25 Peloton Cycling Classes For All Fitness Levels

Best Peloton Rides and Classes
Peloton Rides and Classes

Peloton cycling classes, also known as Peloton spin classes or Peloton rides, are video indoor cycling workouts available in various formats, including live, on-demand, and in-studio sessions in NYC and London. These cycling classes feature over 12,000 rides spread across 12 categories, including Peloton Theme rides, Beginner rides, and Power Zone Rides, with music options ranging from rock to country.

Peloton cycling classes range in duration from 20 to 60 minutes, and unlike Peloton bootcamp classes, they don’t require you to dismount from the bike or use extra accessories such as resistance bands, workout mats, or heavy dumbbells.

However, for some rides, you may need to wear a heart rate monitor, such as Peloton heart rate zone rides, and small weights for Interval and Arms rides. In this overview, we’ll explore the best Peloton cycling classes for all fitness levels, which are listed below. We will also define the different types of Peloton cycling classes available on the platform, discuss the best Peloton cycling classes for weight loss, share an ideal Peloton cycling workout plan, and introduce some of the best Peloton cycling instructors.

  1. Peloton Lizzo Ride
  2. Peloton Disney Ride
  3. Peloton Recovery Ride
  4. Peloton Low Impact Ride
  5. Peloton AFO Ride
  6. Taylor Swift Peloton Ride
  7. Peloton Scenic Ride
  8. Peloton Hamilton Ride
  9. Peloton Broadway Ride
  10. Peloton Climb Ride
  11. Peloton Groove Ride
  12. Peloton EDM Ride
  13. Peloton NSYNC Ride
  14. Peloton Century Ride
  15. Peloton Gospel Ride
  16. Peloton Metal Ride
  17. Peloton Encanto Ride
  18. Peloton Studio Ride
  19. Peloton Birthday Ride
  20. Peloton ABBA Ride
  21. Peloton Metallica Ride
  22. Peloton Coldplay Ride
  23. Bad Bunny Peloton Ride
  24. Peloton Top Gun Ride
  25. Peloton Queen Ride

1. Peloton Lizzo Ride

The Peloton Lizzo Ride is part of a surprise artist series announced by Peloton to celebrate Lizzo’s new album release. This series includes six classes in total, providing a comprehensive fitness experience inspired by Lizzo’s music. Plus, when you join the Lizzo classes, you’ll receive an artist series badge.

What makes the Peloton Lizzo Ride one of the best Peloton cycling classes is its unique connection to the popular American rapper Lizzo and the variety of workouts it offers, such as a 20-minute Lizzo Outdoor Run, a 30-minute Lizzo Full Body Strength class, and two 30-minute Lizzo Rides, one of which is a special two-for-one ride with instructors Robin Arzón and Cody Rigsby. Additionally, there’s a 30-minute Lizzo Run and a 30-minute Lizzo Yoga Flow.

This series follows a previous Lizzo artist series in 2019 and continues the tradition of combining music and fitness. Whether you’re a fan of Lizzo’s music or just looking for engaging and diverse workouts, the Peloton Lizzo Ride series offers a fun and energizing experience for all fitness levels.

2. Peloton Disney Ride

Peloton Disney Rides are energizing cycling classes featuring beloved Disney music, appealing to fans of all ages. These classes are considered among the best Peloton cycling classes becasue of their unique blend of enjoyable and nostalgic Disney music with energizing workouts.

A 2021 study by Xuelian Xu et al. from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital suggests music like Disney songs can significantly reduce anxiety and depression, enhancing the overall exercise experience. Peloton Disney rides have a dedicated Facebook group with over 6,000 members, making them some of the best and most enjoyable Peloton cycling classes. The best Peloton Disney instructors include Robin Arzon, Marcel Maurer, Andy Speer, and Ally Love.

3. Peloton Recovery Ride

Peloton Recovery cycling classes are essential for efficient post-exercise recovery, focusing on reducing muscle soreness, fatigue, and inflammation. These low-impact workouts, which include not only Peloton recovery rides, but also walks, runs, and rows, as well as Peloton stretching classes, foam rolling, yoga, and meditation, are designed to aid muscle recovery and minimize the risk of injury. They also enhance overall flexibility and range of motion, crucial for maintaining physical health.

