Peloton Zumba (Everything you need to know)

Peloton has over 10 cardio dance classes in its workout library that teach you some basic choreography movements. However, does peloton have Zumba classes?

In general, peloton doesn’t have Zumba classes because Zumba is a registered trademark, which can only be licensed. This means peloton cannot conduct official Zumba classes without fees and permission. However, Peloton does offer cardio dance classes.

Just like Peloton rides cannot be called Spinning classes, or strength classes cannot be called BodyPump. These companies have registered copyright to their name and using the name without a license will end up in violations and hard fees.

Zumba In The Fitness Club vs Peloton

Doing a Zumba class in the local gym is totally different than streaming it from the Peloton app. The gym doesn’t require a license for scheduling the Zumba class, but the instructor needs to be certified and registered. The certification runs around $300 – $400 and it has to be renowned every year.

Also, the music used in the Zumba classes needs to be licensed. This means Zumba produces their own music and instructors need to pay a license fee to use it.

Without the license, you cannot play copyrighted music in front of a group. And if the instructor plays any random music in the class, that’s illegal too.

The music that you hear during the peloton classes is licensed to use, and the peloton has to pay either for every session or a full year, depending on the contract.

Does Peloton App Have Zumba Classes?

In general, Zumba classes are not available on the Peloton digital app. However, you can find over 10 cardio dance classes. Those classes are fun and energizing. This is not something you want to do as your main workout, but it’s a great way to add variety or spend time on your recovery day.

Especially if you’re getting bored with your routine, I would definitively recommend getting out of your comfort zone and try something different.


I’m a big guy, and honestly, I feel embarrassed when I do any dance classes. But at the same time, I love to be out of my comfort zone.

And I’ve noticed that something as simple as dancing massively improves my self-esteem. Not because I’m getting good at it (obviously not).

But because I did something that I didn’t think I could do. Just like public speaking, approaching a stranger in the bar, or going solo backpacking.

The same is with the dance classes. The more you do it, the more confident you will be. Even if you’ve never done it before, or you think you’re not a dancer.

What Is Peloton Dance Cardio?

In general, peloton dance cardio is a series of classes that involve a lot of aerobics moves. The classes are similar to Zumba because they incorporate the classic choreography dance steps using arms and legs, single-single-double, and more.

Does peloton have dance cardio? As a whole, the peloton does have dance cardio workouts. To find the dance classes on your peloton app you need to go to the cardio section and select filter. From there, scroll down and choose the “dance cardio” workouts.

What Are The Peloton Cardio Classes Like?

In general, the peloton cardio classes are fun and energizing. The full class lasts 20 minutes and they also have 5-minute warm-up and cooldown sessions. There are six 20 minute dance sessions, however, the peloton didn’t add any more classes for a long time.

What happened to Peloton dance cardio? Generally speaking, the peloton didn’t expand on the cardio dance classes library since 2020, comparing to other categories like cycling or strength.

However, it seems like recently peloton added 7 new dance cardio classes since Cody featured in the Dancing with the Stars 2021.

Do any peloton instructors do choreography? As a whole, the only peloton instructors who do choreography are Rebecca, Jess, Hannah, and Ally in their cardio dance classes. The choreography is simple and it’s based on the basic dance moves.

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What Are The Best Peloton Dance Classes?

The peloton does only offer 17 cardio dance classes. The class duration varies between 5 to 20 minutes and is usually hosted by few instructors at the same time.

The class difficulty runs from 3.3 to 6.4, which is mainly determined by the complexity of moves.

Here are the best Peloton dance classes.

#1 Dance Cardio with Rebecca and Jess

The 20 minutes dance cardio class with Rebecca and Jess is a mixture of Latin and house moves.

It also has the combination of higher intensity moves like jumping jacks and some low-impact stuff like step touch.

#2 Dance Cardio with Hannah and Ally

This class is a mix of basic aerobic and hip hop moves. If you like old-school hi-lo aerobic classes, this is the most equivalent class you can find.

The intensity is low but it’s more about fun and doing the class with your friends and family, rather than burning calories.

#3 Dance Cardio with Jess and Rebecca

I think this is my favorite class because it doesn’t require any complexity in the moves. Class if for all levels of fitness.

The girls start each choreography move with the slow sequence and you double the speed together with the beat.

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Peloton Dance Cardio Benefits

There are multiple benefits from doing an occasional dance cardio class, beyond burning extra calories:

  • It helps to speed up recovery. On the rest days, adding low intensity movement can resuce muscle soreness and get you ready for your next big ride.
  • It stimulates neuroplasticity. Studies have shown that dancing enhances left prefrontal cortex activity that leads to better memory, neurocognitive function and sense of achievement (Rehfeld et al. 2018).
  • It improves the balance and coordination. There are many moves that require multi plane movement which helps to enhance your agility.


Peloton doesn’t offer Zumba classes, however, it has some choice of cardio dancing sessions that uses the choreography and aerobic style moves.

As of now, there are a limited number of dance classes.

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