Tonal vs Oxefit XS1 (Which one should you choose?)

Hey! Welcome to our Tonal Vs Oxefit XS1 comparison guide!

I’ve spent days scrolling through the websites, blogs, and forums to make my due diligence and find as much information about Oxefit XS1 before I decided to get it.

Today I will compare what’s the difference between Tonal and Oxefit XS1, and most importantly, which smart home gym should you choose.

As a whole, the Oxefit XS1 is better than Tonal because it uses dual motors that provide 250lb digital resistance, which is 50 lbs heavier than Tonal. Plus, Oxefit XS1 comes with several cardio workouts like rowing, kayaking, or skicross. It is also easier to move if needed instead of being bolted to a wall.

However, there is so much more to decide between the two because the Oxefit XS1 requires significantly more space than the Tonal and is more expensive.

What is Tonal Gym?

The Tonal Gym is a digital strength training system that uses electromagnetic resistance instead of traditional weights.

It is an all-in-one workout machine that combines a strength training station, a personal trainer, and a digital coach.

The machine is mounted on a wall and has a sleek and modern design that fits seamlessly into any home gym or living space.

How does it work?

The Tonal Gym uses digital weights that can be adjusted in real-time, allowing you to change resistance levels quickly and easily.

The machine also has a built-in screen that displays workout routines, tracks progress, and provides feedback on your form and technique.

It also offers a variety of workout programs, including full-body workouts, targeted muscle groups, and cardio routines.

What is OxeFit XS1?

OxeFit it’s a company that provides integrated fitness solutions, and the Oxefit XS1 is a single platform that combines strength, cardio, balance, and immersive interactive fitness training.

What’s cool about the XS1 is that it offers users the flexibility to customize programs, choose between various workouts, and receive coaching targeted at their specific fitness and overall health goals.

How does it work?

OxeFit XS1 has four different system configurations – Flex, Flow, Form, and Peak – so you can personalize your workouts based on what you want to focus on.

The XS1 also includes cardio options like HydroFit (rowing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and SurfSwimming) or SkiCross, which you can pair with complementary strength exercises.

What’s more, it also has strength training features like squatting, bench pressing, and single arm/leg focus, and it can lift up to 250 pounds to support your personal fitness goals.

Tonal vs Oxefit XS1 – strength training

Unlike other smart home gyms, both Tonal and Oxefit XS1 use strength training as their primary training method.

They both allow you to do over 200 exercises that include compound movements which cover all major muscle groups like bench press, squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and more.

Plus, you can also do isolation exercises such as lateral leg raises, biceps curls, or triceps extensions that focus on one specific muscle at a time.

The only difference is that with Oxefit XS1 you can do more functional training exercises (which is what separates it from Tonal).

What are functional exercises?

In general, functional exercises are a type of exercise that apart from overall strength, also helps to engage trunk muscles (trunk flexors and extensors).

These are responsible for facilitating the strength transfer between the upper and lower body.

These are typically complex multi-articular and multiplanar movements (movements done in more than one direction that engages multiple joints).

For example:

  • Resisted lateral walks (walking sideways with a cable attached to your trunk for additional resistance) provide not only an effective agility workout but also work on core, coordination, and balance. This particular exercise is also effective to activate your glutes.
  • Resisted broad jumps (jumping forward with a resistance cable attached to your trunk) not only test how far you can jump but also is an effective explosive exercise that helps to engage more fast-twitch muscle fibers than, let’s say squats or lunges.
  • Resisted vertical jumps (jumping as high as possible with a resistance cable attached to your trunk) are explosive exercises that recruit the muscles in your core and upper body for power and stabilization.
  • Resisted bear crawls (walking with your hands and feet on the floor with a resistance cable attached to your trunk) use almost every joint and muscle in the body.

These types of exercises are effective not only because they mimic the movements from your daily life but also help to replicate the demands of sport-related activities (e.g. boxing or climbing).

Studies have shown that “trunk muscles maximal strength and endurance are associated with improved functional performance, reduced lumbar spine injuries, and better strength transfer between the upper and lower body” (Da Silva-Grigoletto et al. 2019).

