Why Is New Peloton So Expensive?

I have it and would buy it again.

Today I will help to clarify why the peloton bike is so expensive (and why if I had to do it again, I would still buy it).

As a whole, the peloton is so expensive because the bikes are made of welded premium steel frames that not only last for a lifetime but also look stylish. Apart from the high-quality materials and beautiful design, the peloton bikes also include several functionality features like power and cadence sensors that are synced with the bike software.

Zero regrets.

Is Peloton bike expensive?

On the surface, it may seem like a peloton bike is expensive when you compare it with other spin bikes like Schwinn IC4.

However, my wife and I agree that the only regret we have is not getting it sooner. Although I love to compete, I’m not a huge fan of the leaderboard.

I prefer to compare myself with my own workouts by looking at data analytics and performance metrics.

Apart from the world-class fitness streaming service we also get access to dozens of functions like auto-resistance that makes the bike work on autopilot, which is more challenging and fun.

What makes the Peloton bike so pricey?

The price for peloton does seem to be excessive, but when you zoom in and look at what they offer, I think it’s worth every penny.

Compared to regular spin cycles, the peloton offers a large variety of content (e.g. lanebreak, scenic rides), Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to track your results.

All these features allow me to stay motivated, and accountable and add variety to the workouts.

For me, having an exercise bike at home is only as good as my motivation to use it. And peloton is doing a great job of motivating me to stay active.

For my wife, since we got our peloton delivered, her health significantly improved and she started to wear dress sizes she cannot remember wearing since high school.

(That was a big win for her.)

Peloton bike vs normal bike

Here you can see the comparison between a peloton bike and a regular spin bike.

Peloton bike

  • Variety of content
  • Touchscreen with soundbar and front-facing stereo speakers
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 and ANT+ technology to connect heart rate monitor
  • Integrated software
  • Performance sensors
  • Magnetic resistance with digital adjustment
  • Auto-resistance
  • FTP score
  • Leaderboard
  • Data Analytics
  • Workout history
  • Workout with friends

Regular bike

  • Magnetic resistance
  • Output sensors

Here you can see the list of features that makes the peloton bike more expensive than other regular bikes.

How much does a Peloton bike actually cost?

The actual cost of the Peloton bike will depend on the package you choose. We first bought the peloton original which now costs between $1,495 to $2,035.

After a few months, we decided to sell our first peloton bike, and upgrade to Peloton bike+, which was more expensive (peloton bike+ starts at $2,495 and goes up to $3,035.

On top of the price, you need to account for delivery ($250) and (depending on where you live) taxes.

As you can see above, the peloton bike is not cheap but we both feel like we get what we pay for. (Keep in mind that this is not the most expensive bike on the market.)

Peloton vs other bikes price comparison

The price for the peloton bike is comparable with the popular NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle ($1,499) or SoulCycle at-home bike ($1,950).

Below you can see the breakdown of the prices for peloton packages’ original bike.

Peloton bikePrice
Bike basics$1,495
Bike starter$1,720
Bike select$1,825
Bike ultimate$2,035
The original peloton bike cost

The only difference between the peloton packages above is in the accessories. The higher price includes more items like a heart rate monitor, water bottle, resistance bands, and cycling shoes.

The good news is that peloton already introduced several price reductions and discounts, which means it is likely that the price will go down in the future.

Of course, I think the good price for the peloton bike should be up to $1,500 (similar to S22i) and for the bike+ no more than $2,500.

Every now and then, the company sends promotional emails with deals and discounts with the promo code, where you can shave off some costs (e.g. delivery, accessories).

Do Pelotons go on sale? As a whole, the peloton does not go on sale, apart from Black Friday and Christmas deals. Throughout the year, the price for the bikes and treads remains the same and the only sale that happens is on the fitness equipment.

Are Pelotons Overpriced?

In my opinion, the peloton bike and treadmill are overpriced but still worth buying. In fact, the peloton treadmill has been ranked as the number 1 treadmill on the customer reports reviews.

On the other hand, I often find that people who claim these machines are too expensive usually don’t own one.

I worked in gyms and rehabilitation studios for 10 years and used a variety of treads and bikes. The Peloton Tread is as good or better than the commercial ones I’ve used.

It’s well-built and I don’t think I’d ever look at another brand for my home. Plus, is less expensive than most commercial ones.

On the other hand, it would be nice if the peloton would give away a discount for their treadmills if you’re already an existing bike owner.

Are peloton bikes reliable?

I never had any issues with my peloton bike, apart from having to calibrate it once every 6 months for better accuracy.

Peloton bikes are reliable, as long as you take care of them. I did over 1500 rides on my bike throughout 22 months and never had any issues.

I also know people who have been using peloton more than that and did close to 4,000 rides, also without any problems.

(These bikes are built to last.)

How long do Pelotons last?

The peloton bikes have a warranty for 5 years, but they can last for a lifetime, as long as you do correct maintenance.

I’ve been using mine for over 3 years and I have zero problems.

However, some parts like pedals, belts, brake resistance, and crankshaft can require more regular check-ups or replacements, depending on how often you use the bike.

Is getting a Peloton worth it?

In 2020 most of the gyms were closed and getting a Peloton bike at home was a viable solution to stay in shape.

However, today when all of the fitness clubs are open is it still worth getting a peloton bike?

As a whole, the peloton is worth extra money because it not only offers the solution to exercise at home but also allows you to precisely track your progress from session to session.

Plus, spending extra money on the peloton and creating financial commitment can increase the motivation to exercise and lead to positive habits in the long term.

Do you regret your Peloton?

Zero regrets.

I know it was overpriced, but I still don’t regret buying my peloton bike.

It helped me to stay in shape and be more consistent with my workouts in the comfort of my home.

Also, it introduced me to new classes like bootcamp and meditation that I haven’t done before.

Is Peloton tread expensive?

As a whole, the peloton tread is expensive, but it’s by far the best treadmill I’ve ever used.

(Worth every penny.)

I can run 30+ minutes at ease with no knee pain, whereas in other treadmills it was hit-and-miss. Plus, I like how seamlessly you can adjust speed and incline.

Normally I try to run in the class every time I have time because I also love the instructors and their energy. However, I also like the scenic runs.


People buy overpriced and luxury items all the time without the need or functionality to it, just to feel and look good.

I think that peloton is expensive, but at the same time, it offers value for money, not just the brand logo.

Of course, you can find less expensive indoor cycling bikes and use them with a tablet to shave off extra costs.

However, please remember that the peloton bike has been known as a luxury bike for a reason.

Cheap things are not good, and good things are not cheap.

Michal Sieroslawski

Michal is a personal trainer and writer at Millennial Hawk. He holds a MSc in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Lancashire. He is an exercise physiologist who enjoys learning about the latest trends in exercise and sports nutrition. Besides his passion for health and fitness, he loves cycling, exploring new hiking trails, and coaching youth soccer teams on weekends.

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