The best Peloton recovery classes for beginners, like the 20-minute Recovery Ride and 20-minute Recovery Rows, provide a gentle yet effective approach to muscle relaxation and rejuvenation, making them highly beneficial and popular among users for their holistic approach to fitness recovery.

4. Peloton Low Impact Ride

Peloton Low Impact rides, also known as Peloton base training or Zone 2 training, are all about moderate-intensity cycling. You’ll be in the saddle for these classes, but don’t think they’re a breeze. Your cadence can go up to 100 RPM, and resistance stays below 50. These are the most popular Peloton in-person classes at the studio in NYC, and even though they can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as 45, they’re no walk in the park.

Although you’ve got a ton of options with over 1,000 classes to choose from, the best Peloton low-impact rides for recovery are usually around 20 minutes. In my routine, they make up about half of all my Peloton bike workouts. These rides may be low-impact, but they play a crucial role in building aerobic endurance.

5. Peloton AFO Ride

Peloton AFO ride, which is part of the Peloton All for One Music Festival, refers to cycling workouts, an annual event in Summer, offering a three-day celebration featuring 33 artists across various music genres. The Peloton All for One (AFO) ride is one of the best Peloton cycling classes, thanks to its exceptional lineup of artists from various genres, over 160 classes, including 44 live in-studio sessions, and a unique multilingual experience spanning three languages (English, German, and Spanish), making it a truly diverse and engaging fitness and music celebration.

The Peloton AFO rides are not the sole workouts in this 3-day event. The AFO event, spanning across 10+ disciplines including strength, running, rowing, and more, was initially launched in 2018 and has since evolved into an annual tradition, growing larger each year with 54 instructors and 33 artists participating.

6. Taylor Swift Peloton Ride

The Taylor Swift Peloton ride is a series of fitness classes offered by Peloton, featuring workouts inspired by the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and her album “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” These classes include a range of fitness categories, including rides, runs, yoga sessions, and more.

The Taylor Swift Peloton ride includes a mix of exercises like hill climbs and sprints, all set to the music of Taylor Swift’s album “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” It’s a unique fitness experience that allows Peloton members to enjoy Taylor Swift-themed workouts across various formats, making it an exciting choice for fans of both Taylor Swift and fitness.

7. Peloton Scenic Ride

Peloton Scenic Rides is a feature designed to enhance the Peloton cycling experience by offering captivating virtual rides through various picturesque locations around the world. Scenic mode on Peloton is different from regular classes as they cannot be paused, bookmarked, or used to earn milestones.

The shortest Peloton scenic rides include 10-minute options like the Abu Dhabi Ride and New York City Ride, but in total, you have a wide selection of 100 locations to choose from. In case you’re wondering how to find Peloton scenic rides, just head on to the main menu and access the scenic tab on your Peloton screen. It’s important to note that not all Peloton Scenic Rides change speed based on your cycling performance, as some are designed to provide a steady visual backdrop.

8. Peloton Hamilton Ride

The Peloton Hamilton Ride is part of the exciting “Broadway Series” announced by Peloton. It features workouts with music from the hit musical Hamilton. One of these workouts is a 30-minute ride taught by Robin Arzon titled “Best of Broadway ’16 Ride.” It’s an exhilarating ride that allows you to cycle to the iconic tunes from Hamilton.

You’ll be thrilled to know that there are a total of 70 classes in the Peloton library that feature music from Hamilton, providing plenty of options to immerse yourself in the Hamilton experience. Whether it’s a ride, run, or yoga flow, you can choose the workout that suits your preferences.

9. Peloton Broadway Ride

The Peloton Broadway Ride is like taking a virtual journey through the world of Broadway musicals while you’re on your exercise bike. It’s a fun way to enjoy a great workout while being entertained by the lively and energetic atmosphere of Broadway. During these rides, Peloton instructors infuse the experience with their passion for musical theater, creating an engaging and uplifting atmosphere. So, you get to pedal to the beat of your favorite show tunes and immerse yourself in the magic of Broadway right from your home.

10. Peloton Climb Ride

A Peloton Climb Ride is a cycling class designed to strengthen your body and improve overall endurance. These rides come in various durations, including 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, and 60 minutes, making them efficient workouts. Peloton Climb rides are similar to HIIT and Tabata rides, emphasizing high-intensity intervals and resistance. You can start with shorter 10- or 20-minute Climb rides if you’re a beginner, but they are suitable for all fitness levels.