On the other hand, Tonal exercises do not include functional training.

It has only a handful of multiplanar exercises like side lunges or resisted step-ups that can work on both core and upper/lower body strength.

Is Oxefit XS1 better than Tonal for strength training?

As a whole, the Oxefit XS1 is better than the Tonal for strength training.

It includes more variety of exercises, as well as it can use heavier resistance.

The resistance from the rack has a 140lbs limit, whereas the resistance from the deck has a 250lbs max weight limit.

Digital resistance

One thing that separates both Tonal and Oxefit XS1 from other competitors is the digital weight system.

NOTE: I’m not gonna cover here all the benefits of using digital resistance. I’ve already covered that in my article tonal digital weight, which I recommend you read.

When it comes to resistance, Tonal and Oxefit XS1 are very similar machines.

They both use cable training with digital resistance that includes advanced training modes, which make the workout more challenging, therefore, more effective.

Why cable training is effective?

In short, cable training is effective because it allows for maintaining a constant muscle tension (aka strength curve) that is produced throughout the full range of motion.

Tonal and Oxefit XS1 uses digital weight, which utilizes magnetic force instead of steel plates to provide resistance.

This helps to significantly reduce the inertia during the movement.

So you can get higher muscle activation without lifting heavier weights or doing more repetitions.

They both have the option to either adjust the weight manually from the touchscreen (which is quick and easy compared to restacking the regular dumbbells).

Or use advanced training modes where the resistance changes automatically.

I’m a big fan of digital resistance because it’s intuitive and does not intimidate novice users.

It also requires less knowledge of proper exercise form, compared to free weights.

(This is important for me because I use Tonal Gym not only with myself but also with my clients.)

Advanced Training Modes

Tonal and Oxefit XS1 uses software with similar advanced training modes that utilize digital resistance to automatically adjust the weight depending on your type of workout and fitness goals.

For example, they both have eccentric mode and burnout mode.

These smart features help to significantly increase training intensity by either adding/reducing more weight or increasing time under tension.

Here is the list of advanced training modes available on Oxefit XS1.

Oxefit XS1 Training Modes

Oxefit XS1 Training ModesDescription
Burnout modeOxefit burnout mode allows you to add more resistance to the barbell with every repetition. For example, you can set up your squats where you add 10lbs to the bar for every rep.
Digital assistOxefit XS1 uses a digital assistant, which helps to detect how much weight you can lift by monitoring your power output. For example, it will lower the weight for just the last couple of reps.
OverloadOverload is the smart feature that allows you to add more resistance for the eccentric phase of the movement.
ChainsChains allow you to increase the weight at the top of the movement and lower resistance at the bottom.
PerturbationPerturbation uses the Oxefit platform to train more effectively compensatory postural reactions during exercise.
Oxefit XS1 Advanced Training Modes

As you can see, most of the XS1 advanced training methods are similar to Tonal.

The only difference between them is that XS1 provides small, controlled, and unpredictable perturbations during specific exercises.

How does perturbation on Oxefit work?

In general, the perturbation mode on Oxefit makes a sudden and unpredictable movement in the platform in one of four directions.

Perturbation systems train compensatory responses and can be used as a part of a balanced training program.

Studies have shown that the “Inclusion of perturbation training during rehabilitation improved reactive balance and balance confidence” (Handelzalts et al. 2019).

To be clear, perturbation-based balance training done on specific platforms/devices that can rotate their base in any direction within a 2D plane is nothing new.

They’ve been quite popularly used for training in a sport performance gyms or medical facilities.

However, for home-based gyms, this is something unheard of.

Here you can have a look at the Tonal Dynamic Modes.

