Peloton For Family And Kids (Fun workouts for fit family)

Do your kids consider exercise a chore? No worries.

Peloton offers a comprehensive list of classes specifically designed for families and kids that are fun and can help to improve the academic scores of your rug rats.

Today I’m gonna explain everything there is to know about peloton for family and kids, as well as address some of the most common questions.

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What is peloton family?

In 2020, Peloton introduced a new cardio class category called Fit Family Strong Classes. These classes are family-friendly and are designed for youngsters ages 5 and older to stay active and have fun.

Currently, there are over 190 family classes that range from 5 to 20 minutes long.

Kids can enjoy to workout in the energy-pumping cardio workouts, as well as more relaxing yoga and meditation lessons.

I think there is nothing better than spending time with kids while being physically active.

This not only makes it fun but also helps your kids to develop a life-long relationship with exercise.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits that come with using a peloton and working out together with your kids, apart from calories burned (I could write a separate blog about it.)

Here are just a few examples of how does physical activity impacts children’s health.

Weight control

Ana Cristina Lindsay, an interim Associate Dean from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, says that “physical activity is a key component of preventing and controlling childhood obesity.”

According to Dr. Lindsay, “It’s also an effective intervention to prevent chronic diseases later in life.”

If we gonna go a step further, current studies show that today’s children are probably less fit than children 20 years ago.

This means kids aren’t moving enough, which translates into their health later on in life.

This obviously has an impact on the physical and emotional health of kids, and their development.

It builds a strong bond between parents and kids

Training together brings people closer to each other. When two people train and go through the same challenges they feel a better connection with each other (no joke.)

Arran Davis, PhD., a Postdoctoral Researcher from the University of Oxford says that “group exercise is associated with social bonding that can be mediated by endorphin release resulting from synchronous, exertive movement”

In his study Social Bonds and Exercise: Evidence for a Reciprocal Relationship, Dr. Davis says that “higher intensity of exercise creates a stronger bond.”

“People who exercise together and need to face some challenges are more likely to bond with each other,” says Dr. Davis.

Opportunity for parents to become a role model

There is no secret that kids acquire habits and behaviors from their parents. In the perfect world, we would all be doing Tims Ferris 4-hour work week and spend most of the days traveling with kids.

But in the reality, people have to work and make a living. This means being at work for 10-12 hours a day.

However, working out in the times when you don’t feel like it comes with a lesson for your kids. They see that exercise is something that has to be done.

Being consistent with your own workouts gives a good example and provides a positive role model for your children.

Helps to spend quality time together

Time is something you’re not gonna get back. And today not everyone has the opportunity to spend as much time with their kids as they want.

However, once they do, it is important to do something meaningful together.

Exercising together is just another option. Weekend trips and holidays are all good, but what happens during the ordinary day?

A 20-minute peloton class is a good start. It helps to down-regulate stress from the long day, unplug and just have some fun.

Increases bone mineral density

Adam Baxter-Jones, Ph.D., an expert in exercise physiology in Canada, says that “physical activity in adolescence is beneficial for increasing bone minerals and the benefits can persist into adulthood.”

“Active young adolescents have significantly higher bone mineral density, compared to their inactive peers,” says Dr. Adam Baxter-Jones.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming amount of research shows that fewer and fewer kids are more active now than in previous decades.

The whole family can use the peloton

For the peloton bike, there is a minimum age requirement of 14 years old. The minimum height for the riders is 4′ 11″.

On the other hand, the Peloton app can be used by the whole family as long as you choose family-friendly classes.

So if you have kids younger than fourteen, they should stop at the peloton classes from the app that are designed for kids.

More benefits

In this video, you can see the interview from Cincinnati Children’s YouTube channels that explains more benefits of exercise for kids.

Are peloton classes safe for kids?

Yes and no.

Classes that are more strenuous, require running at high intensity, or use weights are definitively inappropriate for kids.

The company also advises parents not to allow their youngsters to use bike classes.

If you’re looking for more family-friendly classes, I recommend you choose peloton classes without the bike like bodyweight strength workouts for beginners.

These workouts are done off the bike and do not require any equipment.

I also think that some of the peloton pilates classes would work, especially the shorter ones.

Peloton doesn’t have kid rides

Peloton’s age requirements to use bike and tread are described in their terms of service. There are no kid’s rides or tread classes.

According to their legal document, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase a Peloton membership, and at least 14 years old to use the bike.

After the horrible child accident, the Consumer Product Safety Commission requested to recall the treadmill, so the company changed the rules regarding the age requirements.

However, it is not uncommon to see parents letting their teens use their bikes. I know at least a couple of people who say that they let their child use the bike.

Peloton tread is not safe for kids

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Peloton voluntarily recalled all of its treadmills. I’m glad to see this change becasue the design of their Tread+ was concerning and definitively not safe for children and pets.

