4 Peloton Rides That Burn The Most Calories (And why)

Peloton has over 9000 rides that varies in intensity, duration, and music style. So there is something for every level of fitness. However, from all those classes, which peloton rides burn the most calories?

In general, peloton rides that burn the most calories are the 90 minute Power Zone Endurance Ride. Each session burns 800 – 1200 kcal. Other similar high-calorie burn classes include Pro Cyclist Ride and HIIT and Hills Ride that last 45 to 60 minutes.

However, there is a big discrepancy between the actual calories burned and what the peloton shows you burn.

NOTE: I’ve already written an in-depth article where I explain everything you need to know about “are peloton calories accurate“, which I recommend you read.

Peloton Rides That Burns The Most Calories

Peloton rides that burn the most calories include Power Zone Endurance Ride, Pro Cyclist Ride, HIIT and Hills Ride, and Tabata Ride.

#1: Power Zone Endurance Ride

1234 calories burned after peloton Power Zone Endurance Ride

I burned the most amount of calories in the Peloton Power Zone Endurance Ride. The class is run by peloton instructor Matt Wilpers.

What I like about Power Zone Endurance Ride is you stay in your saddle for the entire duration of the class. The resistance is gradually built up, so the further you go, the more calories you burn.

I also like how he structured the class.

Normally, with short 20-30 minute rides, the instructors implement a bunch of intervals, climbs, and power drills where you need to move up and down from your seat. That is great stuff, but it can smoke you out very quickly.

In a 90-minute session, Matt keeps the intensity stable, so you can continue with the effort. The intensity stays within the aerobic threshold so you maximize fat burning. If the intensity goes beyond the lactate threshold, your body switches to burning more glucose.

What is the aerobic threshold? In general, the aerobic threshold is the level of intensity where your body eliminates lactate from the blood at a higher rate than it produces it. This is called the steady-state effort that you can maintain for hours while breathing normally.

If you wanna burn more calories, getting yourself to this threshold will elevate your heart rate, but not to the point where your muscles start to burn and you need to stop.

Please remember that you also burn plenty of calories when you combine strength and cardio in one full-body workout. To learn more have a look at my article “best peloton full body workouts“.

#2: Power Pro Cyclist Ride

I’ve burned 1002 calories during Peloton Pro Cyclist Ride

Pro Cyclist Ride didn’t burn as many calories as the 90-minute endurance ride. But that class last for 45-minutes. So if I would do it twice, it would end up by whopping 2000 calories.

This is my favorite class because is led by Christian Valde Velde, an 11 time Tour de France participant and former American professional cyclist. He used to ride head to head with people like Lance Armstrong.

This class is only 45-minutes long, but he challenges you to push yourself by gradually building up the resistance and doing some intervals with faster cadence along the way. So the number of calories you will burn is totally depended on you and how much effort you put into it.

I like his class because it’s like cycling head to head with a pro coach and being able to get several tips, guides, and motivation stories he delivers. When I was less busy, I used to spend a crazy amount of time on the bike so training with a Tour de France pro is like a dream come true.

NOTE: This is not a beginners class. To learn which classes are best for beginners check out my article “best peloton strength classes for beginners“.

#3: HIIT and Hills Ride

Calories burned during peloton HIIT and Hills Ride

HIIT and Hills ride is a class that combines saddle and standing work. It has multiple intervals where you climb, sprint, and everything in between. I like to do this class on the days when I’m up early and I don’t have the luxury of going for a 90-minute session.

My personal best from this class was 509 calories in 30 minutes time.

During the week, I don’t have much time so the only way I can squeeze my workout is early in the morning. As you can see, I’m up at 4:00 am. The peloton HIIT and Hills Ride allow me to go hard for a short amount of time. That’s exactly what I need when I’m up.

The classes last for 30 to 45 minutes. But if you don’t feel like going strong first thing in the morning, then reduce the duration. Peloton Interval Rides also has 15-20 minute Tabata rides where you still can burn tons of calories.

Another thing that I feel like I need when I do morning sessions is variety. Especially when I’m half sleeping. Changing and moving up and down from the saddle allows me to get my hips moving and warm them up. This way it doesn’t feel so stiff when I spend most of my day behind my laptop.

