Peloton Kettlebell Workout (How to use kettlebells with Peloton)

set of kettlebells for peloton classes

Key Takeaways

  • Peloton doesn’t use kettlebells in their workouts (they only use dumbbells and resistance bands).
  • You can still use kettlebells in some of the strength or Bootcamp classes, as long as you choose the right weight.
  • For your safety, always remember about doing exercises with the correct form and technique.


Apart from bike and tread, the peloton offers access to a comprehensive workout library where you either use your own body weight or minimum equipment like dumbbells or yoga blocks.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any kettlebell peloton workouts. The good news is that you still can do most of the dumbbell exercises with kettlebells (more on that later).

Why there are no kettlebell classes on Peloton?

One of the reasons why you won’t find any kettlebell classes on the peloton app is because they are more difficult for most people, compared to regular dumbbells.

  • The weight of the peloton dumbbells is lower, compared to kettlebells. It is also evenly redistributed, which makes them easier and safer to use.
  • The kettlebells are effective, but they’re also more complicated to use. I can imagine that most people who do peloton strength classes could struggle with the technique.

Of course, this does not mean you cannot use them. I often use kettlebells instead of dumbbells simply because they’re heavier and feel more comfortable for my joints.

Can you do peloton classes with kettlebells?

Yes, you can use kettlebells as a substitute for dumbbells, especially in strength and peloton bootcamp classes. Keep in mind that this will requires a bit of creativity and mindfulness.

For example.

  • Exercises like squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, or snatches I prefer to do with a kettlebell.
  • Some exercises should not be done with kettlebells (e.g. triceps kickbacks, woodchips).
  • Other moves (e.g. renegade pushups) can only be done with dumbbells.

(A renegade pushup is a modification of a pushup where you grab and hold two dumbbells and place them on the floor.)

Instead of keeping your hands flat on the floor, you fist hold the weights and do the pushups. After each rep, you pull the dumbbell up as you would row (I find that Andy Speer and Rad Lopez do these all the time.)

Here is the sample tutorial for doing renegade pushups.

As you can see, it is very difficult to perform this exercise with a kettlebell.

This means you need to be mindful about how you exercise. I personally love to use kettlebells because of their simplicity.

Most of the peloton full-body workouts can be done with a single kettlebell, instead of pair of dumbbells, in the comfort of your home.

How to use kettlebells with Peloton

To use the kettlebells with peloton all you need is either one heavier or two lightweight kettlebells.

As you follow the class instruction, for every exercise that comes with the weights you can grab and use a kettlebell instead.

Here are some examples of how to substitute dumbbells with kettlebells.

  • Goblet squats or goblet lunges require you to hold the weight with both hands in front of your chest.
  • Here you can use a kettlebell without any problems with the handle.
  • Bend over rowing forces you to slightly bend forward keeping your back straight and row with one hand at a time.
  • This can be easily done with the kettlebell, as long as you match the weight.
  • Biceps curl with both dumbbells is a little bit more challenging because you need two pieces of weight.
  • However, with the kettlebell, you can easily grab a heavier weight and do the curls by holding the bell by its handle.
  • Chest flies on the floor with dumbbells won’t cut it with just one kettlebell.
  • You can do kettlebells pull over instead where you grab a kettlebell with both hands and slowly bring it over your head.
  • Overhead press with dumbbells can be modified with kettlebells.
  • However, if you only have one piece of weight it will require you to do one side after another.

Peloton kettlebell workout

Here is an example of how you can use kettlebells instead of dumbbells.

As you can see, almost any exercise that you do with a dumbbell can be modified with a kettlebell, even if you only have one.

Is it safe to use kettlebells in Peloton classes?

It depends. Using a kettlebell in the peloton classes is safe, as long as you use the same weight as the dumbbells.

The difference between dumbbells and kettlebells is that dumbbells have a larger variety in weight.

For example.

  • You can get a whole set of 60 different weights from Amazon that starts from 1 lb all the way to 30 lbs.
  • On the other hand, kettlebells are only available in certain sizes. The smallest kettlebell is 5 pounds. The most popular sizes are 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 24kg, and 32kg.

So if you haven’t used kettlebells in the past, I would recommend sticking to dumbbells.

However, if you’re already familiar with the kettlebells and you’re wondering if should you get a new pair of dumbbells for your peloton workout, I strongly recommend doing the classes with your kettlebell.

Will Peloton offer kettlebell classes?

In general, there is no information on whether will peloton offer kettlebell classes or not.

As of now, the only fitness equipment you will find is the peloton resistance bands and dumbbells.

Recently, the peloton is adding more variety of classes into their library like pilates, peloton boxing, and Floor Bootcamp, so maybe in the nearest future, they will add kettlebell workouts, too.

My thoughts

From my experience, kettlebell training is a little bit more complex than dumbbell training. I’m used to using kettlebells for cardio training, as well as for strength and hypertrophy.

Peloton is different.

Peloton classes use exercises that are designed for dumbbells, not kettlebells.

  • The shape of the dumbbells makes them easy to control and hold.
  • With the kettlebells, you need some level of body awareness to fully control the kettlebell as it moves.

Because of the uneven center of gravity, the kettlebells are more complex to work with. Of course, it’s possible, you just need to spend more time getting used to it.

On the other hand, the dumbbells have evenly redistributed weight, with makes them relatively easy to use.


  • You can easily substitute dumbbells in peloton classes with kettlebells.
  • If you already have a couple of bells there is no need to get a new pair.
  • Plus, with kettlebells, you can go beyond just the peloton workout.

Michal Sieroslawski

Michal is a personal trainer and writer at Millennial Hawk. He holds a MSc in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Lancashire. He is an exercise physiologist who enjoys learning about the latest trends in exercise and sports nutrition. Besides his passion for health and fitness, he loves cycling, exploring new hiking trails, and coaching youth soccer teams on weekends.

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