These rides offer a less demanding alternative to high-impact workouts, making them accessible to a wide range of users. By increasing resistance and tackling challenging terrain, Climb rides help you build strength and elevate your performance. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist, conquering hills in a Climb ride can be a satisfying way to boost your cycling abilities and enhance your overall fitness.

11. Peloton Groove Ride

A Peloton Groove Ride is a choreography-driven cycling class that incorporates movement patterns synchronized with the beat of the music. These classes typically range from 15 to 45 minutes in duration, with the 45-minute Groove rides being particularly popular due to their inclusion of choreography, music variety, and the incorporation of one-arm exercises.

The key to an effective workout is finding something you enjoy, and Peloton Groove rides provide a unique and engaging exercise experience. While they may not be specifically designed for training purposes like races or high-intensity interval training (HIIT), they offer an enjoyable way to stay active and let the power of music move you.

12. Peloton EDM Ride

A Peloton EDM Ride is a dynamic workout that incorporates cycling with full-body exercises. These rides often include movements like push-ups and tap-backs, engaging your upper body in addition to cycling. You can access these rides in various durations, such as the 30-minute EDM Ride, and they can be enjoyed on the Peloton Bike+ or any stationary bike using the Peloton App.

Peloton offers a range of EDM rides, including popular options like the Jess King Experience, House Ride, MusicFest Ride, EDM/Electronic Dance Ride, and Spotify Mint EDM Ride. These classes feature high-energy electronic dance music to keep you motivated throughout the workout. The structure of a Peloton EDM Ride may also include Tabata intervals, a form of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), where you alternate between 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of rest.

13. Peloton NSYNC Ride

The Peloton NSYNC Ride is part of a featured artist series that celebrates the iconic pop group *NSYNC. These classes, which include rides, runs, yoga, and rowing sessions, allow you to ride to the nostalgic sounds of *NSYNC with Peloton instructors like Cody Rigsby and Erik. It’s a fantastic opportunity to take a trip back to the 90s and enjoy your favorite boy band’s music while getting a great workout.

In addition to the NSYNC Ride, Peloton offers a range of classes that feature songs by *NSYNC, including rides, runs, and yoga sessions. It’s a fun way to incorporate some of your favorite music into your Peloton workouts and relive the nostalgia of the 90s. So, whether you’re a dedicated *NSYNC fan or just looking for a fun and energetic workout, the Peloton NSYNC Ride and related classes have you covered.

14. Peloton Century Ride

The Peloton Century Ride is a significant milestone achievement that you earn when you complete 100 cycling workouts on your Peloton bike. It’s a great accomplishment for Peloton members, symbolizing dedication and commitment to their fitness journey. Joining the Century Club is a way to celebrate this achievement, and it’s available to members who reach 100 sessions in one area of their training, whether it’s cycling or another discipline.

Reaching the century mark in Peloton workouts is a true test of endurance, and it’s not just about the number of classes but also about the distance covered during these rides. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself, stay motivated, and continue pushing your limits.

15. Peloton Gospel Ride

The Peloton Gospel Ride is a unique fitness experience that combines the power of gospel music with cycling. It’s designed to lift your spirits and motivate you, whether you’re on the bike or off it. This ride features gospel music that inspires and energizes, creating a positive and uplifting environment for Peloton members.

For Christian Peloton Riders, this class offers a space to come together, support each other, and enjoy a clean and fun workout with a spiritual twist. It’s part of Peloton’s commitment to providing diverse and engaging ride experiences, catering to a wide range of preferences and interests.

16. Peloton Metal Ride

The Peloton Metal Ride is a high-intensity cycling class that features the power of metal music to fuel your workout. This ride is all about intensity and rocking out to the heavy sounds of bands like Pantera, Lamb of God, Slipknot, and Slayer. It’s a thrilling experience that can increase your output and unleash your inner power. During this ride, you can expect to train smart with 7 zones of output customized to your fitness level. It focuses on building aerobic endurance through interval training, making it an effective and challenging workout.

Whether you’re a hardcore metal fan or just looking for an intense workout, the Peloton Metal Ride is designed to push your limits and leave you feeling energized. And if you’re a fan of Metal Mondays, you’re in luck, as there are regular 20-minute Metal rides to keep the energy high.