Tonal Dynamic Modes

Tonal Dynamic ModesDescription
Smart FlexSmart flex technology adjusts the resistance accordingly to your current performance. For example, it can either reduce or add 5 lbs based on your power output.
ChainsThe chains feature allows you to add more weight that mimics the feeling of having a chain on your bar (the same as Oxefit).
Eccentric modeEccentric mode increases the resistance for the negative phase of the movement (the same as Oxefit).
Burnout moreBurnout mode reduces the weight with your next rep and/or set so you can maximize time under tension.
SpotterSpotter uses information from accelerometers and power output to detect when you reach muscle fatigue and reduces the resistance so you can finish the set.
Tonal dynamic modes

Please keep in mind that the Tonal “Burnout Mode” and Oxefit “Burnout Mode” are not the same.

Tonal burnout mode starts to reduce the weight once you reach muscle failure.

For example, when Tonal notice a significant drop in your power output, it will activate the Burnout Mode by slightly lowering the resistance so you can continue doing repetitions.

(Just like the drop-sets).

On the other hand, the XS1 burnout mode works like intermittent loading, which means it adds more resistance with every rep you do.

For example, if you do squats with 20 lbs for 5 reps, you can set up the machine to add 5-10 lbs for every rep you do.

Big difference.

NOTE: You can learn more about how to use tonal burnout mode in my article here.


When it comes to cardio, Tonal and XS1 are completely different machines but have one thing in common; they both give access to on-demand cardio classes.

Oxefit offers up to 6 cardio workouts that you can do from just one piece of equipment.

  • SkiCross
  • Rowing
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Paddleboarding
  • SurfSwim

I’m (personally) not a huge fan of swimming or paddleboarding.

However, I love the idea of being able to transform a strength training station into rowing or skicross equipment.

Not only that.

If we gonna go one step further, you can also combine any of these cardio workouts together with strength training.

This type of workout is the foundation of many metabolic conditioning programs.

What is metabolic conditioning?

Overall, metabolic conditioning (also called “metcon” or high-intensity functional training) is the type of workout that combine several training modalities into a single session.

For instance, a combination of heavy compound moves (e.g. squats, bench press, deadlifts) together with cardio exercises (e.g. rowing, jumping, bear crawls).

In the table below you can see some of the Metcon workouts templates that you can do on Oxefit XS1.

Exercise 1 (Strength)Exercise 2 (Conditioning)
Barbell Squats (5 reps)Rowing (500 meters)
Barbell Bench Press (5 reps)Resisted Broad Jumps
Deadlift (5 reps)SkiCross (2 minutes)
Barbell Front Squats (5 reps)SurfSwim (300 meters)
Oxefit XS1 cardio workouts

The idea behind this workout is you do one exercise (column 1) and immediately switch to the second exercise (column 2).

This type of workout has positive effects on:

  • body composition
  • bone formation
  • sport-specific performance

They recruit all three of your body’s energy pathways (phosphagen, anaerobic and aerobic) as well as improve muscular strength and endurance (Feito et al. 2018).

On the other hand, Tonal does not have metabolic conditioning workouts.

It does offer HIIT and cardio classes which are similar to circuit training.

You move on from one exercise to another with minimum rest, but all of these movements are static.

Here is an example of a typical high-intensity workout on Tonal.

Tonal High-Intensity Workout
Squat to Press
Goblet Reverse Lunge
Rotational Row
Sprinter Crunch
Tonal cardio workout

Is Oxefit XS1 better than Tonal for cardio?

Overall, the Oxefit XS1 is better than Tonal for cardio.

Apart from regular on-demand classes it also offers alternative sport-specific training modalities that can be used on their own, or in combination with other strength training moves.

NOTE: Click here to learn more about what are the best “tonal workouts” for fat loss and muscle mass.


In general, Tonal has more advanced performance metrics and data analytics than Oxefit XS1.

It includes things like:

  • heart rate monitor compatibility
  • proprietary strength score

This is a comprehensive system that measures total body strength for most of the lifts.

I love tracking my progress on Tonal not only because I can monitor my overall strength improvements but also because I can see my progress from each exercise individually.

Not only that.

Tonal uses that information to suggest to me the resistance for all other lifts.

For example, if I’m getting stronger with my deadlift, it will use AI algorithms to see how much more I can squat or row.

