Pros And Cons Of The Good Feet Store (Full list)

Good Feet Store is a self-claimed America Arch Support expert. They specialize in shoe inserts that can help people with foot, hip, and knee problems. However, not all inserts are created equal and not everyone will benefit from using shoe insoles.

Today I will explain the pros and cons of the Good Feet Store, which hopefully will help you make the right decision.

Good Feet Store has some advantages and disadvantages. On the one side, it can help people with foot problems, such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and bunions. They can also improve balance and coordination. On the other side, people find that after using arch support their feet feel stiffer than before.

Here is my overall answer, but if you want more details about all the pros and cons of wearing Good Feets including price, comfort, health benefits, and more, keep reading.


Good Feet Store has got a bad reputation because of its high-pressure sales tactics and oversized claims about what its products can and cannot do. I personally think that Good Feet arch supports are great products, but people who sell them promise too much.

Arch support can be an effective solution to help support and improve the health of your feet. They can be a great option for people with foot problems or injuries. However, there are also some drawbacks to using inserts they are not for everyone.

Good Feet Store ProsGood Feet Store Cons
They help with the most common foot problems
They can help with back, hip, and knee pain
They have many stores available nationwide
They offer a limited lifetime warranty for some products
They can be used in most the shoes
They’re high quality
They don’t absorb any moisture
They’re not for everyone
It takes time to see results
They’re expensive
Good Feet Store has no return policy
It has high credit fees
They employ unqualified personnel
The store has a bad reputation
Advantages and disadvantages of Good Feet Store

Good Feet Store Benefits

They fit most of the shoes

One of the biggest advantages of using Good Feet is they can be worn with almost every pair of shoes from boots, sneakers, sandals, flip flops, and even dress shoes. They do not take up much space and they don’t absorb any moisture.

  • Make sure you find the right fit. The arch support should sit between your transverse arch to your metatarsal arch.
  • Be sure to use them regularly, but don’t skip the adjustment period.
  • It may take some time for the support to work its magic, so be patient.

To ensure the insole conforms to your foot’s contours, spend more time in the Good Feet Store and consult the store manager.

I won’t cover here details on what to expect from the Good Feet Store. I’ve already written a Good Feet Store review, which I suggest you read.

Helps with neuropathy

Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nervous system. It can be caused by injury, disease, or aging. Good Feet arch support is a way to help with neuropathy in the feet, as long as you combine them with physical therapy.

Apart from reducing pain and inflammation, Good Feet insoles can also help improve range of motion and flexibility. They can also help to improve balance and coordination, as well as reduce fatigue and encourage better sleep.

Helps with flat feet

Flat feet are a condition in which the arch of the foot is not properly formed. This can be caused by many factors, including genetics, obesity, and aging. Flat feet can be a source of discomfort and can lead to problems such as bone deformity and fallen arches.

Good feet insoles can help with flat feet becasue they support the arch and provide relief from pain. In fact, according to the Good Feet store, the inserts help strengthen four arches of the foot, which helps with better alignment and position.

It has a limited lifetime warranty for some products

Some of the Good Feet arch support does come with a lifetime warranty. They’re made from high-density plastic that is extremely durable, yet flexible. They help to elevate your aches, without the feeling of wearing the support.

Unfortunately, not all of their products are under warranty. For more details, you need to contact a store manager.

Helps with bunions

Bunions are a type of foot deformity that can be caused by numerous factors, the most common of which is wearing shoes that are too tight or too large. Shoes that are too tight cause the foot to push against the inside of the shoe, which over time can cause the bones in the foot to grow out of alignment.

This creates pressure against one or more small bones in the arch of your foot, and can eventually lead to bunions. Bunion pain is typically mild and localized, but it can get worse with time if not treated.

In general, Good Feet arch support can help relieve bunion pain by redistributing the pressure evenly throughout the foot, providing support for the feet, and correcting alignment issues. However, Good Feet cannot reverse or stop a bunion development.

The only way to permanently correct a bunion is through surgery.

They have many stores available nationwide

Good Feet Store is a franchise that specializes in arch supports, as well as foot care products and services. Customers can expect to find a wide variety of products and services to meet their needs, including shoes, socks, lotions, creams, and more.

Here, in my article, you can read what things you can get in the Good Feet Store and what to expect.

There are almost 200 Good Feet Stores available across the United States, and abroad. The stores are usually located in the downtown areas, busy malls, and shopping centers that are convenient to reach.

To learn more about Good Feet Store locations, you can contact the store by phone at 1-800-509-4535 or through their website.

Helps with hip, knee, and back pain

Back, hip, and knee pain are one of the most common reasons why people race to the Good Feet Store. Of course, there are many reasons why people might suffer from these problems. These include poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, lack of flexibility in the posterior chain muscles, as well as injury and age.

Good Feet can help to alleviate some of these problems by helping to restore the flexibility in these muscles, as long as you can maintain an active lifestyle.

Obviously, if someone is living a sedentary lifestyle and have back problems, wearing arch supports without changing their lifestyle won’t get rid of the problem.

Cons of the Good Feet Store

They’re not for everyone

Good Feet arch support is not for everyone. They are not a magic solution to fix everything that is wrong with the foot.

Some people may find that arch supports don’t work well with their own gait or footwear, or that they experience discomfort or other negative effects from using them.

Good Feet insoles can be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Firstly, arch supports do not fit well and can add pressure to the feet, which can be intolerable.

