Peloton Lizzo Rides and Collaboration: What You Need to Know

lizzo peloton ride
Lizzo Peloton Rides and Classes

If you’re a Peloton enthusiast or a Lizzo fan, you may have heard of the Peloton Lizzo collaboration. Lizzo, the Grammy-winning artist, has been a passionate Peloton member for some time now. Her love for the workout equipment and the community it fosters led to a unique partnership between the two entities.

In 2019, Peloton launched a Lizzo artist series that featured a ride with Robin Arzón and a run with Jess Sims. The series was a hit among Peloton members, and the company decided to bring Lizzo back for another collaboration. This time around, Peloton released a surprise artist series to coincide with the release of Lizzo’s latest album, “Special.” The series includes rides, runs, and yoga classes featuring Lizzo’s music and some of Peloton’s top instructors.

Peloton Lizzo rides have become a sensation among Peloton members, with many fans excited to take a live class with the artist herself. Lizzo has even surprised Peloton riders by crashing their classes, much to their delight. The Peloton Lizzo collaboration is a testament to the power of music and fitness to bring people together and create a sense of community.

What is Peloton Lizzo Ride?

The Peloton Lizzo Ride is part of the Lizzo and Peloton Artist Series, which celebrates pop icon Lizzo’s new album with a series of six themed fitness classes. These classes include cycling, running, strength training, and yoga, led by renowned Peloton instructors like Robin Arzón, Cody Rigsby, and Jess Sims. Participants can enjoy Lizzo’s music during their workouts and earn an exclusive artist series badge upon completion of any class in this vibrant, diverse fitness series.

Here’s a table summarizing the Lizzo Peloton classes and their instructors:

Class NameDurationPeloton Instructor
Peloton Lizzo Outdoor Run20 minJoslyn Thompson Rule
Peloton Lizzo Full Body Strength30 minJess Sims
Peloton Lizzo Ride30 minCliff Dwenger
Peloton Lizzo Ride30 minRobin Arzón and Cody Rigsby
Peloton Lizzo Run30 minMarcel Dinkins
Peloton Lizzo Yoga Flow30 minMariana Fernández
Lizzo Peloton workouts

What’s the story behind the Lizzo Peloton Collaboration?

The story behind Lizzo’s collaboration with Peloton is all about bringing the magic of Lizzo’s music to your workout routine. The two have collaborated to bring you an amazing experience that combines the music of Lizzo with the high-intensity workouts of Peloton.

What is Lizzo Artist Series on Peloton?

The Lizzo Artist Series on Peloton is a collection of six classes that feature Lizzo’s music. The series includes the first-ever two-for-one ride with Robin Arzón and Cody Rigsby. These rides are perfect for those who want to work up a sweat while listening to Lizzo’s upbeat and empowering music.

In addition to the Lizzo Artist Series, Peloton has also created a special themed Lizzo Peloton class that celebrates Lizzo’s latest album, “Special.” These rides are perfect for those who want to ride to the beat of Lizzo’s latest hits, including “Rumors” and “Good as Hell.”

Lizzo herself has made appearances at Peloton Studios in New York, joining instructors Robin Arzón and Jess Sims for a live ride. If you missed the live class, don’t worry – you can still experience the ride on-demand.

lizzo crashes and breaks peloton
Lizzo Peloton Rides and Classes

Who are the Peloton instructors featuring Lizzo’s rides?

The following list shows Peloton Instructors featuring in Lizzo rides.

  • Robin Arzón: Robin Arzón is one of Peloton’s most popular instructors, and she often features Lizzo’s music in her rides. Her classes are high-energy and empowering, and Lizzo’s music adds to the fun and motivation. Some of Robin’s Lizzo-themed classes include “Lizzo Two-for-One Ride” and “Lizzo 20 Minute Ride.”
  • Jess Sims: Jess Sims is another Peloton instructor who loves to incorporate Lizzo’s music into her workouts. Her classes are challenging and fun, and Lizzo’s music adds to her energy and motivation. Some of Jess’s Lizzo-themed workouts include “Lizzo Full Body Strength” and “Lizzo 30 Minute Run.”
  • Cody Rigsby: Cody Rigsby is known for his fun and creative choreography, and he often features Lizzo’s music in his rides. His classes are upbeat and entertaining, and Lizzo’s music adds to the fun and energy. Some of Cody’s Lizzo-themed classes include “Lizzo Pop Ride” and “Lizzo 30 Minute Ride.”

What has been the member feedback on the Lizzo Peloton experience?

The member feedback on the Lizzo Peloton experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Members have praised the instructors for their energy and enthusiasm, as well as the selection of Lizzo’s tracks. Many have also commented on the challenging nature of the workout, and how it has helped them to improve their fitness levels.

How important is Fitness for Lizzo?

The recent Lizzo Peloton collaboration further showcases her dedication to promoting fitness and wellness. What’s more, fitness holds importance for Lizzo as she has incorporated it into her lyrics and lifestyle. In her song “Fitness,” released in 2018, she celebrates her dedication to fitness, highlighting her commitment to exercise and maintaining a healthy body. These lyrics suggest that fitness is a significant aspect of her life, contributing to her confidence and well-being. Lizzo’s emphasis on fitness aligns with her message of self-love and body positivity, demonstrating that it plays a role in her overall sense of empowerment and positivity.

What is Lizzo’s Influence on Fitness and Culture?

Lizzo, a Grammy-winning artist, has significantly impacted both fitness and culture. Known for her empowering and body-positive music, she encourages self-love and confidence, influencing many to embrace healthier, more active lifestyles. Her songs, like “Good as Hell,” serve as anthems for body positivity and self-acceptance, resonating deeply within the fitness community.

Beyond her music, Lizzo actively promotes a body-inclusive lifestyle, including collaborating with Peloton for workout classes featuring her music. This integration of her empowering message with fitness underscores her influence on encouraging people of all sizes to confidently participate in physical activities.

What type of Peloton classes are featured in the Lizzo Peloton Artist Series?

The Lizzo Peloton Artist Series includes a diverse range of Peloton classes, such as cycling, running, yoga, and full-body strength training, all set to the energetic beats of Lizzo’s music.

What is the duration of the Lizzo Peloton class?

The duration of the Lizzo Peloton class varies depending on the type of workout. The classes range from 20 to 30 minutes.

How can I access the Lizzo Peloton cycling classes?

To access the Lizzo Peloton cycling classes, simply search for “Lizzo” in the Peloton app or on the Peloton website. These classes can also be found under the Featured Artist Series.

Can I access the Lizzo Peloton class if I’m not a member?

No, the Lizzo Peloton class is only available to active Peloton members and is not available among free classes. However, Peloton does offer a free trial period for new members, which allows you to try out the Lizzo class and other Peloton workouts.

Has Peloton released any Lizzo-themed apparel?

Peloton has not released any Lizzo-themed apparel or accessories at this time. However, they frequently release new collections and collaborations, so it is possible that Lizzo-themed items could be released in the future.

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