17. Peloton Encanto Ride

The Peloton Encanto Ride led by Robin Arzon is a magical fitness experience that brings the enchanting world of Disney’s Encanto to your workout. It’s an on-demand ride where you can join the Madrigal family and journey through the music of Encanto, making it a unique and joyful fitness adventure.

In this ride, Robin Arzon takes you on a Disney-themed fitness journey, allowing you to ride along to your favorite Encanto songs. Whether you’re a fan of Mirabel, Bruno, or any of the other beloved characters from the movie, this ride lets you immerse yourself in the magic of Encanto.

Moreover, Peloton now offers a themed ride and yoga class featuring Encanto music, providing you with additional ways to enjoy the enchanting soundtrack. There are a staggering 455 hours and 35 minutes of Encanto-related music available in Peloton classes, giving you plenty of options to incorporate the magic of Encanto into your fitness routine.

18. Peloton Studio Ride

The Peloton Studio Ride is available at the New York Studio for $35 per class (£25.00 in London) across all modalities. To book a class, you’ll need to have credits on your Peloton account. You can visit the studio’s website at studio.onepeloton.com and log in with your Peloton Membership credentials to sign up for a class.

Peloton Studios in New York offers four dedicated studios for Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, strength, and yoga classes. If you’re planning to attend an in-person class, it’s essential to check the studio’s schedule and opening hours. The Peloton Studio Ride is designed to primarily keep you in the saddle, offering a smooth ride for your joints while still delivering an effective workout to break a sweat.

19. Peloton Birthday Ride

A Peloton Birthday Ride is a special way to celebrate your birthday while getting in a great workout. When it’s your birthday and you take a live Peloton class, the instructors can see it’s your special day and often give shout-outs during the class, making it a personalized and memorable experience. These shout-outs can occur on rides lasting 30 minutes or more, adding an extra layer of celebration to your workout.

Additionally, milestone rides are another occasion to celebrate with Peloton. Whether it’s your 100th ride or any significant milestone, taking a live class can increase your chances of getting a shout-out from the instructor. It’s a fun way to acknowledge your achievements and share the joy with the Peloton community.

20. Peloton ABBA Ride

The Peloton ABBA Ride is a thrilling fitness experience that combines the magic of ABBA’s music with an engaging workout. This artist series, launching on December 15, offers a variety of classes including rides, runs, bike bootcamp, strength, and yoga, all set to the iconic tunes of ABBA. Leanne Hainsby, your “dancing queen” instructor, will get you moving out of the saddle during the 30-minute ABBA Ride, making it a fun and energetic workout.

Members who love ABBA’s music and Peloton can enjoy a range of classes, from rides to strength training and yoga, all set to the catchy ABBA beats. While the ABBA Ride focuses more on endurance rather than high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or Tabata, the music keeps the ride exciting and enjoyable.

21. Peloton Metallica Ride

The Peloton Metallica Ride is a cycling class that’s all about the iconic music of Metallica. During this ride, you can expect to pedal to the powerful tunes of one of the greatest metal bands of all time. The class typically lasts for 30 minutes, providing a challenging and intense workout experience.

This ride is perfect for fans of Metallica and those looking to amp up their workout with some heavy metal energy. You’ll be able to push your limits and increase your output as you ride to the rhythm of Metallica’s songs. The class often includes interval training, ensuring a dynamic and engaging session.

If you’re a fan of high-energy rides and want to rock out to the sounds of Metallica, the Peloton Metallica Ride is a must-try. It combines the power of music with a great workout, making it a memorable and exhilarating experience for riders of all fitness levels.

22. Peloton Coldplay Ride

The Peloton Coldplay Ride is a music-driven cycling experience that takes you on a ride filled with epic energy and Coldplay’s smash hits. This ride, led by instructor Emma Lovewell, provides a thrilling workout set to the music of Coldplay, ensuring that you’re in for an exciting and energizing session.

During the Coldplay Ride, you’ll pedal to the rhythm of Coldplay’s iconic songs, creating a dynamic and engaging cycling experience. This class is designed to keep you in the saddle, providing a smooth ride for your joints while still delivering a satisfying sweat session.

23. Bad Bunny Peloton Ride

The Bad Bunny Peloton Ride series consists of 3 classes, including a two-for-one ride with instructors Camila Ramón and Cody Rigsby. During these classes, you’ll get the chance to enjoy the music of the renowned Puerto Rican singer and songwriter, Bad Bunny. It’s a fresh spin through San Benito’s best tracks, bringing his unique style to your Peloton workout.

