Peloton Without Subscription (Everything you need to know)

Peloton offers access to over 9000 rides and bike Bootcamp classes (not including other classes) that range from 5 to 90 minutes in duration. However, it all comes with the hearty price tag of $39 per month (on top of the cost of bike or tread). So, can you use a peloton without a subscription?

In general, you can use a peloton without a subscription because it allows you to access 3 pre-recorded classes, the Just Ride feature where you can see the metrics like cadence, resistance, and speed. A good alternative to a peloton subscription is Peloton Digital.

So whenever you’ve already bought a peloton, but your circumstances have changed and you cannot swing the subscription anymore. Or maybe you’re on the fence and thinking about getting one, in this article I will give you clear break down what you get for no subscription and help you make an informed decision.

Peloton Without Subscription

Using a peloton without a subscription can be done however it shaves off almost all of the features that come with the membership. Normally, a peloton subscription allows you to track all the fancy stats, gives access to on-demand classes and that’s all from the comfort of your bike or tread.

Without a subscription, you can ride but with very little content and no metrics. Honestly, if you don’t want the subscription, then one of the options is to get a less expensive bike. The content is what the peloton is all about. 

What’s included in the peloton subscription? In the peloton, subscription is included access to over 24,000 content classes, live weekly stream events, and programs. You also have a member profile where you see all the history of your rides, badges, achievements, daily logs, and all other statistics.

Plus, with a peloton subscription, you can create an unlimited number of members’ profiles and track the data for everyone separately.

When you cancel your subscription all you have left is a couple of classes and basic metrics of your current workout just like on a regular bike.

Why Is a Peloton Subscription So Expensive?

As a whole, a peloton subscription is so expensive because it offers access to several features that aren’t available even on the peloton app. The price for a subscription includes unlimited access to a library of live and on-demand classes, user profiles, and real-time performance tracking.

Is a peloton subscription required? Generally, a peloton subscription isn’t required because you can still use the bike as the regular stationary bike and track your cadence or total output. However, to have access to all the classes, live streams, leaderboards, and metrics you need a subscription.

Plus, having a peloton subscription also gives you the opportunity to stream the classes from your phone, laptop, or tablet, without any additional cost.

Is The Peloton Subscription Worth It?

As a whole, a peloton subscription is worth it, as long as you use all the features. People who want to get access to the statistics, track their progress, and collaborate with others find it worth the cost. However, if you just want to use a peloton just to ride, then paying a monthly fee is not worth it.

Plus, there are many other factors you need to take into consideration. Getting access to all the bells and whistles is great, but only if you actually plan to use them.

Access to the performance dataGreat for people who want to track their results
Can be motivating and encouraging to get started
Not useful for people who are already motivated
Access to on-demand classesVariety of workouts
Good to try different classes from home
Can be used on the go
Not useful for people who just want to use the bike
Access to leaderboardsCan motivate and inspire to train
Creates a sense of connection
Not useful for people who are already motivated
Unlimited profile Great for couples and family
Everyone can use the bike and create a separate profile
Not useful if you gonna be using it by yourself
$39 per monthCan be done for people with more disposable incomeCan be hard for people on the strict budget
Pros and cons of peloton subscription

As you can see, there are pros and cons to getting into the subscription. So you need to ask yourself the question – just because peloton subscription offers so much value, are you gonna use all the features, or do you just want to ride the bike?

Just because there are leaderboards, tracking data, and live stream classes, but if you not gonna be using it then it’s not worth it. In my opinion, the peloton is a great product, but its not for everyone.

Here in the table below, I give you a broad look at who can benefit from getting a peloton subscription and who can stay without it.

Peloton with a subscription is good for people who:
Just getting started with their fitness lifestyle
Need social interaction to stay motivated
Want to use all the classes on a regular basis
Live in a large household with others keen to train
Are motivated by the performance metrics.
Don’t mind paying an extra fee (or need to pay something as a motivating factor)
Peloton subscription benefits

NOTE: Paying the subscription is also a motivating factor by itself. Paying for something and not using it can be one of the few reasons why the company growing.

In other words, some people need that monthly fee because otherwise, they wouldn’t do it.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. If we get something for free, we place little value on it. But if we need to prepay we are more likely to do it. I’ve seen this all the time with my clients who were coming for PT, often because they felt guilty to lose $100.

On the other side, there are people who don’t need any of the features that peloton offers and still manage to stay fit consistently.

Here you can see the breakdown of who I believe doesn’t need the peloton subscription.

Peloton without a subscription is good for people who:
Fitness is already part of their lifestyle
Don’t need to get motivated to train
Don’t use on-demand classes
Are motivated from within, not by the metrics
Cannot afford additional costs of monthly fee

Is Peloton Worth It Without a Subscription?

In general, a peloton without a subscription isn’t worth it because membership adds a lot of value. If you’re not in the position to pay a monthly membership fee then it’s better to invest in a less expensive bike than the peloton. You can buy a regular stationary bike for a fifth of the price.

There can be hundreds of reasons why you may want to cancel you membership and thats ok. After canceling the membership you’re still be able to use the bike, minus all the technology. If the situation is temporary you can always pause the membership and come back to it once the circumstances change.

Can I pause my peloton subscription? In general, you can pause your peloton subscription for 1 to 3 months. According to the company policy, the pause starts at the end of your current billing month and while you put on hold your subscription, you won’t be able to use any of the classes.

However, in the long term, there is no value in keeping the peloton bike without getting all the content. If you want to maximize the bike, the content you consume is key.