On the other hand, XS1 also tracks your workout metrics but does not have workout resistance suggestions.

One thing that I like about the XS1 is it uses a special platform that measures real-time asymmetry in balance and provides feedback on how to correct your stance.

Here is the comparison of the XS1 and Tonal performance tracking systems.

Tonal metricsOxefit XS1 metrics
Training volume
Form feedback
Heart rate tracking
Strength score
Workouts streak
Progress tracking
Workout history
Training volume
Power output
Balance feedback
Range of motion
One Rep Max
Tonal vs Oxefit XS1 metrics

Both XS1 and Tonal use smart technology to collect data about your workouts and provide a comprehensive report.

This includes recording your weight and reps, as well as writing down your weekly workout programs.

Tonal Vs Oxefit XS1 – Accessories

Tonal and Oxefit XS1 require smart accessories to use the machine (you need to pay extra for the bundle).

Tonal gives you one option where you get all 6 pieces of equipment for $495, whereas Oxefit XS1 has 3 packages, depending on the type of membership you choose.

Here is the comparison table between Tonal and XS1 accessories.

Tonal AccessoriesXS1 FLEXXS1 FLOWXS1 PEAK
Smart Handles
Smart Bar
Workout Mat
Wireless Control Device
Strength Bench
Hand Grips
Waist Harness
Ankle Straps
SkiCross Handles
Wireless Control Device
Multi-function Bench
Multi-function Bar
Hand Grips
Waist Harness
Ankle Straps
SkiCross Handles
Swim Paddles
Adjustable Paddle
Wireless Control Device
Multi-function Bench
Multi-function Bar
Hand Grips
Waist Harness
Ankle Straps
SkiCross Handles
Swim Paddles
Adjustable Paddle
OxeReform – Digital Pilates
Tonal vs XS1 accessories

As you can see, Oxefit XS1 comes with several options for accessories.

Please keep in mind that if you want to use rowing (which is only available in the FLOW and PEAK package) you need to spend at least $350 more.

I think this is a good deal because if you want to buy a decent quality rower like The Concept 2 Ergometer you need to spend around $900.

Tonal Vs Oxefit XS1 – Price

Overall, the Oxefit XS1 is more expensive than the Tonal.

The standard price for XS1 with a basic Flex package and a 12 months membership is $4,777.88.

The price for a Tonal gym with all smart accessories and 12 months membership is $4,490.

Both machines aren’t cheap (no surprises here).

However, the difference between Tonal and XS1 is the membership.

Oxefit offers three subscription levels, depending on the package you choose.

It also offers a membership discount depending on how much you can pay in advance.

  • 24 months (10% discount)
  • 36 months (15% discount)
  • 48 months (20% discount)

On the other hand, the Tonal has only one subscription price ($59.95/month) and does not offer any discounts.

I love the idea of being able to save 20% from the membership cost, even if that means you need to spend an extra $1919.52 upfront (you would normally spend that anyway in upcoming years).

Here is the breakdown of XS1 membership discounts.

XS1 FlexFlowPeak
12 months$39.99/month$44.99/month$49.99/month
24 months$35.99/month$40.49/month$44.99/month
36 months$33.99/month$38.24/month$42.49/month
48 months$31.99/month$35.99/month$39.99/month
Oxefit XS1 membership price

Overall, the XS1 membership is more affordable than Tonal, as long as you can pay 24, 36, or 48 months in advance.

I think that both XS1 and Tonal membership are realistic (especially if you compare them to other fitness equipment or services).

Here’s why.

Below you can see how XS1 and Tonal prices compare with other popular fitness services per month and workout based on 4 sessions per week (16 workouts per month).

Fitness product or servicePrice per monthPrice per workout
Oxefit XS1$39 $2.43
Tonal membership$59.95$3.70
Personal Training$960$60
Couples Personal Training$1,600$100
F45 Training$200$12.5
Yoga Studio$360$20
Yoga Private$1,120$70
Private Pilates$1,600$100
Bootcamp Class$360$20
Fitness Class on Princess Cruise Ship$360$20
Tonal and Oxefit vs other fitness services

As you can see, I purposefully compared both Tonal and XS1 with personal training and couples’ training.

