Peloton Just Ride: Feature Review, Pros, and Cons

Peloton’s Just Ride is a feature found on the Bike and Bike+ models, offering a class-free workout mode where you can freely ride without instructors, music, timers, or leaderboards. This mode provides essential data such as power zones, power output, cadence, distance, and speed, allowing you to use the bikes without a subscription and without participating in classes.

The primary advantage of the Peloton Just Ride feature is the ability to use the bike without an active membership, but it comes with limitations such as the inability to track metrics, access workout history, or utilize the auto-resistance feature. The Peloton Just Ride workout plan is ideal for those who prefer longer workouts, recovery rides, or the freedom to listen to their preferred music during rides.

Other features similar to Peloton Just Ride include ‘Just Run’ for the treadmill and ‘Just Row’ for the rowing machine.

peloton just ride mode
Peloton Just Ride

What is the Peloton Just Ride feature?

The Peloton Just Ride, available to Peloton Bike and Bike+ users, refers to a workout mode that is independent of classes and advanced features like the leaderboard, Peloton power bar, or auto resistance. Originally, Peloton Just Ride was accessible only after canceling a subscription, offering key metrics like cadence, resistance, and time. However, during the 2021 homecoming event, Peloton made Just Ride available to all members, enhancing its usefulness.

Using Peloton’s Just Ride offers great flexibility and personal goal focus, ideal for those who prefer customizing their workouts or are training for specific events, but it can be monotonous due to the lack of interactive content and may not be suitable for beginners who need structured guidance and coaching. The feature’s open-ended nature is perfect for advanced users, yet it potentially lacks the engaging atmosphere and instructional support found in regular Peloton classes.

What is the purpose of the Peloton Just Ride feature?

The purpose of the Peloton Just Ride feature is to provide users with more freedom in their workouts, allowing for longer, unstructured rides of up to 6 hours, ideal for entertainment purposes like watching TV or listening to music, and for those training for longer distances. This feature caters to those who prefer a more flexible exercise regime without the constraints of guided classes.

The ‘Just Ride’ feature on Peloton is great because it lets you plan and customize your rides without having to join a pre-programmed class. This is particularly useful if you’re following a personalized workout program tailored to your fitness goals.

What’s great about this feature is that it lets me ride for up to 2 or 3 hours on the bike, with no time restrictions. My longest ride ever on Peloton Just Ride was 87.2 miles, and I completed it in just under 5 hours. I also use this option when I want to watch something on TV, like a Netflix documentary, or listen to my music. Just remember, the Peloton Just Ride option automatically ends after 6 hours, so you can’t do ultra-long rides.

How does the Peloton Just Ride work?

The Peloton Just Ride feature functions differently from regular Peloton classes, offering a blank screen devoid of content or instructors for distraction-free riding. It displays various metrics similar to those in a standard Peloton class, except for the leaderboard, allowing users to monitor their performance in real-time, as shown in this photo.

screen from peloton just ride option

The 10 key metrics shown on the Peloton Just Ride screen include the following.

  1. Resistance
  2. Cadence
  3. Average Output
  4. Total Output
  5. Peloton Strive Score
  6. Speed
  7. Distance
  8. Calories Burned
  9. Time
  10. Heart Rate

There’s a notable difference in the displayed metrics depending on whether you have an all-access membership or not. Just Ride’s primary appeal lies in its simplicity and focus on individual workout data, offering users a straightforward way to track their exercise without additional Peloton content.

How does the Peloton Just Ride work for users without a subscription?

For users without a subscription, the Peloton Just Ride feature offers limited functionality; you can monitor basic metrics like cadence, resistance, speed, calories burned, total output, distance, and time, but features such as the power zone bar, workout history, and advanced data analytics are unavailable.

This means that while you can still have an effective workout using Just Ride on Peloton without a subscription, you won’t be able to save your workouts, share results on social media, or integrate with apps like Strava or Fitbit.

The Just Ride mode for non-subscribers provides a straightforward, no-frills cycling experience, focusing on essential workout data. This table displays the metric differences between using the Just Ride feature on Peloton without a subscription and using it with an active membership.

Peloton Just Ride MetricsWith SubscriptionWithout Subscription
Average Power OutputYesNo
Total OutputYesYes
Power Zone BarYesNo
Calories BurnedYesYes
Heart Rate ZoneYesNo
Workout HistoryYesNo
Data AnalyticsYesNo
Strava IntegrationYesNo
Fitbit IntegrationYesNo

Is Peloton Just Ride considered a class?

No, the Peloton Just Ride feature does not count as a class in the traditional sense, as it is not a structured workout led by an instructor and its data is not saved in the workout history. However, the miles ridden in Just Ride mode do contribute to your monthly and annual activity challenges, but this tracking is only available for members with active subscriptions.

Is Peloton Just Ride available for the Peloton Digital?

No, Peloton Just Ride is not available on the Peloton Digital app. It’s exclusive to the Peloton bike and bike+, with or without a subscription, due to the app’s limitations in comparison.

How to use Peloton Just Ride mode?