Whether you’re on the Bike or the Tread, you can bring the heat and dance it out with Cody and Camila to the heart-pumping beats of Bad Bunny. This reguetonero has a record-breaking career, and now you can experience his music while getting an exciting workout.

24. Peloton Top Gun Ride

The Peloton Top Gun Ride is an exhilarating workout experience inspired by the iconic Top Gun movies. If you’re a fan of the high-flying action and adrenaline-pumping soundtrack of Top Gun, you’re in for a treat. This ride takes you on a journey with music like the “Top Gun Anthem” and other classics that will get your heart racing.

Whether you’re a fan of movies like Top Gun, Lost Boys, Footloose, Rocky, or any other classics, this ride offers a unique blend of entertainment and fitness. You can expect an amazing workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and energized.

25. Peloton Queen Ride

Peloton’s Queen Ride offers members a variety of workouts set to the legendary music of Queen, including two live rides, one run, one strength class, and one yoga flow session. These workouts are a celebration of music, fitness, and fashion in collaboration with the iconic rock band Queen. Join Erik on the bike and pedal to the beat of Queen’s most iconic tracks, getting into champion mode during your ride.

Whether you’re a long-time Queen fan or just looking for a fun and energizing workout, these classes provide a unique experience. Members have expressed their excitement about these rides, and while there may be a wish for more Queen-themed workouts, the existing selection offers a great opportunity to enjoy Queen’s music while breaking a sweat.

As a bonus, Peloton also offers a Peloton x Queen Artist Series and Peloton Apparel collection, allowing fans to extend their love for the band beyond the workout and into their fitness clothing. It’s a musical and fitness celebration that combines legendary tunes with the joy of working out.

What are the Different Types of Peloton Rides?

Peloton offers a diverse range of rides and cycling classes to suit various fitness levels and preferences.

  1. Peloton Recovery Rides: Typically lasting 20-30 minutes, these rides focus on low-intensity cycling to aid muscle recovery, often maintaining heart rates in Zone 1 or 2.
  2. Peloton Beginner Rides: Designed for newcomers, these 20-30 minute rides introduce Peloton’s basic features and techniques, usually keeping heart rate within 50-70% of the maximum.
  3. Peloton Low Impact Rides: Avoiding out-of-saddle positions, these 20-45 minute rides target moderate intensity, ideal for joint-friendly workouts.
  4. Peloton Intervals Ride: Combining high-intensity intervals with recovery phases, these 30-45 minute rides are excellent for cardiovascular improvements, often pushing heart rates up to 80-90% of maximum.
  5. Peloton Endurance Rides: Focusing on sustained effort, these longer rides (45-60 minutes) aim to build stamina, maintaining a steady heart rate in Zone 2 or 3.
  6. Heart Rate Zone Peloton Rides: Targeting specific heart rate zones, these classes are ideal for goal-oriented training, varying in length from 20 to 60 minutes.
  7. Pop Punk Peloton Rides: With a playlist of high-energy pop-punk tracks, these 30-45 minute rides are perfect for a fun, vigorous workout.
  8. Peloton Caribbean Rides: Infusing workouts with Caribbean music, these lively 30-minute rides bring a festive vibe to the session.
  9. Peloton Blink 182 Ride: Featuring music from Blink 182, these energetic 30-minute rides combine punk rock with fitness.

What is the longest ride on the Peloton?

The longest structured ride on Peloton is the 90-minute Power Zone Endurance Ride led by Matt Wilpers. However, Peloton’s “Just Ride” feature allows users to ride for up to 4 hours, offering the longest unstructured ride option.

Are 20-minute peloton rides effective?

Yes, doing a 20-minute Peloton ride each day can be effective for maintaining fitness and health. Regularly engaging in these brief, focused sessions aligns well with the Peloton 20 minutes a day approach for consistent exercise.

Are Peloton rides live?

Yes, some Peloton rides are live, offering real-time interactive experiences with instructors.

What is the difference Between Peloton Rides versus Runs?

Peloton rides are cycling workouts done on a Peloton bike, focusing on cardiovascular fitness and lower body strength. In contrast, Peloton runs are treadmill-based workouts that emphasize running skills, cardio endurance, and whole-body conditioning.

What is the difference Between Peloton Rides versus Simulation Rides?

