven WiFi signal can be due to placing an internet router too far away from your garage. You can reposition your router and see if that makes a difference.

Alternatively, you can try to get a better router with better coverage.

Weak signal

This was my problem for long time and I had to use my phone as a hotspot. This can happen because of poor broadband coverage.

If your internet is weak, you will likely experience buffering during rides. Alternatively, can consider getting a better deal with a different broadband provider.

Signal is blocked

This can happen due to thick walls and/or weak broadband signals. You can use wifi extender or booster.

2. Organize your garage space

Organizing your garage space is important because you can build a full gym, and still have a lot of free space.

This means you want to make sure you have enough room not only for the peloton bike but also for other equipment that you currently use, or planning to get in the future.

You will need at least 2 feet by 4 feet of garage space to keep the peloton bike.

However, if you plan to add a treadmill, dumbbell rack, and even the complete barbell setup, I recommend removing everything that is not related.

I used to have a lot of clutter and crap in the garage that I rarely used. I decided to sell out most of it and for the extra money, I bought more gym equipment.

The rest of the stuff I threw away.

3. Use wall and ceiling hooks

If you have too much valuable stuff in your garage that you cannot get rid of, consider getting wall hooks and hanging all those items on the wall.

You can use wall hooks to store any accessory equipment like:

  • Belts
  • Exercise mat
  • Bumper plates
  • Jump ropes
  • Resistance bands
  • Power bands

Here you can see the example of how I use wall hooks to save up space in your garage.

photo of how I organize my garage gym

You basically use your walls like a larger peloton shelf where you can store everything you need for your workouts.

4. Use a peloton shelf

The peloton shelf is a wall mount rack where you hang things like peloton shoes, towels, wipes, and resistance bands.

This not only helps you to organize your space but also keeps the garage clear of clutter.

Please remember that you don’t have to buy a fancy wall organizer.

You can use an old bookshelf mounted to the wall where you keep all the light accessories like sweat towels, cleaning sprays, yoga blocks, and foam rollers.

Here is another example of the wall shelf for the garage.

photo of my garage shelf

This saved me plenty of floor space, and make enough garage room for the peloton bike, tread, and even things like a dumbbell rack.

You can also use ceiling hooks and mount hangers to suspend things like ropes, ladders, kids toys, and more.

5. Mount fans on the bracket

Keeping the peloton in the garage during summer when it’s hot and humid can be difficult, especially if you’re living in warm places like Florida or Texas.

You can keep peloton in the hot garage, as long as you can cool the place. This means you can open the garage door for more ventilation, use wall-mounted fans, or even portable air conditioning.

Here are 5 ways to cool the garage and other things to remember before placing the Peloton bike in the hot space.

Leave your car outside

Parking your car outside not only gonna frees up extra space but also will lower the temperature in the garage.

Keep the doors and windows open

Keeping the garage doors open will ensure you have enough airflow and it won’t feel so stuffy.

Use wall-mounted fans

Having a couple of quality wall-mounted fans will help you not only to cool the garage during your workouts but also save a lot of floor space.

Remember that you only have one floor and three walls, so use them!

Use a dehumidifier

The dehumidifier works by pulling the air and passing it through its fan, which results in cooler and drier air.

A good portable dehumidifier helps to reduce air humidity down to 50 percent. Use the one that is less noisy.

Use portable AC

Installing a permanent AC in the garage may be difficult. It is better to use a portable unit that will cool down medium-sized or even large spaces.

NOTE: Peloton bike monitor can only withstand temperatures between 32 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If your area gets extremely hot and humid during the summer months, I recommend relocating your bike into the house.

The good news is that the peloton bike is easy to move in case you need to relocate it.

6. Protect against thieves

Properly securing your garage gym is important because it not only protects your valuables from theft but also prevents access to your home.

Here are a few security measures to consider before adding a peloton to your garage gym.

Install security cameras

Security cameras with motion sensor lights may be enough to keep the thieves away from your garage doors.

Garage doors working properly

Make sure to check the garage doors are in good condition. If they’re outdated, you can replace them by getting sturdy and more secure high-durability doors.

Locking the garage door

Always remember to manually lock your garage doors, or even disable garage door opening in the first place.

Cover garage windows

Keeping expensive gym equipment with clear windows means anyone can look at what is inside. You can use inexpensive window roller blinds.

Also, think about how you wanna secure your garage gym for the times when you’re on vacation or spend all week working in a different city.

7. Use horse stall flooring

Most of the garages have concrete flooring, which is not ideal for peloton bikes or tread. You can install inexpensive horse stall flooring from any local tractor supply.

Horse stall flooring is a high-density material that not only helps to reduce the impact on the joints when you’re off the bike but also helps to reduce noise from the tread.

Alternatively, you can use something like rubber flooring in the form of tiles and mats.

See the picture below.

photo of my mat under peloton bike

These types of tiles are extremely durable and can withstand several years of training.

Keeping Peloton in a cold garage

One of my clients from Leeds in the UK asked me about how to keep the peloton in the garage in the cold temperature.

You can keep the peloton bike and tread in the cold garage, as long as the air temperature is above 32 F degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celcius).

However, if during the winter months the air temperature drops below these numbers, you may consider heating up your garage.

How do you heat a cool garage gym?

You can heat up the garage room by using a portable electric heater, insulating garage doors, insulating garage walls or even installing weather stripping around your windows and walls.

Decent insulation will ensure that the heat energy doesn’t conduct through the walls, floor, and disappear.

Alternatively, you can consider getting a gas heater that will provide you with heat, but with much lower costs.

I think that heating your garage is worth it if you plan to transform your garage into a fully equipped home gym where you will keep peloton, treadmills, rowers, and even cable machines like Tonal.

I would not recommend keeping the Peloton bike in an unheated garage because the peloton monitor is sensitive to temperature.

Peloton Garage Cover

Another way to protect your bike when not in use is by using any type of cover. This can be a specialty peloton bike cover, or something as simple as a lightweight woolen blanket.

Use a cover that is made of large polyethylene or some other synthetic material. This can protect the bike from dust, dirt, water, and sunlight. It can also be used to protect the bike when placed outside.

You can keep your peloton in the garage covered. I find it keeps the bike much cleaner and protects it from scratches. The bike frame is definitively durable, but the bike monitor is not waterproof.

However, you can protect the bike from water or rain by covering it.

It is also easy to put on and take off, which makes it convenient to use after every ride.

Peloton bike does not come with a cover


The peloton bike doesn’t come with a cover. Their website also doesn’t sell covers. However, you can find bike covers in third-party online stores like Amazon or Walmart.

Having a peloton garage cover also allows keeping the bike outside if you feel like riding the bike in the fresh air.

Peloton In Garage and Warranty

Peloton is very clear about their warranty policy and says that “warranty doesn’t cover improper or negligent assembly, maintenance, installation, relocation, or repair“.

However, they are not clear about the definition of the word “relocation”. This means is hard to interpret if moving your bike to the garage is considered as relocation and if the warranty still applies.


As you can see, placing your peloton in the garage has some advantages and disadvantages. It can be extremely beneficial to have your own home gym with all the equipment that you need, but at the same time, it does require hard work.

The most important factor is the weather condition and air temperature. Working out in a stuffy hot garage will not only be truly exhausting but is also not safe for sensitive parts like screens and monitors.

Michal Sieroslawski

Michal is a personal trainer and writer at Millennial Hawk. He holds a MSc in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Lancashire. He is an exercise physiologist who enjoys learning about the latest trends in exercise and sports nutrition. Besides his passion for health and fitness, he loves cycling, exploring new hiking trails, and coaching youth soccer teams on weekends.

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