Both of these machines have smart features that mimic workouts with a partner.

Also, depending on how often you plan to train the price per session is relatively low, compared to other fitness services available in the market.

(From this perspective, both memberships are affordable).

How much does Oxefit cost?

In general, the price for Oxefit XS1 is between $4,777.88 to $6,717.62, depending on the set of accessories and software you choose.

The most expensive package which includes smart accessories and software that supports strength training, SkiCross, Digital Pilates, and all HydroFit activities starts from $5,397.88.

Here is the price breakdown for XS1 (including subscription).

XS1 FlexFlowPeak
12 months$4,777.88$5,161.78$5,397.88
24 months$5,161.78 $5,619.78$5,877.78
36 months$5,521.69 $6,024.69 $6,327.69
48 months$5,833.62$6,375.62 $6,717.62
Oxefit XS1 price table

The price for the Oxefit peak package which includes 12 monthly subscriptions ($5,397.88) may seem extortionate.

However, if you want to build your own gym and buy all the pieces of equipment that allow you to do the cardio exercises (e.g rower, SkiCross, Kayaking) you would need to spend more than that.

Take a look at the table below.

Fitness cardio equipmentPrice
Upgrade from Oxefit XS1 package FLEX to FLOW $350
Upgrade from Oxefit XS1 package FLEX to PEAK $500
Concept2 Ski Ergometer$1,650
Concept2 Model D Rower$1,500
Kayak Ergometer from$1,467

As you can see, spending an extra couple hundred dollars on packages FLOW or PEAK with accessories and high-tech software that unlocks all the cardio workouts can save you quite a bit of money.


In general, the Oxefit XS1 is better than Tonal because it offers more workout options and has a more affordable membership plan.

However, it does take a significant amount of space but at the same time, it does not have to be mounted on the wall.

Michal Sieroslawski

Michal is a personal trainer and writer at Millennial Hawk. He holds a MSc in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Lancashire. He is an exercise physiologist who enjoys learning about the latest trends in exercise and sports nutrition. Besides his passion for health and fitness, he loves cycling, exploring new hiking trails, and coaching youth soccer teams on weekends.

6 thoughts on “Tonal vs Oxefit XS1 (Which one should you choose?)

  1. Agree, great article! Though I’m still not sure which to get, I love that it tracks your progress on the Tonal, seems like that would be easy to do and wish the Oxefit could accommodate that

  2. Considering the Oxefit at this point in time. Purchased the Tonal and got a lemon. Broke within the first seven days-no customer support on this machine. Something wrong with the wiring they said. So, QC at Tonal is a big issue. I had the luxury of trying out Tonal as a family member had it. Just not sure I can stomach the space requirements of the Oxefit or the 10-12 week wait time.
    Thanks so much for the comparison!

    1. I cancelled my OXEFIT after over 14 weeks of no answers, unfulfilled commitments and broken promises as to when my equipment was shipping (I was quoted 8 weeks lead time when I purchased). The customer service is terrible and there are quite a few YouTube videos describing poor quality and broken parts on the OXEFIT. Read GlassDoor as there are an abundance of employees that describe the poor quality and rush to get the units out the door without proper QC. They are also still very early in the start-up phase and does not look like they are doing well financially. Personally I think it is a phenomenal idea but the price point and size make it limiting for consumers. It is a tough market right now and I fear they will not make it with all these issues stacked against them and everyone that bought one is going to be out of luck once they can’t get parts anymore – even if they are happy only using the machine in manual mode because their platform is non-existent. They have yet to show anyone – including investors they are here to stay,

  3. Hearing Oxefit may be in financial trouble makes me concerned and excited, maybe Tonal will buy them and put their unit on the base/stand. But I’m sure the price will go up. I’m very interested in both systems but have significant concerns about both.

    The article is a great read and comparison.

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