Peloton rides are instructor-led classes with structured workouts, music, and guidance, available live or on-demand on the Peloton platform. In contrast, the Peloton scenic rides mimic outdoor cycling experiences, focusing on visual and terrain simulation without instructor-led guidance.

How to Choose the Best Rides For Your Peloton Home Gym Workouts?

To choose the best rides for your Peloton home gym workouts, follow the list below:

  1. Explore the benefits of Peloton cycling
  2. Find the best Peloton cycling classes
  3. Explore Peloton cycling programs
  4. Discover Peloton cycling instructors
  5. Check the Peloton cycling schedule
  6. Choose the best Peloton cycling shoes
  7. Consider Peloton cycling shorts
  8. See Peloton cycling before and after results

What are the Best Peloton Rides For Beginners?

For beginners, the best Peloton cycling classes include themed rides like the Peloton Linkin Park Ride, Peloton Mood Rides, and the Peloton Eminem Ride. When you’re ready for longer rides, consider Matt Wilpers’ classes, which offer 45, 60, and 75-minute options. The “Master the Basics: Cycling” program starts with four 20-minute rides in the first week and gradually increases in duration.

Specifically, 20-minute beginner rides led by Cody Rigsby or Tunde Oyenevin are highly recommended for new cyclists. These classes provide a gentle introduction to Peloton cycling. You can also explore shorter rides like the 5-Minute Warm-Up Ride with Sam Yo and the 10-Minute Low Impact Ride with Alex Toussaint to ease into your cycling journey.

What are the Best Peloton Rides for Belly Fat?

The best Peloton rides to lose belly fat are Peloton artist rides, Peloton pro cyclist rides, and Peloton pink ride because they offer a mix of high-intensity intervals and sustained effort, which effectively burns calories and targets abdominal fat.

On the other hand, the best Peloton rides to lose face fat are low-impact Peloton rides for weight loss because they promote overall fat reduction while being gentle on the joints, making them sustainable for consistent exercise routines.

What are the Best Peloton Rides for Pregnancy?

The best Peloton rides for pregnancy are the prenatal classes specifically designed for expecting mothers. Peloton has developed a series of these classes to provide safe and effective workouts during pregnancy. Riding a Peloton bike is generally considered safe during pregnancy and offers numerous benefits, including maintaining physical fitness and supporting overall well-being.

While pregnant, you can engage in various Peloton workouts, such as Peloton Mother Day rides, cycling classes, walking or running sessions, and standing abs exercises. These workouts can help you stay active and maintain your fitness level throughout pregnancy. It’s important to listen to your body and choose classes that are comfortable and suitable for your specific needs and stage of pregnancy.

What are the Best Peloton Rides for Seniors?

The Best Peloton Rides for seniors include low-impact rides, heart rate zone rides, and climb rides. Low-impact rides are gentler on the joints and keep you in the saddle for the duration of the class while still providing an effective workout.

Beginner-level strength classes, bike rides, and pilates can also be great options for seniors looking to build strength and flexibility. Starting with low-impact beginner rides and gradually progressing to the power zone series can be a suitable approach for seniors looking to challenge themselves as they build fitness.

What are the Best Peloton Cycling Instructors?

The best cycling Peloton instructors are listed below.

  1. Alex Toussaint
  2. Ally Love
  3. Ben Alldis
  4. Benny Adami
  5. Bradley Rose
  6. Camila Ramón
  7. Charlotte Weidenbach
  8. Christine D’Ercole
  9. Cliff Dwenger
  10. Cody Rigsby
  11. Denis Morton
  12. Emma Lovewell
  13. Erik Jäger
  14. Hannah Corbin
  15. Hannah Frankson
  16. Irène Kaymer
  17. Jenn Sherman
  18. Jess King
  19. Kristin McGee
  20. Leanne Hainsby
  21. Marcel Dinkins
  22. Marcel Maurer
  23. Mayla Wedekind
  24. Mila Lazar
  25. Sam Yo
  26. Tunde Oyeneyin
  27. Christian Vande Velde

How to Create Your Peloton Cycling Workout Plan?

To create your Peloton cycling workout plan, start by setting clear fitness goals, like improving endurance or losing weight. Next, choose a variety of Peloton classes that align with these goals, mixing different types of rides such as endurance, strength, interval, and recovery. Finally, schedule your workouts consistently throughout the week, ensuring a balance between challenging rides and rest days for optimal results.

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