Secondly, Good Feet require adjusting the period of wearing them, so people who put them into the shoes and wear them 24 hours can experience discomfort, especially after an extended period of time.

It takes time to see results

The main function of arch support is to improve the biomechanics of the foot, but this happens only after some period of time. However, this will depend on the person’s problem. I started to wear Good Feet in 2014, and I noticed the difference right away.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some people have to wait a long period of time to notice any results. Good Feet recommend wearing their arch supports for 3-4 months before expecting to see significant improvements.

They’re expensive

Good Feet can be expensive, which is another disadvantage. The price for a pair of Good Feet arch supports ranges from 200-500 dollars. If you buy 3 step system, that’s $1,000 or more. Compared to Dr. Scholl’s inserts or other “off-the-shelf” foot support, that’s like 20x the price.

They also don’t have any sales, so the price is fixed throughout the year. Plus, keep in mind that Good Feet Store is not a medical provider, which means their inserts are not covered by insurance.

According to the Good Feet store representative, “they do not do any direct insurance billing through the store. However, this may vary depending on the insurance provider”.

The best way to know if your insurance plan covers the expense of arch support, speak to your insurance provider directly.

Good Feet store has no return policy

If you find that your arch support does not meet your needs, you can return your Good Feet insoles, but you won’t get your money back.

Good Feet store does have a 60 days return policy but only for the in-store credit. This means you can exchange your pair for a different model, or use the credit to buy other accessories from their store.

A questionable return policy was one of the reasons why the Good Feet store went under investigation.

It has high credit fees

Good Feet Store offers financing options for people who cannot swing over $1,000 upfront. Instead of paying full price, the store has a contract with CareCredit, a credit provider, and allows to spread the cost in monthly installments.

However, according to the lawsuit against Good Feet store from October 2019, the interest rates can be as high as 26.99%. This means instead of paying around $1,000 for arch support, they will cost you over $1,260.

If you are considering getting orthotics, it is important to budget for them properly, so you can avoid paying extra for credit card fees.

It hires unqualified staff

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Good Feet Store is its employees. As much as their arch supports are of good quality, people who work there don’t have any formal training in anatomy or podiatry.

They are called “Arch Support Specialists” and their main job is to sell their products. Again, I see no problem with selling or buying products.

However, I know if I had severe foot problems, I would like to talk to a person who is qualified to assess, evaluate and diagnose, then offer a proffesional solution for my problem.

I wouldn’t want to talk to the person who completed two weeks of in-house training on how to close the sale.

Customer reviews and brand reputation

Good Feet Store is accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it has a low rating score.

Good Feet Store also has had 19 customer complaints in the last couple of years. In last year alone, there were 17 complaints.

Trustpilot users give Good Feet Store 2.3 out of 5 stars. The customer reviews with low scores tend to focus on issues with high prices and poor customer support.

On the other hand, 25% of people rated Good Feet Store as excellent. The customer reviews with high scores mentioned the pain in their body was gone within the first day of wearing them.


As you can see, there are many pros and cons of Good Feet Store. Some people believe that Good Feet arch support is overpriced and not worth it, whereas others said it works like a charm.

Some people find that they don’t require any type of arch support becasue the support can be obtained through other means, such as proper footwear or a good stretching program.

I personally think Good Feet did an amazing job with their product, however, their marketing and sales tactics are not transparent and people who sell their products often exaggerate the benefits.

Michal Sieroslawski

Michal is a personal trainer and writer at Millennial Hawk. He holds a MSc in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Lancashire. He is an exercise physiologist who enjoys learning about the latest trends in exercise and sports nutrition. Besides his passion for health and fitness, he loves cycling, exploring new hiking trails, and coaching youth soccer teams on weekends.

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    1. Hi, Angella. I don’t think there is a subscription option. Feel free to bookmark and come back to my blog in the future.

  2. Good Feet Store in Columbia, SC is a total Scam. I payed 1,260.00 and got no results.
    The store refused to make an exchange with the shoe inserts as promised.

  3. I am sure glad I didn’t read this stuff about Good Feet store pros and cons before I went to the store. I wouldn’t have gone and I sure would have missed the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I have severe neuropathy in both my feet and I honestly just wanted to get them amputated because the pain was so bad. I walked into our store and was immediately met with a very nice and caring man. He educated me on everything I needed to know then he had me try the insole in the shoe and walk around in them. My life changed that day because I bought the Good Feet 3-step program, which included very high-dollar shoes that many in the medical world wear. They began working immediately and I haven’t looked back.

    1. I wish I could say the same thing. Unfortunately, I had to sit through a quasi reliable assessment filled with scare tactics, outright lies, and a used car sleazy high pressure sales pitch all for overpriced off the rack insoles and a pair of moon boots. Thankfully, I convinced the person I was with to walk away and got her on track to a permanent fix without having to wear inserts and restrictive shoes. I hope your results are permanent.

  4. We bought our good feet store insoles and shoes because my husband had a hard time walking long distances at a time and my feet were in bad shape from losing my toes from being septic. We were told it would take some time to get used to them. We wore them faithfully for several months. My husband found they didn’t help his hips and couldn’t walk any better in them. I just now quit wearing them because they made terrible callouses on both my feet and I’m in terrible pain all the time. We paid over $2,000 for shoes and insoles for the both of us. We are just out of luck! I would never recommend them to anyone!

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