To use the Peloton Just Ride mode effectively, you can create your workout plan, benefiting from the freedom to conduct any desired routine without distractions and the flexibility to listen to your music, audiobooks, or podcasts. This mode is ideal for various types of workouts, including recovery rides, alternative to road biking, marathon training, and strength and conditioning routines, as well as for enjoying your favorite music or podcasts during the ride.

screen from peloton just ride feature
Peloton just ride mode
  1. Use for Recovery Rides: Set the Peloton to Just Ride mode for low-impact, long-distance rides. Adjust time and distance settings to suit your recovery needs, exceeding the standard 20-minute class length if desired.
  2. As an Alternative to Road Biking: Choose Just Ride for a safer cycling experience indoors, eliminating outdoor risks like traffic and pollution. Utilize this mode to maintain and track your cycling mileage effectively.
  3. Incorporate in Marathon Training: Use Peloton’s Just Ride to accumulate the necessary weekly mileage for marathon or triathlon training. According to research by Tanda and Knechtle in the Journal of Sports Medicine, mean weekly training distance and pace are key predictors of marathon and ultramarathon race performance. Adjust the distance and resistance on Just Ride to effectively mimic long-distance endurance challenges, aligning with these findings for optimal training outcomes.
  4. Combine with Strength and Conditioning Workouts: Integrate Just Ride sessions with other exercise forms like TRX, bodyweight exercises, or CrossFit. Plan for transitions, as you may need to mount and dismount the bike frequently during these combined workouts.
  5. For Listening to Music or Podcasts: While riding, use external devices such as your phone or tablet to listen to personal music playlists or podcasts. Employ Peloton’s Track Love feature to bookmark your favorite songs from classes and access them later on your Spotify or Apple Music playlists.

How can I find the Just Ride feature on Peloton?

To access the Just Ride feature on your Peloton bike, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Log In: Begin by logging into your Peloton bike to view the main menu.
  2. Select ‘More’: Tap the ‘More’ icon located in the navigation bar at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose ‘Just Ride’: After selecting ‘More’, you’ll see two options; choose ‘Just Ride’ (the other option is ‘Scenic Rides’).
  4. Start Your Workout: Once ‘Just Ride’ is selected, you’re all set to begin your workout.

What is the Peloton Just Ride workout plan?

The Peloton Just Ride workout plan involves using the Peloton bike’s Just Ride feature to create custom cycling sessions, which can be integrated with other exercises for a comprehensive workout routine. This plan is flexible and allows for tailored workouts to fit individual fitness goals and preferences.

What are the examples of the Peloton Just Ride workout plan?

Here are seven Peloton Just Ride workout examples, combining cycling with various exercise forms for a diverse and effective fitness routine.

  1. Peloton Just Ride and Kettlebell Swings: This workout includes alternating 2-minute medium-intensity bike sessions with 20 reps of kettlebell swings, repeated for 5 rounds, totaling over 100 kettlebell swings and 20 minutes of cycling.
  2. Peloton Just Ride and TRX: Similar to a Peloton bootcamp but using TRX instead of dumbbells, this routine involves 5-minute low to moderate-intensity bike sessions followed by a circuit of TRX exercises (squats, lunges, chest press, rowing), 10 reps each, repeated for 5 rounds.
  3. Peloton Just Ride and Bodyweight Circuit: Combine 3-minute high-intensity bike sessions with a bodyweight circuit including 15 squats, 15 push-ups, and 15 sit-ups. Repeat the circuit for 4 rounds, providing a balanced mix of cardio and strength training.
  4. Peloton Just Ride and Yoga Stretch: After a 20-minute steady ride at a moderate pace, follow up with a 15-minute yoga stretch routine focusing on flexibility and relaxation, perfect for a comprehensive mind-body workout.
  5. Peloton Just Ride and HIIT: Integrate high-intensity interval training by doing 1-minute sprints on the bike followed by 1 minute of rest, repeating this cycle for 15–20 minutes. This workout is great for boosting cardiovascular endurance and metabolic rate.
  6. Peloton Just Ride and Pilates Core: After a 30-minute ride at a consistent pace, engage in a 20-minute Pilates session focusing on core strength and stability, incorporating exercises like planks, leg lifts, and Russian twists.
  7. Peloton Just Ride and Jump Rope: Alternate between 5 minutes of moderate cycling and 3 minutes of jump rope for a dynamic cardio workout. Repeat this combination 4 times to enhance agility, coordination, and endurance.

How does the Peloton Just Ride compare to other Peloton features?

The Peloton Just Ride feature offers a basic, unguided cycling experience without the interactive, structured, and entertainment-focused elements of Peloton’s other offerings. It lacks the live instructor-led workouts of Peloton Live Classes, the gamified interactivity of Peloton Lanebreak, and the multimedia streaming of Peloton Entertainment. Unlike Peloton Scenic Rides, which provides virtual visual routes, Just Ride presents a minimalist, blank screen, focusing solely on the individual’s cycling metrics and performance.

What’s the difference between Peloton Just Ride and Peloton Scenic Rides?

Peloton Just Ride offers a standard workout mode, similar to what you have on regular gym exercise bikes, with basic metrics. It has a blank screen and does not display any content or instructors, lacking any visual or interactive elements. In contrast, Peloton Scenic Rides provides immersive virtual routes with scenic visuals, enhancing the riding experience with picturesque landscapes.

What’s the difference between Peloton Just Ride and Live Classes?

Peloton Just Ride differs from Live Classes in that it offers a self-guided, solitary cycling experience focusing solely on personal performance metrics, providing a flexible and undistracted workout environment. Conversely, Peloton Live Classes are characterized by their interactive, instructor-led format, offering real-time coaching, motivation, and an engaging community atmosphere.

What’s the difference between Peloton Just Ride and Peloton Entertainment?

Peloton Just Ride is very similar to Peloton Entertainment; both offer a pure cycling experience focusing solely on key workout metrics like speed, distance, and resistance. However, Peloton Entertainment enriches the workout experience by integrating multimedia content, including streaming TV shows, movies, and live sports, providing an engaging and enjoyable workout.

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