Without the app, all you have is “just ride” which will give you cadence, output, and resistance. The only difference is it just won’t save them to your Peloton profile because you can’t log in without a subscription. Some people argue that the whole reason to have a Peloton is the metrics and the community.

Can You Use Peloton Bike Without Subscription?

As a whole, you can use the Peloton bike without a subscription because it offers the standard features that come together with the bike. I have the just ride stats where you can read all the metrics that measure your speed, cadence, and resistance and free access to 3 classes.

Apart from that, a peloton bike without a subscription is just a regular stationary bike. If you’re on the fence between buying the bike or not, I would recommend make a list of your own pros and cons.

At the end of the day it all comes down to expenses and how consistent you gonna be with your workouts.

How To Use Peloton Bike Without Subscription?

To use a peloton bike without a subscription all you need is access to the internet. Here are the steps:

Step #1: Cancel peloton subscription

You cannot do it from the bike. You need to go directly to the peloton website. You need to log in to members’ profiles, choose preferences and subscriptions. From there you just click cancel subscription and confirm cancelation.

What happens if I cancel my peloton subscription? In general, if you cancel your peloton subscription you will still have full access to your bike, however, the only features that will remain are 3 pre-selected and pre-recorded classes and the Just Ride feature where you can see your speed, cadence and resistance.

Step #2: Turn on the bike

After you turn on the bike you won’t be able to log in anymore. The only option to choose from will be “just ride”. As you can see below, the “just ride” mode option allows you to track basic details from your workout. You won’t be able to save those metrics.

However, the “just ride” feature can also be very useful, even without the subscription. You can learn more about “peloton just ride” in my article here.

Step #3: Enjoy your ride

Even without all the fancy technology, you can still have a great workout.

Can You Use Peloton Tread Without Subscription?

You cannot use peloton tread without a subscription. The company used to offer a “just run” feature where you could start the treadmill without being logged in. Since May 2021, the company implemented a mandatory Tread Lock safety feature that doesn’t allow to be used without subscription.

In other words, you cannot use the treadmill without the membership. The Consumer Reports received an email from the Peloton representative that says:

“Unfortunately, at this time, ’Just Run’ is no longer accessible without a Peloton Membership”

Consumer Reports

Will the peloton treadmill work without a subscription? Generally, as of June 2021 peloton treadmill won’t work without a subscription. The peloton had to recall its treadmills and since May 2021 they’ve implemented a safety feature that is only available with the monthly subscription.

Is a Peloton Subscription Per Person?

Generally, a peloton subscription isn’t per person, it’s per household. This means everyone from your home can register a separate user without additional cost. Even with just one bike all the members of your family can start to participate in classes and track their results.

Can I share my peloton subscription? You can share your peloton subscription with everyone in your home. If you have a family of 4 that means everyone can use bike or tread, create a member profile, and start using all the features without paying an extra fee.

What are the different peloton subscriptions? As a whole, the peloton has two types of subscriptions. One is all-access membership that costs $39 per month for people who own a Peloton bike or tread. The second one is peloton digital or also called the peloton app. This one cost $12.99 and is for mobile devices.

Peloton Subscription vs Peloton Digital

Peloton offers two types of subscriptions that are referred to as all-access membership and peloton digital. All-access subscription is a build-in to your Peloton bike or tread, where peloton digital is a peloton app that can be used on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

What is the peloton digital membership? Peloton digital is the access to peloton app for laptops and mobile devices. It has the same features as the all-access membership, without being able to track the performance, and allows only for one membership profile per device.

This is a great alternative for people who love the classes but don’t want to pay extra. It is very common to combine peloton digital together with the different bikes (usually cheaper) and use a phone or tablet to follow all the classes.

Why is the peloton subscription more than the app? In general, a peloton subscription is more expensive than an app because you can create an unlimited number of profiles and use all the performance tracking features with everyone. You also have access to the leaderboard where you can see yourself on the list and compare with others.

What Is a Better Peloton App or Subscription?

In general, a peloton subscription is better because it has more features and allows you to do all classes directly from your bike. However, for people who are on the go and don’t always use a peloton bike or tread, the peloton app is a better option.

What is the difference between peloton digital and subscription? The difference between peloton digital and subscription is in the access to the features, leaderboards, stats and the cost. Here is the full breakdown and difference between app and subscription.

Peloton SubscriptionPeloton App
Access to on-demand classes from the bikeYesNo
Access to on-demand classes from the mobile deviceYesYes
Access to leaderboardYesNo
Access to BluetoothYesYes
Access to metricsYesNo
Members profileUnlimitedOne
difference between peloton digital and subscription

So basically in the full peloton membership, you get everything there is to get. In the peloton digital, you have access to classes and that’s it. Bear in mind that once you get a peloton subscription you can connect as many devices as you want.

NOTE: Here you can read my full review about “peloton digital membership“.

Can You Use Peloton Digital Membership with Peloton Bike?

In general, you cannot use peloton digital membership with a peloton bike. Peloton bike has already built-in software. It is not possible to cancel the all-access membership, buy peloton digital, and use peloton digital on the bike.

Is peloton digital free with the bike? Peloton digital comes free with an all-access subscription. Once you start your peloton subscription, you automatically have access to the peloton app and you can use it on all of the devices.

Can I gift a peloton digital membership? In general, you can gift a peloton digital membership to your friends or family members. As a paid member of an all-access subscription, you have unlimited access to create a new profile for the peloton digital.


As you can see there are several factors that play a role in choosing the best option. At the end of the day, it all comes down to finances. The good news is that peloton subscription can be placed on hold during the situations where you need extra cash.

Over the long run, if the money is not an issue, then is better to invest and experience the whole content as this is what makes peloton so popular and successful.

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