Can I Ride Peloton Twice A Day? (Explained)

Having a peloton bike at home is extremely convenient for me because I can use it every day. But what if you want to do it more often, can you ride the peloton twice a day?

In general, you can ride peloton twice a day because it can help to reduce muscle soreness. Doing extra session at a lower intensity not only help to burn extra calories, but also helps with the clearance of lactate from the muscle. This speeds up recovery and reduces muscle tension.

There are several ways you can implement two workouts per day. In this article, I will explain everything you need to know and help you design your schedule for two a day.

Peloton Twice a Day Benefits

There are several benefits of doing peloton class twice a day. It can be used to improve your performance, health, and body composition. It also can be adjusted and modified to suit your current schedule and fitness level.

Does peloton twice a day help with performance? Doing peloton twice a day helps with performance because you can do longer rides that are broken down into two sessions (morning and evening), or it can be done back to back. I know several people who spend 1-2 hours on the bike doing two sessions one after another.

If your goal is to improve your muscle endurance, train for cycling event or take part in triathlon then having peloton and doing twice a day session is like dream come true.

Those type of events require constant preparation and when the weather is off you can do everything at home.

Does peloton twice a day help with weight loss? Generally, doing peloton twice a day does help with weight loss because you burn double the number of calories. For weight loss, the best option would be to ride with lower resistance and higher cadence for 30-40 minutes at each session.

In the graph below you can see how does the body uses energy sources during long-term aerobic activity. In the first 15-20 minutes, the body uses glucose available in the muscles. After that time, it starts to utilize more fatty acids.

This, however, can only happen when you stay at a lower heart rate. Low resistance and high cadence keep your heart rate in the aerobic threshold and allows you to burn more fat, without elevating your cortisol levels.

On the other hand, doing long-duration high-intensity workouts will ramp up the stress and cortisol levels, which will lead to prioritizing glucose as the fuel and make you feel tired (Foster, et al. 2015).

When it comes to weight loss, doing HIIT sessions should be limited to around 20-30 minutes. Anything more than that increases the stress and cortisol levels (Hill, et al. 2008).

So doing HIIT is good, but if you plan doing two rides a day and your goal is fat burn than its better to go longer with lower resistance.

Does peloton twice a day help with recovery? In general, doing peloton twice a day helps with recovery because low-intensity aerobic exercise is the most effective way of alleviating pain during DOMS. Regular muscle contraction as lower intensity stimulates the lymphatic system and helps with lactate clearance.

It may sound contradictory, but exercise is actually one of the most effective ways to reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that you get after you workout (Cheung, et al. 2003).

Studies have shown that low-level activities like walking, stretching, or playing around stimulate low muscle contraction which helps to flush all the lactate out of the muscles.

This reduces muscle soreness for the next day, so you can do it again.

Muscle feels sore after workout because eccentric contraction creates micro damage in muscle fibers. Muscle start to release pro-inflammatory molecules (cytokines and myoglobin) that starts inflammatory process. The result is muscle tension and soreness.

Adding extra sessions, where you take it easy and just “ride to relax” and very low intensity and medium cadence helps to flush those molecules and combat inflammation.

Can You Do Peloton Twice A Day?

Generally, you can do peloton twice a day, as long as you have enough time and energy. Doing two rides per day helps to break down your workouts and adjust to fit into your current schedule. It also help to burn twice more the calories.

There are several ways to skin the cat and doing two sessions a day doesn’t always have to be done the same way. I like to divide my days where I do high intensity and climb in the morning. Then in the evening I usually go for fast cadence and low intensity.

  • Morning HIIT helps me to get a lot of calories burned, wakes me up, and gets me ready for the day. When I’m up at 5:00 am that’s exactly what I need. If I don’t do morning sessions, I feel like my mind is clouded and my energy sucks.
  • Evening steady pace session allows me to push for longer because I’m already done with the day. This is when I usually spend more time (30-40 minutes). However, here I typically do lower intensity and higher tempo. It helps me to relax, sweat out the anxiety and boost my recovery.

Here are other options that I hope may spark some interest and inspire you some creativity so you can implement the peloton twice a day.

1HIIT (15-20 min)Long-distance (30-60 min)
2Long-distance (40 min)HIIT (15-20 min)
3Long-distance (40 min)Long-distance (40 min)
4Weight trainingLong-distance (40 min)
5Long-distance (40 min)Weight training
6HIIT (15-20 min)Weight training
7Weight trainingHIIT (15-20 min)
8Long-distance (40 min)Yoga or stretching
9HIIT (15-20 min)Yoga or stretching
10Yoga or stretchingLong-distance (40 min)
11Yoga or stretchingHIIT (15-20 min)
12Weight trainingYoga or stretching
Peloton twice a day schedule

I personally like to use full-body workouts because you don’t feel so beaten up after each session, so you can do them more frequently. Here you can check out the full list of “best peloton full body workouts“.

How Many Times A Day Should I Ride Peloton?

In general, you should ride peloton once to twice a day, depending on your schedule and fitness level. People who have more time or work from home can do it twice a day or more. People who don’t have much time should still aim for the everyday sessions, even 10-15 minutes.

There is this saying that something is better than nothing. So I’m a big believer in doing at least 10-15 minutes when you’re crunched on time.

However, when you do have time, or maybe some days of the week you have less work to do, I would definitely go for two rides a day.

Is doing peloton twice a day safe? Generally, doing peloton twice a day is safe because intensity and duration can be personalized. People who are just getting started can do as low as 10 minutes each session. As you get stronger and the body adapts you increase the volume and intensity.

Of course, there is a fine line between doing more and overtraining. You need to be mindful of how you feel. Doing too many sessions over time can lead to the opposite effect.

That usually happens with people who want to jump form beginner level to advance on day one.

And you know it doesn’t work like that. The body needs time to adapt. Going too hard and overtraining often leads to weight gain because the body starts to compensate.

I won’t be talking here about the mechanisms of gain weight while doing peloton. I’ve already written about it in “does peloton make you gain weight“, which I recommend you read.


Doing peloton twice a day can really help to exceel in your results, but it have to be done correctly. Splitting workouts in two or doing back to back is a great method, but its not for every one and not for every type of workout.

And as long as one of the two-session will be at a lower intensity, you can still safely recover from it.

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Michal is an exercise physiologist (MSc), nutrition coach, Ashtanga teacher, and fitness blogger. He shares his successes and failures to help busy men and women squash down 20, 50, or even 100 pounds of fat without leaving their home.

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