In the video below you can see all details of why peloton tread is not safe for kids.

What type of classes for kids does peloton have?

It’s funny becasue there are more classes for kids on the peloton app than pilates, boxing, or barre workouts. The Fit Family workouts vary, based on the age of the little ones.

Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed that peloton has updated this workout category for a while.

Here is the list.

Peloton classAgeLength
Fit Family Fun5 and up15 minutes
Fit Family Strong10 and up20 minutes
Fit Family Brain Breaks5 and up5 minutes
Fit Family Flow – Kids3-920 minutes
Fit Family Flow – Teens9 and up20 minutes
Family MeditationsAll5-10 minutes
Peloton family and kids classes

Let’s have a look at each of those classes, one by one.

Fit Family Fun

On the surface, this class looks like a regular full-body workout with Jess Sims.

However, she does not push you (obviously) as in her peloton strength class.

Instead, she is more playful, fun, and relaxed. For example, you see Jess doing lots of silly moves and games.

Fit Family Strong

This class is more challenging and incorporates many strength training elements that get the blood pumping and focus on balance and core strength. 

It’s kind of like doing physical education classes in school.

This workout is still full of fun and games, but it’s geared more toward kids that are the age of 10 or older.

Fit Family Brain Breaks

Fit Family Brain Breaks is the shortest of all peloton family classes.

A perfect workout to do in the middle of the day, just to decompress from your day.

My 8-year-old nephew likes this one becasue there are many educational “games” like Think Quick (in other classes he gets bored).

Fit Family Flow – Kids

You can think of this class as an introduction to yoga for kids.

It’s a combination of peloton yoga, stretching, mindfulness, and breathing, but it’s done in a playful and fun way that your kids will enjoy.

Some studies have shown that there are many physiological benefits of doing yoga for kids at an early age.

Fit Family Flow – Teens

This yoga class is more advanced and teaches kids the foundation of yoga practice and mind/body connection.

Poses are designed to relax and calm the body, a nice way to spark interest in the use of yoga, especially for teens.

Family Meditations

Family meditations are appropriate for all ages. This is not a typical guided peloton meditation class.

I did this once and I tell you it can get a little emotional for the little ones.

Kristin asks us to spend a couple of minutes in silence while thinking about something we are grateful for or love about each other (tears are falling.)

My thoughts

Of course, I’m not saying that the peloton app is the best workout for kids. I’m sure there are many better fitness apps and programs specifically designed for that (I’m not sure, I haven’t studied this a ton).

But spending a few minutes per day with your rug rats gives you another opportunity to teach kids that physical activity should be a regular part of life.

And if that can be engaging, fun, and entertaining then you don’t have to motivate them to do it.

They will want to do it anyway.

Getting your youngster to exercise is one of the best ways to improve their self-esteem and academic scores.

Plus, I and my wife look at the peloton for the family as an opportunity to spend time with kids, have a workout and have fun at the same time.

Not only it builds good habits but also bonds the family together.

For us, peloton for kids’ workouts is all about fun.

Plus, you don’t need to own the bike to get access to the family classes because they are available from the peloton app.

How to find peloton family classes

This one is easy (even kids can do it). You can find peloton family-friendly classes in the cardio section, as well as in the yoga section.

Currently, the peloton has over 60 cardio classes for families that are kid-friendly and over 120 yoga family classes.

Start your peloton bike or open your peloton app from your TV, or tablet.

After you log in, navigate to the main menu, choose the classes tab and select “Cardio.”

picture from peloton app manu

Next, head on to the filter tab and find the class type.

list of peloton cardio family workouts

Next, in the filter tab, scroll down to the bottom of the list. To find the family workouts select “Family” and press “Show all classes.”

navigation menu for peloton family classes

Peloton Family Challenge

If your goal is to get fit, you can get the whole family on board with you. I know that working out with kids is a challenge in itself. Knowing kids’ short attention span, they can be all over the place.

That may mean you not always gonna get the best results. But that is irrelevant.

Peloton kids workout allows you to spend time with your kids in a meaningful way, make them feel included, and have some fun with them.

It’s not only about calories. It is a great opportunity to teach them that fitness is a part of their lifestyle.


  • Peloton family workouts are a great opportunity to relax after work, spend quality time together and develop strong habits that can be helpful in the future.
  • Remember that this is not about compliance. It’s more about fun than anything else.
  • It’s important to encourage your child and find activities they enjoy. This way your child will not find the exercise a chore and they are more likely to stick to it.

Michal Sieroslawski

Michal is a personal trainer and writer at Millennial Hawk. He holds a MSc in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Lancashire. He is an exercise physiologist who enjoys learning about the latest trends in exercise and sports nutrition. Besides his passion for health and fitness, he loves cycling, exploring new hiking trails, and coaching youth soccer teams on weekends.

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