#4: Tabata Ride

I’ve burned 408 calories during 30-minute peloton Tabata Ride

Another class I like, especially when short on time is Tabata Rides. To be honest, I don’t pick the classes based on the calories. I choose the classes based on the intensity I get. If I need to be up, I will go for something that will break the sweat. The calories burned are the byproduct.

Tabata Ride is a 10 to 20-minute ride that consists of a 2:1 ratio. You go hard (as hard as you can) for 20 seconds and you recover for 10 seconds for several rounds. How many rounds you do will depend on the time you have on your hands.

According to my Garmin watch, the 30-minute class burned 408 calories. I would definitely recommend doing this class if your goal is to burn the most calories in under 30 minutes.

This class is straightforward. There is not a lot of movement. Just the speed. But doing speed intervals help with time. If you focus on going all out, the next thing you know you’re done with the workout. Time flies when you don’t look at the watch.

How Many Calories Do You Burn On a 30-minute Peloton Ride?

In general, you can burn from 400 to 800 calories on a 30-minute peloton ride. The number of calories burned will depend on the type of class you choose, the resistance ride with, the cadence you have, and your overall fitness level.

If you’ve spent some time on the bike, you know that two people can do the same class and have vastly different results. One can be comfortable and occasionally get out of breath. Where others can push from the beginning to the end.

So the class is not the best predictor for calories burned. It’s how you push yourself. My best choice for motivation is the Pro Cyclist Ride with Christian. I literally get chills when he starts giving tips, talking about his work, and giving advice on technique and training routine.

How many calories does a 20-minute peloton ride Burn? In general, the 20-minute peloton ride can burn from 250 to 500 calories, depending on the intensity, output, and speed. People who add more resistance and stay with the fast cadence will burn more calories than people who ride with lower resistance.

What Is The Hardest Peloton Ride?

In general, the hardest peloton ride is the 45-minute Pro Cyclist Ride taught by former Tour de France Champion Christian Valde Velde. The class isn’t the longest, but it progressively adds more resistance and adding speed while staying in the saddle.

Adding more resistance while staying in the saddle is much harder, comparing to the standing position.

What is the longest peloton ride? The longest peloton ride is a 90-minute power zone endurance ride with Matt Wilpers where you stay in the saddle for the entire time. The class is designed to work on maximizing muscle endurance and fat burn while staying in the aerobic zone.

Which Peloton Workout Burns The Most Calories?

Generally, the Peloton workouts that burn the most calories are the cycling endurance classes called Power Zone Endurance Ride. The class lasts for 75-90 minutes and can burn between 800 – 1200, depending on your resistance and cadence.

Here it’s just the numbers game. The more time you can endure in the saddle, you will be burning tons of calories and help with weight loss.

I won’t be covering here best peloton classes for weight loss. I’ve already covered that in “best peloton classes for weight loss“, which I recommend you read.

Peloton App Calories Burned Accuracy

Peloton App does show you calories burned but the accuracy can be off by 10-30%. There are several factors that account for the calories burned discrepancy.

Are peloton app calories accurate? The peloton app calories aren’t accurate because they depend on the data from other wearable devices. Those devices have high accuracy for heart rate, the number of steps, and distance. But energy expenditure depends on factors like lean body mass, which they cannot estimate.

The number of calories you burn during exercise will depend mainly on the amount of your lean body mass and fat mass. This means you can have two guys with the same bodyweight doing the same peloton class. If the amount of muscle mass is different, the number of calories burned will be different, too.

That being said, peloton does burn a lot of calories because they challenge all muscle groups. And the consistency with the workouts is more superior to the results, comparing to calorie accuracy.

Why Are My Calories So Low on Peloton?

In general, your calories are low on peloton because the peloton app doesn’t show accurate results. Peloton app estimate calorie burned based on calculations from your heart rate and it doesn’t take into consideration things like your muscle mass, fat mass, and fitness level.

So if you are comparing Peloton calories burned vs Apple watch or Garmin watch you will get different readings. I don’t think my Garmin watch is accurate either. But that is irrelevant. The most important fact is to show up for a workout.


If your goal is to burn the most calories, then a 90-minute Power Zone and a 45-minute Pro Cyclist ride are your best picks. Bear in mind that calories burned will depend on the intensity and the resistance you put yourself on. However, even if you be generous with your output, the single 90-minute class is enough for the day.

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